Seeking Environmental Photos for a Magazine Article

OK, so I’m working on submitting another article to Soura Magazine. Just like last time, I’m looking for a few photos to supplement the article. The topic of this one is “green” photography, and here’s the blog post that I’ll be using as a basis for the magazine article:

12 Ways to be an Environmentally Friendly Photographer

I’m planning on using a few of my own photos, possibly these ones (or others):

Trash Sewage Contaminated Water What's the Point?

If you’d like to have your photos published in the magazine article (with name credits), just leave me a link or post the photo in the comments below. Just read the article linked above and make sure that the photo fits in with one or more of the main points.

Last time, I was able to offer the photographers a free copy of the magazine (which should be arriving soon). But this time around I’m not able to do the same. I’d love to be able to, but I just can’t this time. I can direct you to the nearest venue that sells the magazine, but that’s about all I can do. If you’re okay with that, go ahead and leave the comment.

I’ll pick out the photos on 2/22/09 — so about 5 days from now. I’m looking for maybe 3 to 5 additional photos.

24 thoughts on “Seeking Environmental Photos for a Magazine Article

  1. Moeoep

    Hi Brian,
    maybe this photo will work for you. I took it at Hongkong Harbour 2005. It’s actually a scanned slide, higher Resolutions are available 🙂


  2. D. Travis North

    Got a few for consideration:


    Ordinance 1048:

    Stormy Fields:


    PS – I love it when you do requests like. Aside from the obvious – an opportunity to get something published – it’s also a great opportunity to see a lot of great photos on a topic from other photographers here.

  3. Elaine Cavalheiro

    Here are my submissions. These were taken last year. The field that you see was covered in plastic bags. Very sad.
    note: these have been saved for the web, the originals are raw files.

  4. Atniz

    Great opportunity here. I am not a professional photographer and most of my environment photos sucks. I might contribute some in next couple of months.

  5. Brian Auer Post author

    Definitely a possibility! For the magazine article, I’ll only need about 1500px on the long edge. The images will only be about a half-page width to fit the column size.

  6. Don Dailey

    I was at our local zoo today and the workers were cleaning out a koi pond. They raked up several piles of stuff people had dropped into the pond. I don’t know if this is what you need, but there is a camera in the photo and the cell phones have cameras also.

  7. Luis Murillo

    I got a couple of photos that I recently shot:

    If you need them on a higher resolution let me know and I’ll give you the links to the higher resolution images


  8. Elaine Cavalheiro

    @ TravelTips. In photoshop I created a new layer and drew a rectangle shape in white, push the opacity all the way to 30% (I think), then typed my name in another layer and opacity just a bit more than the shape layer. That’s about it. I should had included the copyright symbol too though.

    Glad you like the pictures. When I get home I will re-submit them again (smaller version).

    One more thing, I think you are in Canada, right? My pics were taken in Oakville (ON). =)

  9. Brian Auer Post author

    I finally got around to picking out some photos, so after I hear back from the contributors I’ll follow-up with a quick blog post. Thanks to all who contributed, I wanted to select so many more of these great photos but I had to limit my selection to just a few that best suited the article.

  10. css gallery

    Very great opportunity Brian, looks like you got a lot of participation from your readers. Although at this time I don’t have any environmental photography to contribute, I enjoyed looking at the opportunities you have for the future, and all of the contributions of your readers.

  11. glasses

    I personally like the 2nd photo in Brian Villarin’s submission. It is my favorite out of all those submitted on this entry. I wish I had some environmental photography to submit, but I do mostly portraits.

  12. articles

    I’ve done a contest like this one in the past. Environmental and "green" photography is very big right now and I got a lot of participation. Looks like you got more though! Keep up the great work Brian, maybe I’ll submit some photos one of these days.

  13. Brian Auer Post author

    Oh gosh… I think I totally forgot to announce the photos that were picked. I’ll have to try putting something up soon. But the four selected photographers were Tom Webb, D. Travis North, Luis Murillo, and Sean Galbraith.

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