Who’s Your Favorite “Undiscovered” Photographer

Over the past couple of years, I’ve mentioned some of my personal favorite “undiscovered” photographers (part 1 and part 2). I say “undiscovered” because these folks are not your mainstream hotshots known by every other photographer on the face of the Earth — but, you never know what the future holds (plus they’re still freakin’ awesome)!

So this time around, I’d like to give all of you the opportunity to highlight an “undiscovered” photographer. Simply leave a link in the comments to the website or portfolio of your favorite non-mainstream artist (please don’t link to just an image file). Limit your choice to ONE photographer — somebody who does outstanding work. Oh, and try to refrain from promoting yourself… this article is about promoting other people (but don’t worry, you’ll get credit for pointing them out!).

When the comments die down (maybe a week or two), I’d like to get in touch with some of these photographers and exhibit their work here on the blog. I can’t say that I’ll show the work from every photographer mentioned, the exact numbers will depend on the number of entries and the quality of their work. So dig deep and find that “diamond in the rough”!

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  1. laanba

    Sanctamonious i.e. Todd on Flickr. He doesn’t have near enough attention. I think he deserves so much more. Photo after photo is art. I can’t say enough about his work. He mostly shoots film (not that I’m trying to sway the judge :-) ), but even his recent foray into digital is great. Here is his photostream. I encourage people to look through it because he doesn’t have everything in sets.

    Here is hands down one of my very favorite photos every by anybody. I don’t know why I love it so especially since I am not generally interested in people or portrait photography.

    I always find great people in the comments of these posts Brian. Thanks for doing it.

  2. James

    I reckon Paul Pichugin will be the next big thing as soon as he is “discovered” he does awesome landscapes as well as portraits and weddings.. very accomplished.. his 2 websites are: http://paulmp.com.au and http://paulpichugin.com

    sorry.. I must sound like a fanboy.. he did our family portraits and we love them!

  3. Czasomierz

    Lately I discovered some photos of a man named Marek Degorski. I never knew there are that talented photographers in Eastern Europe. Well, yes, I know that there are large amounts of photographers that no one heard about, but I loved this one work. He is supposed to specialize in catching human faces and bodies in original background. Here are some samples of his work:
    I would recommend his work to anyone interested in photography. I think he is very talented one and soon more people will hear about him.

  4. Andreas Manessinger

    Must be my old friend Ted Byrne. Among much more he has painting background – and it shows. He is a true artist in the fortunate position of not having to make art for a living – and it shows as well. He is a master and a philosopher, and all that makes him constantly experiment and stretch the definitions of Photography as Art. His blog is at http://imagefiction.blogspot.com/.

  5. Gracie

    Shawn Duffy

    He’s an up and coming photographer and my favorite. He has years of training and great shots both in the US and abroad. The way he captures certain moments in time are just impossible for me to put into words.

    Not only am I a fan who appreciates his great eye, I’ve also purchased a portrait and gave it as a gift.


  6. David Kimmel

    I would like to submit the photography of Shirley Bittner as an undiscovered star of photography. From muted yet graphic close up work to portraiture with a remarkable emotional quality, this photographer deserves recognition for her body of work.


    A great deal more of her work can be found on flikr where she has many regular followers (myself included) and is frequently recognized for her moving work.

    This photographer is worthy of your consideration for Undiscovered Photographer.

  7. Trevor Carpenter

    I know this guy, his name is Brian something….oh yeah…Auer. He’s pretty good. He needs to work on his film work though. Other than that, he’s really good. Sometimes.

    JK, Auer.

    Actually, my pal Jeremy Brooks has been impressing the socks off me for over a year. He contributes massive quantities of work, and it’s all really great. His urban work really smokes the competition. However, when he gets out of the city, he often creates fine-print-quality work.



  8. D. Travis North

    Marcin Stawiarz (aka: Angelreich): http://angelreich.deviantart.com/ – not only is he able to successfully mimic some classic B+W photographers, but his work is incredibly inspiring. I have been on DeviantArt many years, and he’s one of the cornerstones in my opinion. He’s one of the reasons I persist to exist there.

    Kuanying Fu (aka: Eagpic, Eagle): http://www.flickr.com/photos/eagisme/ – another incredibly inspiring photographer. A lot of his power is in his unique post-production styling. His work is incredible.

    (PS – Great topic/discussion…can’t wait to spend some time checking out the works of all those mentioned).

  9. Sami Alharthi

    One of my favorites is Thamer Al-Tassan. He does Travel and his latest series of Taj Mahal is extraordinary!

    An interesting post, I really enjoyed looking through the galleries posted here!

  10. Gary

    I took a look through my flickr contacts for someone whose work I really enjoy, and yet isn’t ‘known’. It’s hard to choose, because I really like the work of people I call my contacts…

    But in the end, I chose. Ian Thomas of Guelph, Ontario, Canada has been doing some amazing work lately, and I look forward to each new photo. I’ve never met him, but he seems like a pretty decent guy too.

    Check out his latest of course.. but his flickr set called “My Best” is very enjoyable.


  11. kc

    This guy covers architecture, band photos, fantastic and imaginative portraits and stunning landscapes. I started following him on myspace about a year ago when I ran across his page, the stuff just keeps getting better!

  12. Andrew

    One of my favourite photographers is Bogna Patrycja Altman, also known as Quizz… on Flickr. Her photos are beautiful, evocative, and whimsical. She’s a true artist.

  13. Alexander Katzeff

    I stumbled upon this set on Flickr by Ricky Montalvo. One set in particular is “Urban Delineation”, a series of B&W images of shadows of objects, mostly street signs and lightpoles against the very urban background they live in.
    “Urban Delineation”:

    There is also series of work that at first I wasn’t a fan of, but then grew to like them as a series rather than the individual, as if he is constantly stitching together a photographic quilt:

  14. Bitraycer

    Kenzi Kay’s fine art is kinda buried on her portrait site, but it’s worth the find. I have several of her prints in my office, mostly the farm stuff. But I also think her faith work is pure genius, the backlighting on Jesus captures my soul everytime I see it. She’s on of my faves.

    Most of the other ones I love are pretty notable, so I guess I’ll just put that one for now, but if I think of another, I’ll post it.

  15. Thias

    Depends what you call undiscovered. If you define it as: No books published, no own website, less then 5 comments on flickr per photo, no high end fancy gear but nevertheless stunning photos, then my choice is:

    Heike Kölzer: http://www.flickr.com/photos/believe-in-fairies/

    I think these photos are especially worth mentioning:


  16. Linda

    Check out Bill Greenfield’s work at http://www.99steps.net. He uses cheap cameras and 110 film but then creates these intense images from the negatives. Really makes you look twice at those “everyday” objects you seldom give a glance to. It’s soooo time he was “discovered”.

  17. Karin

    I follow a variety of blogs and websites of photographers, but this is the one that I check out on a daily basis. She blows my mind away! Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I consider her to the best photographer in South Africa. She mostly does weddings, but you will find some portaits and baby shoots as well. http://www.christinemeintjes.co.za/ I also find it so awesome how she often posts tips for photographers on her blog, sharing whatever she thinks will be useful.

  18. Brian Auer Post author

    OK… this is the cut-off line. We have a HUGE number of great photographers suggested and I’m having a hard time getting through all of their work. I’m just about done, but I’ve spent about 1 hour on each person just looking through their photos.

    I’m hoping to post the results within a week or so… we’ll see.

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