PhotoDump 11-23-2008

More great stuff this week from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool!

Balluminaria 2008 in Eden Park by rrdphotoSurfer by Brian AuerCause and Effect by Chris FarrugiaYou're like a peacock by bryanvillarinTogether . . . oh yeah, and the self timer on this old thing still works! by RussHeathThe Stairs That Led To Nowhere by Chris FarrugiaNo departures by bryanvillarinold autumn by dawn m. armfieldAnd Off You Go (Day 20 of 365) by nathanielperalesBare by Android9Burning by {Tasha}Still a baby>1yr old by robinn. by the_wolf_brigadeIncensed by M-u-zŌtsuka by JanneMThe Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany by tysonwilliams.com302 by Magical Placesin great grandma's hands by lifeography™Skater by Brian Auerimmense by Lady TwigletGood Morning by Kaged CreekHBW! 081116_frank Park_0060 by AIA GUY..RwoodBattlefield by mizjessicaleighMasked Crusader by Photographic CultureNew horizon by sebastian.yepes.inmy little garden by marvinnetHarvest Time by electro76Reflections by kerry okraNick and Jane by gavinjensenSwiss Cows in the Countryside I by jimgoldstein... by Tony MantovaniTarget Practice by fromBrandonMadrid by javiymorning by photographie.inWaiting by EJP PhotoHandball Guy by Brian AuerMest @ The House of Blues by Tasha {Redwall Photo}1st Birthday by gavinjensenUne ferme en été / A Farm in Summer by electro76Let's do launch! by Argos (Old Dog Photography)it's the goggles by poopooramaAquamariness by mathewm by xsorsburnGratitude 25 ~ Discoveries by *ojoyous1*flying high by vandyll.netLiri Having Fun by udijwGelato d'Italia by RussHeathDeath Car by crankyankee

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