Link Roundup 11-01-2008

Halloween is officially over, and I hope everyone had a safe evening. Here’s what’s been happening around the web over the last week.

2 thoughts on “Link Roundup 11-01-2008

  1. libeco

    I’ve been testing Photoshop CS4 for a few days now on my laptop. When I started the review I had to disagree with the first pro, “Well-designed new interface”.

    What Adobe has done to the interface is something I really hate about interfaces. Replace the standard Windows-style with their own, this is just a minor annoyance, but Adobe has made it even worse. There’s a reason why the close button is always in the rightmost corner of the screen. This makes it possible to throw your mouse to the upperright and click. Adobe’s close button is not in the corner, it is offset a little bit and to make things worse, the underlying window is showing through in the upperright corner. So what happens when I throw my mouse there and click is: I close the window behind it!!!

    Besides this absolutely failure I really like the new way of using adjustment layers and masks. The new ACR is great too with the selective adjustment brush. Content aware scaling is a fun feature, but I don’t think I would use it a lot. I still have to look into Bridge to see how it’s improved.

    I also installed it on my PC (Vista x64) and really like the improved speed with the 64-bit version and the use of my graphics card. The tossing of a file while panning is a great new feature.

    Overall I would say this is a very good update, but probably people should ask themselves if the new improvements are worth spending a lot of money on…

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