Digital WakeUp Call… Is AWESOME!

Digital WakeUp Call

So I finally got the chance to meet with David Ziser in-person last night. His Digital WakeUp Call tour was here in San Diego for the evening, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go hang out with him and learn a few things from a true professional.

Some time ago, I mentioned David’s upcoming tour and offered a discount code (which is still ok to use). At that point, I hadn’t experienced the seminar first-hand, but I knew it would be very good based on David’s level of experience.

Well now I can say for sure that this is an event 100% worth going to. David managed to pack probably 15 hours of lessons into a 4 or 5 hour session — he’s very high energy. The main focus of his discussion is on-location lighting and wedding/portrait photography, but much of what he speaks about can be applied to any type of photography and photography business (LOTS of business ideas and tips). He also touches on some software and workflow tips, giving great insight to how he gets his work done.

At any rate, I just wanted to let everybody know that you still have a chance to register and attend the seminar if it hasn’t happened yet in your town. Highly recommended. Have any of you attended yet? What did you guys think?


And a big thanks to David for taking the time to chat with me and have a beer after the event! And thanks for the mentions at the event and on the blog today (see here)!

8 thoughts on “Digital WakeUp Call… Is AWESOME!

  1. Chris

    I thought it was great too! David has some great ideas and is full of energy…talks at about 200 mph. But since I don’t have any plans on turning pro the second half, although interesting, was less useful—if you are in the same boat you could take off at the break….but you’ll miss your chance to win some of the door prizes.

  2. Connie


    great great seminar. I had, like you guys too, little problems in the beginning because he spoke so fast! Very informative all the way around. Very inspiring and great tips . I like how he showed you that you can take a great picture with a flash light as light source and not some thousand dollar strobe.
    Too bad I missed the chance to say Hi to you Brian. Your photo of yourself is very small and the camera pretty close to your face, so at least 3 guys last night looked like you. After the first I gave up and had a drink at the bar.Maybe next time.
    some great door prizes, all in all an evening and money well spend. Wish there would be something like this more often, like once a month 🙂

  3. Andrea Scott

    I agree! What a great seminar last night! Ziser is full of wisdom and his lighting is magical ~ great to hear from the man himself…I still can’t believe how much info he went through and how long it was! Great to meet you there ~ I follow your blog and really appreciate all your insight!



    Drea’s blog

  4. Brian Auer Post author

    @Chris Haha! Definitely 200+ mph!

    @Connie For sure! I’m certainly more willing to spend a few bucks on some lighting equipment after David laid out some really great advice. I struggle with this stuff, but he seems to make it very understandable. And dang, too bad I didn’t get to see you there — lots of people wandering around before the start and during break. I could hardly find myself, let alone anyone else!

    @Bryan You bet I did! I sent the link to Tom earlier — he got a kick out of that photo on David’s blog.

    @Andrea It was awesome to meet you too! I was actually in shock that a reader from the blog was there, recognized me, and spoke to me. Pretty cool that we have a few locals hanging around here on the blog! Like I said, we’ll definitely do a group photowalk down here this summer.

  5. Brian Auer Post author

    Good to hear that you enjoyed it! And yeah, I was surprised and flattered that he mentioned my name and my site so many times during the seminar! He’s a great guy and an awesome photographer. I spent some time with him afterward, and it was great to connect on a more personal level — very humble and down-to-Earth.

  6. Neelima Sinha

    Hi Brian – I was reading you earlier posts on Adobe Bridge – do you think it is possible to tag a barcode to a photo? This is for streamlining a lot of scientific photography for a project. Sorry to go off topic and thanks in advance.

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