PhotoDump 04-05-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 03/22/2010 and 04/05/2010. The selection is a bit skimpy this week… but that’s my fault, not the fault of you guys posting photos. I’m just in a funk tonight; probably too much time spent in the darkroom earlier today.

365/86 Floating banana by aychseaDesert Evening by ahmer_inamHoffmaestro & Chraa by bildterapiharnassing the wind by dldailey32Birthday girl by jrodgersartCome Along, Follow Me by Devansh <Thank You Adobe, for Lightroom>winter desert II by tmizzerIn the Air by Android9Day 199 - D69 by joel8xLooks Like Spring, Feels Like Winter by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comReflect by ashlyncharlieCompany of Thieves @ Lincoln Hall by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}

2 thoughts on “PhotoDump 04-05-2010

  1. Brian Auer Post author

    Awww… it’s not so bad. The fixer is the only one that smells, and it’s not so bad. The stuff that really stinks is the selenium toner — but I don’t work with that too often.

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