27 Ways to Edit John’s Photo

Here they are! 27 different artistic interpretations of the same photo. I’ll save my thoughts for the bottom of the page — for now, check out some of these project entries and enjoy! Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version of the photo.


And here’s the original…

Photo by John Huson

For those not aware of the recent project, here’s a little background. A long while ago, we ran a similar project here on the blog titled “Edit My Photo“. I handed out an unprocessed photo to participants and they edited in any way they saw fit. Then I gathered up all the entries and posted them in one place.

This time around, I asked the readers of Epic Edits to submit a photo for the project. Then we all voted on our favorite, and we used that one as the starting point. John Huson was the photographer who submitted the winning image for the project. And after a month of handing out the photo and various other photographers working with it, here’s what we have.

I’m always shocked and amazed at how different each of the entries can be… and yet, I’m also amazed at how similar some things are. As you glance through the entries, you can see that the colors, crops, and compositions are widely varied. But you can also pick out some peculiar similarities such as the splitting of the subject at each end of the frame and the use of grungy colors to enhance the mood. And these similarities happened without the participants seeing the results from others. Really interesting stuff here.

All in all, another successful project here at Epic Edits. A big thanks to all the participants who put in the time and effort just for the sake of playing along with us. Be sure to check out the entries more closely — the thumbnails don’t do them justice.

6 thoughts on “27 Ways to Edit John’s Photo

  1. Conor Coenq

    As a participant I was very curious to see the other enteries and I am not disapointed , WOW but it is interesting to see how we all did it and it is the similarities that strikes me most.

    This was fun and I must admit not an easy task….but very educational.

    Thanks Brian.

  2. Paul Parkinson

    I’d like to echo Conor’s comment. It’s fascinating to see the diversity of styles from one source – al so different yet so similar. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to making a better hash of it next time!

  3. John Huson

    Brian this was a lot of fun. I really liked seeing everyones photos and I got a good laugh when i got to the one with my hat warped and then my face shrunk. I think everyone did a great job. I hope you all didn’t have to look at my mug too long. I was really impressed with the ones that had put things on the wall like the coke bottle and aged figure. But they were all unique and impressive. Can’t wait for the next one. I’ve got Epic Edits on my BLOG reader.
    John Huson

  4. James Ferguson

    I’ve really enjoyed going through all of the entries. There are a bunch of great interpretations. 10, 24, and 14 really jumped out at me.

  5. Jenni Brehm

    Love the entries – really interesting results. I’m surprised though that nobody worked out that heart that is carved into the wall – it’s very faint, though.

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