Birthday Gift #3 – Three Analog Prints

Analog Fruits

These are NOT the prints I’m offering, the photo above is just for illustration purposes. Winners of the raffle get to pick ANY photo of mine to be printed.

So… I’ve been wasting spending a lot of time in the darkroom over the last few months, and I think it’s appropriate that I offer up some prints for a birthday present. Here’s the deal — I’ll give out three 8×10 black and white prints, the winners get to choose the photo… any photo. These aren’t pre-printed, so I’ll make the prints once I pick the winners and they choose the photo they’d like. And the catch? Well, the prints won’t be signed and they’re printed on resin coated paper rather than fiber paper.

Metal and Glass It's Lonely Out Here A Dreary World Cruisers Subway Shuffle Rescue Board

What’s all that mean? They’re basically just decoration photos — they’re not worth much from a collector standpoint. I’ve already decided that I won’t sign anything but fiber paper. It doesn’t mean that the prints won’t look good or last quite a while. It just means that they’re not signed, limited, and guaranteed to last longer than you. So if you’re up for a free decoration print, feel free to browse my stuff on Flickr:

Take your pick, anything goes… except for photos of my family and stuff. The b/w photos will look pretty close to what you see on Flickr. The green xpro photos tend to turn out pretty cool too — really high contrast. I didn’t include regular color film in the links because it doesn’t turn out well when printed in b/w.


Just leave a comment on this post and let me know you’d like a print of your choice. Worldwide raffle entries are welcome. I’ll choose the three random winners in one week from this post date.

And I’d appreciate hearing from you which print you might like to have. This type of feedback is useful to me so I can better understand what people are interested in. And if you’re looking for a signed limited print… I just might offer up one of those in another post… who knows?

48 thoughts on “Birthday Gift #3 – Three Analog Prints

  1. Drewe

    Wow, count me in Brian. Though I’d have to rebrowse your Flickr site for a while again to make the appropriate choice :D

    Limited one day would be awesome too!

  2. Joanie

    I’d love to have a copy of your Santa Fe Station photograph. Either that or the Cruisers shot. Both are so very typical of San Diego.

  3. Iris Hicks

    I live in San Diego so I feel in love with your Urban Tree. I’ve tried my own version of it and didn’t come close to your exquisite rendition.

  4. jerry deese

    mmm, I do love that one as well. He does make for the best model, eh?

    ANd of course I would need that one in B&W. I have plans you know (did someone say Bryan Villarin coloring book???)

  5. Brian Auer Post author

    I agree with Jerry. Heck Bryan, I’ll make you a print just for being a good sport. And I’m sure Jerry would send you a copy of the coloring book too.

  6. Brian Auer Post author

    @UK Money Saving — just remember that these are black and white prints, and most of the lighter tones in the xpro film will turn completely white. Here’s a good example of a photo with similar colors:

    @Bryan — Yup, still counting you in for the raffle. You’ll have to come down and hit the darkroom with me if you want the freebie though!

  7. Daniel Yee

    And I thought the flickr pro account was a pretty cool raffle. One of your prints would look awesome in my living room with the other prints I have.

    Count me in!

  8. Damien Franco

    Hey Brian,

    I’d love some prints of your work. We’re moving into a new house at the end of the month and I could sure use some prints for the walls.

    I’m just saying…

  9. Mike Reys

    Looks like a great gift. As many others, I’d have to go through the flickr stream again, but I’d consider that as a sort of a gift as well ;-)

  10. Suzanne O.

    I’d love a copy of Good Ol’ San Diego. I live in the midwest now, but I’m from San Diego.

  11. Andrew L

    I would love a print. Living in Spain near the mountains makes me miss HB. I’ll have to pick out my favorite.

  12. Scott Coulter

    Haven’t chosen one yet, but would love to be entered. As I’ve already commented at flickr, I’m blown away by how some of those xpro shots come out in B&W prints.


  13. Aaron Gonzales

    i’ve followed your work for quite some time now and I’d love to have a print of yours – I have an aversion to hanging my own photos in the house, so it’s still a bit bare. :)

  14. jeff

    Thanks for everything you do Brian. If I won I’d probably pick one of your shots from up at the glider port, I used to walk out there to look at the ocean during my time at UCSD and I go back every time I’m down there visiting.

  15. inspirationbit

    Brian, you know I love b&w photos, and you’ve got so many amazing b&w pics that I had a very hard time choosing my favourite. I finally narrowed them down to these five. If I do end up being one of the winners (I doubt though, I very rarely win anything in such contests), please make a decision for me :)

    - What Lies Beyond
    - Mechanical Sunrise
    - Metal and Glass
    - The Curious Stare
    - Cheetah Zen

    I also like very much some of your family photos, but I know I can’t pick those ;)
    Happy Birthday!!!

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