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PhotoDump 01-04-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! The selection is a bit skimpy this week because I was feeling particularly selective with the photos. I’m pretty sure the quality of the pool this week is the same (or better) as it’s always been — I was just in some kind of weird mood when I went through the photos.

Unexpected Snow by rh89blue boat by Victor BezrukovDr Vivek by amathadSwimming  at 2009 by javiyThe fields of old Doodlakine by /charleneWinter Haze by mgroves by the_wolf_brigadeVj Day Statue by Brian AuerLet's Run Away Together by Blush ResponseHappy 2009!!! by javiyBetween The Worlds by kwerfeldeinI would gather stars out of the blue, for you, for you by vandyll.netLone Tree by rh89 by magf20081111_105115_NIKON D700_Africa_Ndarakwai_Wildlife__CRF6709-2 by topfloorShelby  by Peggy DA nice moment by West coast chickTremere (energy ball) by bassqee

Link Roundup 01-03-2009

Wow… this last week has been really crazy with activity on the Internet. I guess everybody got back into the swing of things after the holidays. So here’s a small selection of things going on. And Happy New Year too!

My Favorite Photos from 2008

The “yearly roundup” of best photos seems to be standard protocol for photography bloggers, so here we go! I did a similar thing last year, but with just 10 photos. This year, I took way more photos (somewhere around 12-13K) so there was no way I could keep it down to just 10 — plus I uploaded around 1000 just to Flickr in 2008.

Hitesh had a good idea for breaking things down by month, so I figured I would give that a try. Each month, I picked around 4 or 5 of my favorite photos (though some months have a few more). I’m also writing this article as a project entry for Jim Goldstein — there’s still time to participate if anybody else is interested.


January was a slow month for photography. We had a few family visits and we spent most of our free time hanging out at the beach, going to the zoo, and partaking in various other family activities.

Feet on the Beach
Into The SeaGorilla GazeMormon Temple


February was a little more active with photography stuff. I upgraded from my Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D (6MP) to a Sony a700 (12MP). I was also participating in the February Challenge. I took a ton of photos at the La Jolla photowalk, which had a great turnout.

Wide Open
The Place to BeSimply Religious
Table for OneHostile Takeover


March was super busy. We had two big photowalks (Venice Beach and Laguna Beach), lots more family gatherings, and I managed to go back home to North Idaho for Easter and a bit of skiing. March was also significant because I started shooting film with a camera my Dad gave me… and it’s been all downhill from there.

Abused and IgnoredGraffiti Artists
RadiallyThe Rail


April was a little more relaxed than previous months. I spent a lot of time photowalking by myself in various towns in San Diego County. I was also going full steam ahead with the film camera, and learning the ropes. The kids were up in North Idaho with their Grandparents, so my wife and I got to hang out and pretend to be childless.

My SunshinePatrick
CruisersUncle Pat


May was pretty laid back, not much different from April. Family visits, trips to the zoo, hanging out at the beach, etc. One exciting thing that happened was I picked up my first medium format film camera — my 1956 Minolta Autocord TLR. So yeah, the film saga continues.

The Dock
Chrome SpokesThe Lifeguard
Watching Over the RosesWalking on Water


The start of Summer was certainly busy. I went on two more group photowalks: Hollywood Blvd and Huntington Beach. The Hollywood photowalk was also a photographer’s rights rally, so it was pretty interesting. The one at Huntington Beach was just a few good friends, but we had a great time as usual. I also did a few solo photowalks down in Little Italy of San Diego. Again, lots of film photography — and I picked up a “Polaroid” (it’s actually a Minolta InstantPro) to add to my growing collection of cameras. I believe June is also when I started shooting 110 film (as did my son).

It's Lonely Out Here
3 CopsWarp SpeedO's
Subway ShuffleBig White BoxesMetro Timetables
Darkness Creeps InThe Wind CatcherThe Guys at Huntington Beach


July was a slower month for some reason… I seem to go in cycles, on and off about every other month. No group photowalks in July, just some solo stuff in Little Italy and Ocean Beach.

Surfer and Board
Battling Fuel PricesI'm a Survivor
Ford Mustang SVT CobraCup-O-Barbie


August was again busy. Two more group photowalks: Newport Beach and Long Beach. Plus a solo photowalk at Mission Beach (yes, we have lots of “beaches” around here). August was also the month that I got my Diana+ and I’ve been shooting way too much medium format since then (not that this is a bad thing).

Flying and Floating
Rescue BoardGhosts of Queen MaryWavehouse Surfer
My HefferMerry-Go-RoundCommodore


September stayed pretty busy even though Summer was officially over. I did two more group photowalks with just one or two other photographers. One was all over San Diego with Richard Wong including Border Field State Park, Coronado, La Jolla, and the Torrey Pines Gliderport. The other photowalk was at Santa Monica with my pal Bryan.

The Watchman
On The Other Side of the FenceYou Can Trust MeMarlin
To the WestKiller Whale EncounterI Poop Little People and Ride Away


I kept somewhat busy in October. We did one group photowalk at Venice Beach — which always makes for some good photo ops. I also had jury duty for two weeks and I ended up being an alternate juror. So at the end of the trial I just had to be “on call” while the others deliberated. That gave me three full days to wander around downtown San Diego with some black & white film loaded up!

A Dreary World
Over the CanLow Aircraft #2Moving with the Music
I'm So Hot That I'm RedVj Day StatuePurple Skies


November slowed way down compared to previous months. No photowalks, solo or group. Lots of hanging out with family as we approached round 1 of the holidays. I also got my darkroom up and running in November, so I spent a lot of time in there rather than doing other things — well worth it though! You can see some of my prints on Flickr.

Analog Fruits
Winter BeachThe Little Mermaid
Down the HillRyan


December was also pretty slow for photography. I don’t know what happened, but I got so busy with things and I hardly had time to pick up a camera. I did get one shot that I really like though…

My Girls

Seeking Sponsors for the 2-Yr BDay Party

The day is approaching… Epic Edits is about to turn 2 years old! January 12 marks the occasion, and I’m thinking we should do something similar to last year: give out some birthday presents!

I’ve got a few sponsors already lined up, but more certainly won’t hurt. So if you, or anybody you know, might be interested in sponsoring a gift giveaway, drop me a note or leave a comment here on this post. Each sponsor will get their own post with personal or business information and links to relevant websites.

Last year we had things like Flickr Pro accounts, Amazon giftcards, prints, photo books, and more. The prizes don’t have to be elaborate or expensive — every little thing will be greatly appreciated.

Newport Beach Photowalk, Jan 4

Flying and Floating Newport Beach Pier Two Middle Aged Bald Guys With No Shirts Riding Beach Cruisers Down The Street Beach Ghosts Newport Beach Go'ers Longboard... on wheels

Just a quick shout to anybody in the Southern California region, a few of us are getting together on Sunday afternoon at Newport Beach for a little photowalking. Nothing formal, just a chance to get outside and hang out. Anybody is welcome to join us.

MEETING PLACE: Newport Pier, Newport Beach, CA
MEETING TIME: Sunday, January 4, 1pm

View Larger Map

Seriously, if you’re in the area, come hang out for a little while and take some photos with us. Everybody is welcome to join. We’ll meet at the base of the pier and start wandering from there — no plans, we’ll just go wherever looks interesting.

Last time we went to Newport Beach, we couldn’t get to this area because it was so crowded (nowhere to park the car), so we ended up down by Balboa Island. But it shouldn’t be as crowded now that it’s January, and we wanted to check things out up by the pier. Here are my photos, Bryan’s photos, and Alex’s photos from the last Newport Beach and Balboa Island photowalk.

Photo Selection for Soura Magazine

Just over a day ago, I posted a quick blog entry calling for photos on two specific topics to be included in a magazine article. Since my deadline for the article was the end of the year, this didn’t leave me with much time to find the photos. But you guys came through and I was amazed at the response!

Within minutes of the post, people were leaving links to their photos. I sent out a Twitter message that pointed to the blog entry, and many people passed the message along to their own networks. In about 24 hours, we had 32 responses to the blog entry and a whole gob of great photos to choose from. This kind of community response is absolutely outstanding, and I’m so glad to see such effort in a short amount of time.

After that 24 hour period, it was time for me to play “magazine photo editor” and pick the two photos for the article. This is not an easy task, and I don’t envy people who do this for a living. If you’ve never done it before, you have no idea how hard it is to choose a small number of photos from a ridiculously large pool of good work. I can’t help but feel like the “bad guy” because all but two people are ultimately disappointed with my decision. So… I offer my apologies to those who didn’t make the cut, and my congratulations to those who did.

And which photos made the cut? Well, here they are, “Vintage” and “Texture”:

Dr. Pepper TTV, by cybertoad FBCLG, by Dubtastic

A big thanks to both of these photographers for offering up their photos. And an equally big thanks to all the other photographers who did the same!

So why did I choose these photos?

The “vintage” photo was chosen for several reasons: color, TTV, and old school quirkiness. The article touched on colors for “vintage” photos, and the original photo in the blog article was TTV in appearance. These two things made a candidate for a good replacement image. But the thing that really sold me on this photo was the inexplainable attraction I had to it — some sort of quirky trait that reminded me of an old photo… the scene, the subject, the colors, I don’t know. I just liked it.

The “texture” photo was also chosen for several reasons: subject, color, and that crazy texture! We seemed to have more texture photos submitted, so this one was particularly hard to choose. I chose this one because the subject contrasted well with the other photos in the article, and the texture was clearly visible. The images in the magazine will likely be printed around 4″ wide, so a good strong texture would be necessary to convey the message.

So again, congrats to these two photographers, and “thank you” to everyone who participated. I’ll post a shot of the article once I get it so everybody can see the photos “in print”.