(WT)Duck Photo Contest Winners

Recently, I posted my review of the new What the Duck book and I offered up a few free copies of the book. The only thing you had to do was submit photos or links to photos (of yours) of ducks. I wasn’t sure what to expect for a turnout, but we had a good showing of participants with 23 photos submitted!

It was great to see the photos and the enthusiasm for the new book. I’m certain that Aaron was happy to see such support for his work. And how am I certain? Well, I asked him to choose one of the winners for the book giveaway, so he definitely looked through your comments and photos.

The two winners (and an honorable mention) are shown below. Anne-Laure and Jerry will both receive a free copy of the book… and the rest of you will just have to go buy one! Thanks to everybody who participated and everybody planning on buying the book!


Photo by Jerry


Photo by Anne-Laure


Photo by Laanba

3 thoughts on “(WT)Duck Photo Contest Winners

  1. Jerry

    Awww, thanks guys. Always great to be chosen for anything around here with all of the great photos and photographers that abound on this site and in the Flickr group.

    Look forward to reading the book and having the Mrs. take a gander at it.

    Get it? Gander? Hah! I slay me.

    But thanks again. =)

  2. Brian Auer Post author

    Actually… I bought another copy of the book on accident. I meant to buy Chase’s new book, but this one ended up in the cart instead. So… if you still haven’t bought a copy, I’ll send you my spare once I get it.

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