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I’m a procrastinator, and Christmas gifts are no exception. If you’re anything like me, you still haven’t finished your holiday shopping. Lucky for us, Amazon.com has a great selection of goodies and they have one and two day shipping available on most purchases.

So here are a few items to browse through for your fellow photography enthusiasts — we’re not picky, anything photography-related is an awesome gift. And even if you can’t get it to them by the 25th, I’m sure they’ll forgive you.

Feed readers will probably have to visit the the actual webpage to see the selection of gift ideas.

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So… the gift ideas are non-functional flash applets? “Give your loved ones nonfunctional code for Christmas this year!” It’d fit the general economic mood, I give you that :)

December 18, 2008 2:59 am

They work for me. I guess it’s like the stock market — it’s good one minute and bad the next.

December 18, 2008 3:43 am

They work for me too. I still wonder why products are so cheap in the US, I see the Sto-Fen Omnibounce costs only $11. I paid €25 when I bought mine. Oh well, I should’ve bought the cheap without-brand one anyway……

December 18, 2008 7:35 am

I feel that, this will be the worst year in the last 15 years when it comes to the hoiliday shopping spending. The ongoing recession and job/equity market woes might affect this christmas shopping. Nevertheless it’s a great list of options that you have listed down here.

December 18, 2008 10:05 pm

Adblock nukes the widgets…just FYI. That might have been the problem, Janne.

December 19, 2008 3:04 am

Darn you guys and your Adblock — you’ll be the death of me! Ah well, it’s cool.

December 19, 2008 4:05 am

LOVE the cleaning pen!!! I use it all the time.

December 19, 2008 4:25 pm

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