Which Photo Shall We Use for the Project?

As mentioned a few weeks back, we’re ramping-up for another project here on Epic Edits. To recap, we’ll be doing another “Edit my Photo” project, but with one of YOUR photos rather than one of mine. The first stage of the project was to submit candidates for the photo to be used. We didn’t have a huge turnout, but we did have a few people submit images.

So now we’re in “stage 2″ of the project where we vote on the image to be used — just ONE. I’ll leave it up to you guys which photo you want to work with for the final stage of the project. Here are the 6 candidates, and there’s a poll below them where you can cast your vote. And of course, a big thanks to the contributing photographers (linked via their photo).

Photo by John Huson

Photo by Thias

Photo by Pat R

Photo by Robert

Photo by TikiPundit

Photo by Bob Simmons

The above images are all available at high resolution, and most of them are in raw format. So pick one that looks like it would be fun to work with and we’ll start the photo editing soon enough!


5 thoughts on “Which Photo Shall We Use for the Project?

  1. Kathy Burkman

    I’m sorry. I wanted to do one, also. Not enough time in my day, once school starts! But I like the selection you received.

  2. clavel

    Oh no I was so hoping to contribute an image..oh well i hope we can do it again some other time…selections you have aren’t too bad

  3. Udi

    I vote for 1. Not because it is necessarily the best image. (although it is a great one).
    I love the possibilities in the negative space on the left

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