17 Inspirational Analog Photos

[tweetmeme]We’re off to a good start with these Flickr Challenges… the first one was “Street” and the winner chose a new theme of “Analog”. I’m a sucker for film photos, so this one was particularly difficult for me to select the photos below (I wanted to pick a bunch more, but I’m trying to keep these things under 20 or 30 photos).

The favorite selection this week is from Rob LaRosa with his shot titled “Everything you need”. And as the winner, he gets to pick the theme for challenge #3.

Everything you need
Everything you need by Roaming Vegas

Rob has chosen the topic of “Vanishing Points” — so experiment with converging lines and leading the viewer’s eye to a distant point in the background. Here’s a video to help put things in perspective.



And don’t forget that your photos must also be in the Epic Edits Flickr Pool. Winner of the next round picks the next topic. I’ll post my selections in about a week or two.

Here are the remaining selections from Challenge #2:

The Reprimand
The Reprimand by cliff2n

Untitled #30
Untitled #30 by Peepin Pixel Piker Pepper

Misty tree
Misty tree by Sascha Schröder

Relocate, please
Relocate, please by Bryan Villarin

Princeton Sheep
Princeton Sheep by cliff2n

1 minute past high noon
1 minute past high noon by topfloor

365.130 by i_shoot_minolta

Talk of the town
Talk of the town by Roaming Vegas

Blue Houses
Blue Houses by Bryan Davidson

Packed (229/366)
Packed (229/366) by Bryan Villarin

Pig by Amberture

Untitled by jasesim

The vapors
The vapors by pau.la

Pinhole Fábrica
Pinhole Fábrica by Ana Pratas

Five Dollar Hustler
Five Dollar Hustler by Eric Parks

Loch Raven
Loch Raven by cliff2n

8 thoughts on “17 Inspirational Analog Photos

  1. Matthew

    These photos are just beautiful. Particularly like The Vapours and Loch Raven – inspired me to get out there with my camera this afternoon!

  2. Johnny

    How are these analog? Sure, they may have been initially photographed on film, but some are so blatantly computer processed that they lose the point of why people enjoy film and analog photography to begin with.

  3. Brian Auer Post author

    Which ones are blatantly computer processed? There’s always going to be some amount of processing necessary after digitizing film.

  4. matik

    Perhaps Johnny is not familiar with cross-processing ? I belive that’s the reason he thinks some of those photos, especially the ones with color cast, are digitally manipulated.

  5. film gordon

    Those are some beautiful analog images. There are some ways that film cameras will always be better than digital lets just hope film stays around so we can keep using it.

  6. Joanie

    Love the entries! Very familiar with the Holiday Motel sign as I’ve driven past many many times and photographed almost every single time. My favorites, though, are The Reprimand (beautifully composed…there’s a whole story in that image) and Princeton Sheep with the lovely curve of the branch over the barn — incredibly done.

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