Full Feeds FTW!

Last week, I had posted a little something about switching the RSS feed over to a partial. But you guys are so hardcore about your feed preferences, I figure I shouldn’t mess with you. Nearly 50% of the votes were for a very strong dislike of the idea, and the comments backed that up 100%.

Truthfully, it was something I wanted to experiment with, but I now know it’s not worth losing followers over. Not only that, doing a partial feed the way I wanted to (where I decide on the cutoff point) is just not a simple task and I don’t have time to spend on screwing that sort of stuff.

So… full feeds we shall keep! Thanks to everyone who chimed in on the conversation.

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4 thoughts on “Full Feeds FTW!

  1. Dustin

    Great! I tend to read most stuff in my rss reader, and I have kind of mixed feelings about partial feeds, so I’m happy with the decision you made.

    One thing I’ve noticed lately is that you seem to be making an effort at your resolution about the blog. I know a few other people pointed it out too, but the content seemed to be a little lacking toward the end of last year, but it seems like it’s a lot better again. The last few articles have been good.

    Also, I didn’t get around to commenting about this in the article about the partial feeds, but someone else made a good point in that post about getting traffic over to the site, and I wanted to mention it again. I think a good way to get the rss reader folks over to the site is to find some way to engage them towards the end of the article like asking a question. I see it all the time on DPS articles, and over on Lifehacker and the other Gawker blogs, and I think it’s a good technique to use when finishing the article. At least I know it works in getting me more interested in commenting, and I’m sure it does to others too.

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