PhotoDump 09-28-2008

More great stuff this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! I always get a kick out of browsing through all the photos each week.

Firewood II by DemiArtsMA-14 by {teegan}F18 Airflow by BrightonJelThe Muse by Steve Clokeinhabitant by skinjesterCamille by sebastian.yepes.inAnna Green Hood by funkyforkEffervescent  Lady by javiyHamburger Hafen Blohm+Voss by WhizkyHaley Butler by Matthew NasholmWax Statue (Week Seven of Fifty-Two) by Auzigogthat's how I roll by vandyll.netShadows by laanbathree by xgrayWest Texas Windmill at Sunset by JLStricklin by TyCJust a Rusty Old Flower by RussHeathDrive thru. by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurableday 62; green with envy. by kati brown.Monster Trucks by rexauerMidnight Conversation by rh89Zorro (261/366) by bryanvillarinFloating Jetty by From 10 to 300mmIMG_0126 by jrodgersartThey need paint by {Tasha}Wheel of Fortune by Chris NixonRoom for more. by Chris Farrugiaclutch. bored. by mrpittmanBattersea 033 by icemanukPort-125 by Victor Bezrukov by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurable by tenshi_crA sunset in your eyes by henrikjgolden sunset bokeh by *ojoyous1*vina-6968 by spudcheyneTaj Mahal (6) by tyt2000Misli - " The writing's on the wall " by Steve Cloke. by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurable2008-09-20_Canon EOS 30D_101-6786 by akhaterMorning fog by ron_mcCircle of Colors by milan teaJust be thankful for what you've got. by the_wolf_brigade's GAS is incurabledan_5264 by spudcheynetwins by Kristine BHBW Karl by AIA GUY..RwoodOggi ho raccolto by LaCos.It is a mystery to me by henrikjOver the Wall by rexauerJump by Brian AuerYou’d better hope and pray … by intermayer by magfBrothers by javiylegs by Ryan Holloway Photography747 by Christian KahlbomLindsay by Digital Kloc Photographyeye of the storm by PJZ by nicole beeHitler Teapot by BrightonJelAlmost 7pm by bryanvillarinSorry to "bug" you by

6 thoughts on “PhotoDump 09-28-2008

  1. the_wolf_brigade

    I’m curious as to how you arrange these. Is it an automatic script, or do you position the photos slightly randomly to get an even distribution of colour and b/w?

    Thanks again for the inclusion as well of course :)

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