Link Roundup 02-28-2010

I’m thinking about doing these link posts a little differently, and I’m hoping that the change will benefit all three parties involved (this blog, the linked blogs, and the readers). Over at, we’ve been posting noteworthy links one at a time with additional commentary rather than just a list of links. The posts really don’t take much time to put together, but they’re so much more interesting than a big list as shown below.

So I’ll probably give it a try here on Epic Edits for a week or two and see how it works out. What do you guys think? Good idea? Or would you prefer I keep it as a list post like this?

5 thoughts on “Link Roundup 02-28-2010

  1. Jessica S.

    I absolutely would love it if you posted fewer links at a time and explained them more. These lists are hard to read and it’s difficult to look at all the links at once, or even decide if it’s worth clicking on them.

  2. Bryan Villarin

    It’s a coin flip for me. It puts pressure on the article writers to create a more compelling title.

    I think Lifehacker takes it too far by explaining the majority of the article.

  3. Jennifer

    I agree with Bryan. Although, my biggest concern with switching to the Feeling Negative format is that there would be less links to share, since it would take longer to write something up about each one. I look forward to these linkdump entries, because I’m usually able to find one or two things I haven’t yet read that I find interesting, and if there were less links, then obviously, the odds of finding something I’d like to read would go down.

    But, I do agree, with the way it is here, with just the title of the link? It’s really hard to know if I actually want to click on it or not. And I don’t click on them all, so maybe I’m missing something I’d actually be interested in.

  4. Antoine Khater

    I am a voter for the round-up approach, if you took the time to post a link in a round out then it did draw you attention. Making a dedicated post for it would mean you will have to “re-write” the summary etc… Kind of overkill to me

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