PhotoDump 07-05-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 5/24 and 7/5.

Some of you may have noticed a lack of regular posts here on the blog lately. Not trying to make excuses, but I’ve been battling a series of computer problems… blue screen and all that. So it’s been hard to get much done with the computer dying every 10 minutes. Still working on it, so I should be getting back into things soon.

 by rh89 by Herr SteiblFlower Girl by Magical PlacesInto the Rainforest, Costa Rica by jimgoldstein06.28.09 - Day 178 by katieharbathbirdies by Victor Bezrukovunderwater helpless bunny by javiyParty Pooper by RidgeMeadowsPhotographyIR Pavese by Latente ? Le escort sbarbine nel GovernoSalton Sea Sunset by Brian AuerClown by sebastienboudotRoadster by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comElephant by So gesehen.Self portrait XXXVII_MMVIII by andronicusmaxI Love 120 Film by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}One and One by topfloorFoggy Morning in Pismo by i_shoot_minoltaRemains by RussHeaththis day.... by vandyll.netumbrellas by fotomaniac.itfuture by Khalid Al-IssaStrumpshaw Steam Rally by CdL Creative by Ed_ZColoured face by robinn. by twin wire hang overs.Thoughts Of A Dying Athiest by cabbitCavalry @ LaSalle Power Co. by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}|_| by pawoliWe're All Alone by Twitching Eye... by peter.dkLooking Forward by fromBrandonPaulii by Ian MearsRockstar Teri by cabbit by ? Mathias Pastwa ?Title by pateffonCentral station by Stig Nygaard

7 thoughts on “PhotoDump 07-05-2009

  1. Dustin

    Happy to see another one of mine in there. Thanks Brian.

  2. sori

    the very first photo of the BW dock out into nowhere is very moving to me.
    the two umbrellas by the pink wall photo is also one of those that I could just look at for days. would look good hanging on the wall over my fireplace during the rainy/snowy Chicago winters. :)

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