Over at FeelingNegative.com, we’ve started a DIY Large Format Camera project and our first step was to make a pinhole camera that exposes paper negatives.

I spent last weekend building 3 different cameras for myself and with the kids, and we all took a few shots and made prints. The cameras turned out good and the photos aren’t bad either.

If you’re not already following the project and you’re interested in trying this type of thing, head over there and see how I made my first pinhole camera (it’s a step-by-step DIY kind of thing).

[UPDATE 04-12-2010] You can also view a video I put together on developing paper negatives from these types of cameras.

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Well with all the work your now involved with I expect we will all see some of your photos from World International Pinhole Camera Day on 25 April 2010.
Maybe you could encourage your readers to all make and take photos that day with a pin hole camera.


I always had more fun trying to get the very cheap film versions going than putting a cap with a pinhole on my digital camera. But either way its very unique.

Remember be f256 or smaller

Niels Henriksen

March 13, 2010 8:23 am

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