PhotoDump 05-10-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 4/26 and 5/10 — We’re finally starting to catch up to the current photos.

For any new readers who don’t know the routine, we have a Flickr pool that you can place photos into. The most recent photos show on the sidebar of the blog, but each week I’ll go through the pool and select my own favorites for these “PhotoDump” posts on Sunday. You’re allowed to post 1 photo per day (and we prefer it to be a recent upload), so choose your best work!

III by amathadPoolaroid by Brian Auerwish... by *ojoyous1*... by Tony MantovaniSmall but Cozy by RussHeathReborning in Spring by A. Marqueshere they come by {tribal} photographyThe Lonesome Tunnel Musician by Belpo - off the net on a small green island.Scarbourough Bluffs by rh89boy it's cold in here by Zach SternSpreading the joy of Spring by Jason Paluck.eighteen. by Blessed Road PhotographyMan Is A Dog's Best Friend by Vincent J. Brown87 - square crop by mistymemoriesphotographysacked by lifeography®Three Salty Pillars by Brian AuerGenerations Ride by Alvaro's PixGolden silence, serenity at its finest by dedge555My Life Rocks by cabbit by skinjesterquadratlatschen by David NoelteGates Pass by brdavidsBE DIFFERENT and MAKE A DIFFERENCE by robinn. by vandyll.netHarpman Hatter by Blush Response by the_wolf_brigadeThe Stand by KJ (?????)still by Victor Bezrukovsmile for the camera by smiles4angelsDam by bestgrampsOnce Upon a Time by Brian AuerNanaimo reflection by Arlo Bates[F} by ? Mathias Pastwa ?The Cross by photineDéfi à relever by Guillaume LemoineShane 140/365 by Crashmaster007

5 thoughts on “PhotoDump 05-10-2009

  1. jerry deese

    We’re both playing catch up, my friend. I am as far behind on things as I have ever been.

    I’ve enjoyed the selective choices lately. The photodump posts are always full of great images, but when it was weeded down even more, it was truly come cream-of-the-crop images.

    As always, honored to be included in any of these and love looking through the pool on a daily basis.

  2. Russell

    Ditto the guys above! Great shots, and thanks for the inclusion. I think Arlo Bates’ “Nanaimo reflection” is my favorite of the bunch this week.

  3. Brian Auer Post author

    Well I should be the one thanking all of you!!! Without such awesome photographers in the group, these posts would be nothing. Lots of talent out there — always happy to share great photos.

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