Brainstorming On Our Next Project

I’d like to do projects here on the blog more often. I think they provide a good way to expand our creativity and knowledge. We’ve done a few over the years, and they’ve mostly been my own ideas. Here are all of the past projects (and mini-projects) we’ve done over the last 2.5 years.

This time, I want you guys to suggest projects. Anything goes at this point — let’s just do a little brainstorming to see what we come up with. If we get a few good ideas, we’ll refine them later.

7 thoughts on “Brainstorming On Our Next Project

  1. Rob Jaudon

    Start a project to shoot photos that are out of your comfort zone. For example I like to shoot people and landscapes. However I am not comfortable shooting architecture or product shots. This would push me to focus on my weakest link which hopefully would improve.

  2. buffalobilious

    It would be cool to create a scenario, maybe something like this:

    -Choose a location and subject (possibly to be determined communally).
    -10 shots (in a row, no picking and choosing from a large pool)
    -Shot from the hip
    -Edit and submit the best one.

    Maybe I’m being too specific.

  3. rrsimm

    I think a broad scope, or very general topic is best because we get to see how different people interpret it. For a project, why not create of collection of photos. Many of the photo challenges do a photo a day, which is tough when you spend most of the daylight hours working at a desk job, and shoot mostly on the weekends. But creating a collection of 20-30 images of a general topic, and publishing them on Flickr? That would be cool. And since many of your readers are spread around the country (and the world), how interesting would it be to shoot a collection for the topic Local History? Or My History? Or something else that would result in a collection of images that give the flavor and the background of where we each live.

  4. corina

    There are many challenges that can be expanded upon that just about everyone has access to and may not realize it…
    Here are my theme suggestions:
    – weather: rain, clouds, sunset, night sky, etc…
    – road photos: old curvy roads, dirt roads, tire paths
    – architecture: historic buildings, churches
    – hands, young, old, and in-between
    – photobooth
    – food

    Or how about submitting your best un-edited photo, straight out of the camera, no post-edits!


    Connecting shots? I mean, processing your shot so that it includes an element or anything from the previously posted one.

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