I Need Two Photos for a Magazine Article

Over the last few months I’ve been writing articles for Soura Magazine. The articles are reposts of articles here on the blog, but updated and modified to fit better with the magazine. My next article is due very soon and I’m lacking two photos because I’m unable to contact the photographers. Here’s the article we’re republishing: Warning: These 9 Photoshop Techniques May Result in Great Photos.

I’m missing the following photos (refer to the article here on the blog to see the example photos). The other 7 photographers have already agreed to allowing use of their photo.

    A photo that looks older than it really is. Desaturated colors, imperfections, and even digital photos shot TTV.
    A photo with texture applied.

If you’d like to have your photo published in the next issue of the magazine, leave a comment with a link to one or more photos for me to review. I’m not asking to grab the rights for the photo, I just need permission to publish it in the magazine — by leaving a comment with a link to your photos, you grant me the right for this one-time use. I’ll contact you if I select your photo, and I’ll need the image at or above 1500px on the long edge.

I can’t offer any payment for the image use at this time, but I can have the publisher send you a copy of the magazine when it comes out. And yes, I will be, and have been, using my own photos for the magazine articles without payment — so I’m not asking anybody to do something I wouldn’t do myself. Its just a cool magazine and I’m happy to contribute.

Again, leave a comment with a link to your “vintage” or “texturized” photos if you’d like to be published (with attribution). I need to have the article and photos shipped off before the new year, so the selection process will be quick.

35 thoughts on “I Need Two Photos for a Magazine Article

  1. Brian Auer Post author

    This is awesome, gang! Thanks for the quick response from so many of you! I’ll leave the comments open for probably another 18 or 24 hours before I pick out some photos.

  2. Luis Murillo

    Here are the photos that I want to contribute with, they are for the vintage theme:


    The posted sizes are smaller than what you requested, but if you would like to use the photos let me know and I can send the image at the necessary size and without the watermark, if necessary

  3. Cayusa

    I’ve got several that might fit what you’re looking for. Feel free to use any that you like






    textured shots (set)


  4. Brian Auer Post author

    OK, I had to pick out the photos so I can get the article out in time. I’ll write a quick blog post about my selection in the days to come. Thanks to everybody for participating in this! You guys are great!

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