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Kick Back And Relax – Here Is What’s Been Happening In The World Of Photography

Photo by Thomas Lipke

Photo by Thomas Lipke

Welcome back to Epic Edits for 2019 – here we sum up what has happened over the last month in the world of photography.

We hope you are enjoying our weekly wraps and we look forward to bringing you interesting tidbits through 2019


New Olympus Recently “Leaked”

Olympus has made some really interesting breakthroughs in the world of photography in the recent years thanks to their powerful mirrorless camera systems. Yet, they haven’t announced something new since 2016, so it is about time to have a new camera from them. Here you can see some images of what seems to be a pretty badass mirrorless camera under the title of “E-M1X”.

Palette Looks Interesting

Getting physical in photography is a real pleasure, and some companies have been developing controllers for making post-processing a better experience. We just stumbled into Palette, a modular system that looks pretty interesting and might be the right tool for your workflow.

For Sigma, Size Matters

Sigma latest ART lens is huge (really, it is massive), but is great. It is obviously not for the lightweight photographer out there, so don’t let the 40mm focal length setting trick you (especially if you have been used to shoot with the 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens from Canon). It is pretty sharp, and it might be the right lens for you if you like having context on your photos but are not a huge fan of wide angle lenses. Oh, and Sigma gives their word that this lens has a cine quality as well.

f/0.95 From Nikon

Around the release of their mirrorless full-frame camera system, Nikon also announced an extremely fast lens (58mm f/0.95) and everyone was excited about it. Thanks to Yusuf Kathawala (who got access to a prototype of the controversial lens) we can see how massive this lens could be (if they don’t slim it down).

See You Later X-T30

According to Fuji Rumors… well you can figure it out based on the heading, X-T30 on short sight for 2019.

The Most Popular Lenses of 2018

After reviewing several lists, we decided that this one by Fstoppers gives a decent amount of information about the most popular lenses of 2018. Traditional Canon lenses are still very demanded, and that is no surprise since they have had quite a huge segment of the camera market despite their bland efforts in mirrorless camera systems. It is pretty interesting to see how the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/5.6E PF ED VR Lens (an almost $4K with tax and other fees lens) is surprisingly popular among sales.

The Most Popular Cameras of 2018

Well, of course, if there is a list for popular lenses, there is also one for popular cameras. This has been quite a year for mirrorless camera systems, and we are surer than ever that they are no longer the future but the present.

Canon and Nikon finally understood this (sort of) and joined the party that started more than five years ago. Here Canon doesn’t appear at all, and it belongs ultimately to Sony and Fuji.

Panasonic GX9, Mighty and Compact

It is important to talk about good cameras that aren’t the most popular of all. That’s why we’ve decided to mention the very interesting Lumix DC-GX9 from Panasonic, a fascinating and versatile camera for both photographers and videographers that need a sleek camera by their side at all the time. This is a micro four-thirds camera with a 20.3MP Digital Live MOS Sensor and a very interesting tilting electronic viewfinder, which makes it outstanding for both video and street photography.

90mm F2.8L IS Macro lens from Canon

Well, this isn’t official yet but recently published patent from Canon suggests that this will be a real thing in the short future. Here you can see some interesting information about new lenses from Canon.

Irix lenses now fully compatible on Canon EOS R mount

Irix is a Swiss lens manufacturer announced that they have made it possible to release Irix lenses that will be absolutely compatible with Canon’s mirrorless bayonet, the EOS R mount. These are the available lenses:

  • Irix 11mm f/4
  • Irix 15mm f/2.4
  • Irix 150mm f/2.8 1:1 Macro

The More The Merrier

If Huawei made a phone with 3 cameras, then the more reasonable thing to do is to make a phone with more cameras. Nokia, is aiming that with their rumoured Nokia 9, with 5 Zeiss cameras. This is just getting insane, it even reminds me of this weird looking camera that didn’t reach popularity.


Forgotten App that Reveals Forgotten Places

Oh boy, this is going to receive some both big love and hate from urbex photographers. Forgotten is an app that shows forgotten places so you can get access to them easily. Truly not what the pure spirit of Urbex Photography preaches, but it could make it safer though. The app is pretty new and you can find it for iOs and Android.

A.I. Is Getting Closer To You

Nah, just kidding, it isn’t what you think (but yeah, it is getting closer). You don’t need to be a photographer or a graphic designer to be on the need of removing a background from a photo. Almost everybody needs this at some point, so we think that this solution is more for the masses than the pros, still, it seems interesting indeed. Try the Remove Background web app if you need to remove some background from a photograph, it is free and you don’t have to do anything at all (just upload the image of course, or paste the URL).


Learn Something from a NatGeo Photographer

Whenever we think about professional and adventurous photographers, we tend to think about certain magazines or agencies, one of them, of course, is National Geographic. We stumbled with an old documentary film published in 2011 that is still pretty valid today, and you can watch it here. The documentary photographer is about the veteran photographer Sam Abell.

Photographers Banned from A Hospital

In case you didn’t know, birth (actual birth labor) photographers are a thing, and they actually produce some truly fascinating photographs. Nevertheless, a major hospital in Australia has banned the presence of professional photographers during childbirth. So, if you are near Queensland, and you want the process to be documented by a professional photographer (or even anyone at your side) then you should consider a hospital with less strict policies.

LensCulture Did it Again

LensCulture is one of the biggest names in photography, especially for their huge emerging-talents exposure efforts. They have recently released a list of the favorite 15 “conversations” (which are basically interviews) with photographers, artists and specialists from 2018, ENJOY!

Thieves Stole $50,000 of Camera Store Equipment in Less than a Minute

And no, they didn’t take just a couple of Leicas. The robbery took place at Hunt’s Photo and Video in Manchester, New Hampshire in the United States. NBC10 Boston initially broke the story and published the CCTV video captured of the theft in order to spread the news. The broke the store with an axe, and with plastic crates, they swiped the place in no time. You can see the footage here.

It is Real, Quality is Decreasing

We knew something bad would happen by the increasing practices by news agencies and magazines of downsizing their photography crews. A lot of people have been arguing around this topic, and finally, proper research has been done. They have analyzed photos on 4 criteria:

  • Informational or images that lack aesthetic.
  • Graphically appealing, or photos that have been taken at interesting angles or perspectives
  • Emotionally appealing: Photos that capture the human element of subjects.
  • Intimate: Photos that create a private connection with the viewer.

The research reflects that 82.2% of non-professional photos were simply information and lacked visual aesthetics and emotional connection. On the other hand, more than 50% of professional photos presented that unique thing that makes them actually meaningful.


Tulsa by Larry Clark

I just received a copy of Larry Clark’s most famous work, Tulsa. This book is not your typical photo book and is strong viewing. Nevertheless, it is a delight if you love photo essays and documentary photography. Here he documented the young and wild people from the youth culture of Oklahoma after the social convulsions that rocked America in the 1960s. You can find it a very decent price at Amazon. Originally the book was published in a limited paperback version and was reprinted in 1983 as a limited hardcover edition.


Hey There Palitra

It is always nice to have a richer physical experience while sitting behind a screen during post-production in photography. Palitra seems to be the perfect companion for many photographers and retouchers that want to give their workflow an extra push. Their campaign is live now, and they don’t need much to make it a thing.


Another Great Bag by Wotancraft

The Ryker bag is aimed at Leica users, but it can be used by many others too. It is pricey, but it looks amazing and it won’t fade away easily. Here you can see a detailed review made by the folks over at FStoppers.

Tenba Ridged Lens Capsules and Pouches

Keeping our lenses safe is always a must, and Tenba just released some really nice looking “capsules” that promise to keep your optics highly protected. They seem like a very clever solution for the extra bit of protection we all want for our lenses.


Magnum’s 2018 Pictures of the Year

As we reached the end of 2018, we decided to share with you a compilation of 37 images that according to the prestigious Magnum Photo Agency, are the pictures of the year. Some of them are very powerful, and some are even fun. Enjoy them all!

Valerie’s 2018 Selection

Here you can delight yourselves with a selection of street photos made by Valerie Jardin, a great photographer that has been sharing the passion for photography since quite a long time.

Photography Memes

Nothing speaks more about 2018 than memes, and today we’ve spotted quite a hilarious post by Fstoppers in which they share with us some of their favourite photography related memes. We love them.

The Most 2018 Photos Ever

And as always, we bring you one of the various posts from our trusty source, The Atlantic. Today we’ve picked up the “The most 2018 Photos Ever“, depicting not simply iconic images, but meaningful images around the concept (if there’s any) of 2018. So, don’t expect the most emotional or heart-breaking images ever, but 2018-wise substantial.




Grab A Coffee And Relax With This Week In Photography


Photo by Alexander Andrews

Photo by Alexander Andrews

Here it is - a wrap up of this past week in the photography world!


Voigtländer Revival

If you are not familiar with Voigtländer don’t worry, this company has been around since 1756, and it has evolved and even shut down in 1971. In the twentieth century it was a major player in the photography game, and now it wants to be back in the game. They announced a pair of new “vintage lenses” last week, a 21mm f/3.5 and a 35mm f/2. Both lenses are designed to be M mount, ergo Leica mounts. Check them out here.

World’s Smallest Gimbal

Beyond drones, DJI also manufactures other photography related gadgets. They just released what is being called the smallest three-Axis gimbal camera so far. It is compact and weighs only 4.1 oz and has a length of 4.8″ which makes it extremely portable.

It has a built-in camera with an impressively large 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor. You can watch the review made by B&H here.

What about a heatable photo vest?

Photo vests have been around since forever, and they are iconic. However, in the twenty-first century, it could have extra value. We are shooting lighter and we aren’t carrying film around anymore.

The COOPH Heatable Photo Vest offers not just style but also a heating function, extremely useful in the winter.

What about a house camera?

We heard about somebody trying to transform a large truck into a camera, but this is way more insane. Ian Ruhter has made the world’s largest wet collodion plate by turning an abandoned house into a huge camera. The plate measures 66″x 90″. Here is Obscura!


Capture One 12

Lightroom is a favorite when it comes to developing RAW files, but Capture One has been advancing a lot, and honestly, it is more powerful now than Lightroom.

Last week version 12 was released, and it features something we all have been really wanting for a long time, Fujifilm Film Simulation Support via styles. It features a redesigned UI, some really interesting masking tools, and A New Plug-in Ecosystem that allows third-party goodies. Here is a video explaining all the new features that it has, and it can be yours starting at $180.


Cinematography is BAE

If you want to learn about photography, there is always plenty of stuff you can do beyond practice. One of them is watching movies, a lot of them. Cinematographers have a keen eye, and if you are able to stop a movie at any moment and you get a decent photograph, then you can say that the cinematographer behind the camera is talented. Last week Fstoppers published a story of how cinematography helped modern television become what it is today.


A Life in Pictures

On November 20th the biggest and most comprehensive book on Steve McCurry and his work was published, and we are thrilled to see what it has to offer to us. The book is massive, and it includes not only photographs but text and even contact sheets.


Slow Paced Astrophotography by the Hubble Space Telescope

Stay tuned every day to see a new photo from the Hubble telescope here. This will be a very fun thing to do, so far the available images are mind-blowing.

Top News Photos of 2018

Is that time of the year where The Atlantic starts publishing the most striking photographs from the year, and oh boy, this is huge. They’ll release them in three parts, so stay tuned. Some of them are pretty strong, so viewers discretion is advised.



Here’s What You May Have Missed This Week In Photography

Photo by Matt Howard

Photo by Matt Howard

So onto the rundown of this past week in the photography world!


The Rarest Canon Lens Ever Just Appeared Out Of Nowhere

Yup, once again, we have stumbled onto what seems to be a pretty rare lens. This time the spotlight is on the Canon 45-200mm f/2.8. This is a prototype that was presented in a by Canon in 1959 in a press release, but that it never made it to market. The extremely rare Canon Prototype Lens appeared last week at an auction at eBay for almost $30,000. It is suggested that only 4 or 5 copies of this lens exist on earth.

Leica Went Accessible

Compact and powerful, the new D-Lux 7 is a very interesting camera released by Leica. This small camera promises to deliver a unique combination of first-class optics and high-end technology. The camera features a very large 4/3rds sensor, with an impressively fast f/1.7-2.8 10.9-34mm lens (24–75mm 35mm equivalent). The price of this bad boy is somewhat accessible if you compare it with other Leica models.

It isn’t A Vape, But It’s Smokey!

If you like to shoot commercial or conceptual photographs, then it is very likely that you have needed some smoke on your images. Cigarettes and Vapes don’t deliver smoke in a photogenic way, and regular smoke machines are bulky and expensive. Last week the guys over at Fstoppers reviewed a very interesting Pocket-Sized Smoke Machine called the Micro Fogger, check it out, it could be pretty useful and is really cheap.

What The Brown?

Fujifilm released a pretty hipster looking X100F in the colour brown. Personally, we love the inconspicuous nature of all-black Fujifilm cameras, but this could be a really elegant trigger for some people still shooting DSLR cameras to go out and buy it.


Decoding Lightroom

Lightroom is the whole package for developing a Raw file from start to finish (finish being online publishing or print). A lot of people are familiar with Photoshop, so when they get Lightroom in their hands their heads explode a little. In this brief yet smart guide, you can learn how to start decoding Lightroom easily. It is quite simple, you just need to follow its built-in workflow and you’ll be all set.


Coming Soon: The Art of Street Photography

What about taking a course given by Magnum? Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, Magnum will launch their first online photography education platform soon, with “The Art of Street Photography”. The course comprises ten engaging, in-depth, video lessons: Learn what is required to become a successful street photographer, understand framing, how to photograph people, discover alternative approaches, and how to create meaning from chaos through the editing process. You can sign-up for the course here.

Sweet Revenge

Getting your camera stolen is really awful, and we wish that it never happens to any of you. If this has ever happened to you, you’ll understand the bitter experience behind getting not only your precious gear stolen but also your photos getting ripped from your hands. Read this story about a man not only recovering his camera but also helping to get the thief arrested. Sweet revenge indeed.

Margins of Excess

Max Pinckers documented the lives of six individuals who embody the inseparability of fact and fiction. Take a look at this series of images to feel how the message and story in a photograph can really exist on its own, without a trace of the hand of its maker.


Escaping from Modern Life by Being Imprisoned for a Weekend

Modern societies have reached an almost full state of drowsiness and anaesthesia. For the last years, a “prison” in South Korea has been locking up paying “inmates” in order to escape from the frantic lifestyle of our modern day. Obviously, mobile devices are not allowed, but beyond that, the “inmates” aren’t allowed to talk to each other, and there aren’t even clocks around. Take a look at these photographs by Kim Hong-Ji in order to get a grasp of this new approach to freedom.

Fires in California - Not Just Human Lives Are At Stake

Around this time of the year, California always gets hit by dangerous fires – and this year has been devastating. But there are more lives at stake beyond the human ones as you can see here in this collection of photographs from various photojournalists covering these disasters.


The Bookshelf, This Week In Images And More – Here’s This Week In Photography

Photo by Benjamin Balázs

Photo by Benjamin Balázs

Here are your weekly highlights from what you missed from the photography world!


Nikon Z6 Started Shipping

Not so long ago (basically around Photokina), Nikon announced their mirrorless camera systems. The brand new Z6 started shipping on November 16th, and it has a price tag of $2K, and yup, you guessed it, body only.

This is a full-frame mirrorless camera, and with all these new interesting non-DSLR systems, we are closer to reaching a new era without DSLR cameras. The new camera features the new Z mount as we already heard about in September, and it has a 273-Point on-sensor phase detect AF system, which is pretty neat. Oh, and it ships in 1 to 2 months

Lume Cube is the Most Portable Light Ever

Even if you love natural light like me, there are certain situations that require some extra lighting aid. The Lume Cube Air is an affordable and lightweight light source for vloggers and documentary photographers. This small thingy features a LED light balanced at 5700K and is $69.95.

Fujifilm announced new firmware

If you own a GFX-50S, am X-T3 or an X-H1 (or all of them…), then you should take a look at Fujifilm’s latest firmware release. Check them out here, and remember to always follow their instructions in order to avoid turning your camera into an expensive yet good-looking brick.

There is a Fresh Review on the Newest Fujifilm’s Fujinon 200mm F/2

Perhaps $6,000 could sound extremely high for some photographers, but for certain professional applications, this might be really interesting to invest in. Take a look at Matt Granger’s review, and find out if this could be a good investment for you as a sport or wildlife photographer.


Flickr in the Spotlight

After publishing their new rules, Flickr got some attention fast last week. Their new 1000 photo limit for free accounts came as a surprise when it was announced, but they said these new rules won’t affect the archives of Non-profit groups (yet).

There is a New Place for Marketing Gear

Gear Offer is the newest online market for both buying and selling second-handed gear. A lot of photographers treat their gear with extreme care, after all, they are their precious and beloved cameras and lenses. They have some really awesome deals, and they got a pricing tool that comes in hand if you are uncertain about the value of your gear.


Peter Davidson: photographer of the week at 1X

1X is still a pretty solid place to find talented photographers. This week they showcased the work of Peter Davidson, a photographer passionate about life. Click here to take a look at his images and a very interesting interview.

Where Are the Heavyweights?

Medium format is always seductive for all photographers. Last week we read this article about some of the most iconic medium format cameras from the film era. Take a look at it, perhaps you can stumble onto one or two of these jewels in the near future if you pay enough attention to your surroundings and the web.

Tentacles by Flavia Diaco

A nice fine art portrait by Flavia Diaco can be seen at her 500px profile. There is a thing about sea life and portraits that works well in photography. Oh, and speaking of 500px, they got their feed redesigned to be more exposure effective.

Sophia Flörsch Crashed Horribly Into A Photographers’ Box

During the Macau Grand Prix on November 18th, Sophia Flörsch, a 17-year-old Formula 3 driver suffered a horrible accident. We are happy that she survived nearly intact, but this was perhaps one of the most horrifying crashes in the recent history of race cars. You can see various videos and a tweet by her on this post by Petapixel. We hope she recovers in no time, and we will see her up and running again soon.


Photobooks by Women

In this new photobook anthology and touring exhibition, women take center stage where historically their importance has been ignored. How we see, Photobooks by Women. If you get the chance to see it in person, it will be an amazing experience. Nothing beats viewing photographs in their physical form.


Dizzying Heights: Vertical Tourism in China

China is nuts with their vertical tourism, just check this out and you’ll see we are right about it.

The Week in Photos, Metal Bull, First Snow, Raging Wildfires

With so many photographs being published each day, we truly believe that photojournalism needs to be seen in a special and more dedicated way. Here are some of the most striking photos from journalists scattered all over the globe.


Here’s What You May Have Missed This Week In Photography

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Today we bring a brief summary of the most interesting stories in the photography world from last week, so sit back and enjoy everything that you may have missed!


Widest Full-frame Lens Ever

Alright, there are widest lenses, but those are fish-eyes, and honestly, that doesn’t work too much since it is too specialized. This is an extreme wide-angle lens from Venus Optics and will be shipping on December for Sony, Canon and Nikon mirrorless systems, and it is expected to be around $850. There is a prime lens from Voigtlander (which has a huge history in the world of photography) that is also 10mm, but a bit pricey, and with no zooming capabilities. This lens is a 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6, making it the world’s widest full frame rectilinear zoom lens so far. You can get a feel of the wideness here.

New Macro Lens on the Block

Alternative brands are really interesting because they offer what camera companies can’t, flexibility and other goodies that aren’t solely related to price. Irix Lens is about to release a 150mm f/2.8 1:1 Macro Lens that will be available in December, and it looks great!


Leica recently announced there most inconspicuous camera ever, how come? They removed the “red dot”, their iconic red logo which makes it easy to spot. They call it, A statement of understatement.

The Leica Q-P is specifically tailored to fulfill the most stringent aesthetic and technical expectations, but of course, it is pricey. Nevertheless, it seems like a great choice for street photography.

Yay, New Film Options

Lomography has launched a new film since quite a while, a monochrome 400 35mm option called “Berlin Kino Film”. Kino (Кино́) means Cine, so there should be some relation with cinema film look for sure.


Capture One Pro got Better

This software is a must if you are into RAW-based logic development software and extremely powerful color correction capabilities. Capture One Pro recently got updated, and it promises a lot of nice features, including a sleeker UI.

Another great thing about COP, even when they have a huge relationship with expensive medium format cameras built by themselves, they opened their software for Fujifilm, even when they are offering now Medium Format cameras at accessible prices.

Web-Based Image Rastering Software

Web-based apps are great, they give us solutions without extra and chunky software maneuvers. Photopea promises to be some sort of Photoshop clone that runs in your browser. You can check it out here.

Google+ is Dead

Google finally recognized their failure with G+, and they are closing it down. They’ll allow their users to download all their data and it won’t be a temporary closure. It will finally go offline in August 2019.


Moonrise, Hernandez: Mysterious, Timeless and Iconic

We all love Ansel Adams, he truly lived for photography and made some of the most beautiful landscape photographs ever. Recently the Ansel Adams Gallery made a 4-minute video that explains how one of the most iconic photos from Adams was made, “Moonrise, Hernandez”. Please watch it.

A New Iconic Photograph

Mustafa Hassona achieved one of the most compelling photographs of the year, and thanks to our postmodern tendency for immediacy, it has already been declared as iconic. The image has an extremely close similarity to Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People.



Photography magazines are a delight, they teach a lot of good stuff and keep us up to date. Here you can find an extremely detailed article on The 30 Best Photography Magazines of 2018.

A book for thinking about photography

This week we spotted a very interesting book by Taco Hidde Bakker titled “The Photograph That Took the Place of a Mountain”. This book is a diverse collection of writings on the philosophy, politics, and art of photography. Its topics range from the tension between artist and model to the landscapes of the American West, the surfaces of a second-hand New York City, and the predicament of transcultural photography.


Enjoy this set of 35 photographs from around the globe. This collection from various photojournalists includes the following:

  • A visit to the Swiss Museum of Transport
  • NATO soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan
  • A giant’s house in Russia
  • new advances in powered exoskeleton technology
  • Victoria’s Secret fashion show
  • And more…

Photojournalists, Documentary Photography And Gear – Here’s This Week In Photography

Photo by Salvador Altamirano

Photo by Salvador Altamirano


This past week there have been some really interesting announcements. We are also sharing with you a couple of stories to reflect on the act of making photographs, your safety is first, and you should always be kind to your body since it is your only true asset.

Sigma has some new Art lenses

Sigma has understood their place in the photography world, and thanks to this, they are able to surprise us with high-quality lenses that go way beyond the traditional offering from the regular brands (you know who we are talking about). Just recently, Sigma announced not one but two new lenses in their line-up:

Yongnuo Wants More, So They Joined the Mirrorless Camera Wars

Smartphone? Camera? Both? Who knows, but Yongnuo has taken their business model to the next level. Last week we heard about their development thanks to an announcement they published through their Facebook page. Mirrorless camera systems are no longer the future, they are the present, and manufacturers need to start thinking about these new photographic tools that will reshape the current state of photography.


Gear Might Injure You

Perhaps only chiropractors could support the idea of carrying huge amounts of gear on our backs. Wasim Ahmad has a very interesting point about the unhealthy practice of working every day with heavy lenses and its impact. We need to start rethinking photography as he says in this article.

Couple Dies After Pursuing a viral-to-be Image

Husband and wife Vishnu Viswanath and Meenakshi Moorthy were visiting an attractive Yosemite cliff. The two tragically fell to their deaths after taking a series of selfies together and separately at the cliff’s edge. This is a very sad story, but we need to see this as a warning. We live in a moment in time were more and more people are feeling that they need to show themselves to the world constantly in order to “exist”.


The Freezing Land of Ronghui Chen

Ronghui Chen has passionately documented what life is like for China’s younger generation. You can oddly feel the sense of abandonment or uncertainty in their looks. We need to start thinking seriously about how technology is modifying our societies nowadays, and this photographic project speaks to a universal truth beyond borders.

The Day of the Dead

The relationship with the dead vary through Latin America, and this week Magnum Photos have made a special article and photo gallery depicting the Day of the Dead, something really important in several cultures across the globe.

Without a doubt, Mexico is the most famous country when it comes to the Day of the Dead. Cartier-Bresson was fascinated with the Mexican culture, there are several of his photographs in there.


Sit back and relax with a set of various photographs from several photojournalists from around the globe. Photojournalists are an extreme necessity in the world of photography, and many times their names remain silent. Thank you, photojournalists, for risking your lives in order to bring us reality in the purest form in terms of images.


New Filters, Kodak’s New Service, A New Leica, And Yet Another Bag We Are Coveting, Here Is This Week In Photography

Leica M10-D via Nokishita [Leaked Photograph]

Leica M10-D via Nokishita [Leaked Photograph]

Things were pretty interesting in the world of photography last week, especially in the hardware side of the spectrum, from a dead revival from Yashica to some mouthwatering leaks from the newest to-be Leica M10-D.

Wine Country Camera’s Circular Filters

Having a great lens with a lousy filter attached in front of it has no sense at all, but that is exactly what many people end up doing when buying filters. Many cheap filters render color in odd ways, jeopardizing the resulting image quality from your camera and lens set-up.

Wine Country Camera is a pretty young yet innovative company with one single product in their lineup, high-quality filters made to enhance the photographer’s workflow. They became quickly famous due to their holder system, but now they’ve decided to expand a little and are about to release circular filters as well.

Fujifilm is never going to make a full-frame camera

There have been a lot of opinions around why Fujifilm hasn’t yet released a full-frame camera. The answer is simple, they are not interested in that, period. Some people have already come to that conclusion since the appearance of their second medium format mirrorless camera system. But if there were still some people expecting full-frame from Fuji, here you can see the interview made by the folks over at Dpreview in which Toshihisa Iida makes it very clear to everybody out there.

Kodak Digitizing Box

Kodak has been releasing a lot of interesting things lately, from their cryptocurrency to the Ektachrome revival. Now they are aiming at simplifying the process of digitizing physical photographs with their new Digitizing Box. This is more a service than a piece of gear. You simply send them your stuff in their Kodak branded box, and they’ll do the rest.

Keep your photographs (and other files) biometrically secure

If you are worried about who gets to access your photos, then the Lexar JumpDrive® Fingerprint F35 USB 3.0 flash drive is for you. This is a biometrically secure flash drive that promises to keep your files safe by prompting for your fingerprint (and some other allowed ones) in order to access the files. Although, you might want to be careful if you have a heavy thumb…

Another great looking bag

Bags are a guilty pleasure for many photographers (we included), and last week we stumbled into this stylish looking messenger bag from Ona.

New Leica on the block

Not so long ago Leica released their M-D camera, it is a digital rangefinder without a back screen. Apparently, this wasn’t as crazy as you might think, and they are about to release the remake of that camera, and until this date, it could be known as the M10-D. Thanks to the leaked photographs, we can see that the camera will have a winding lever so we can assume that it will give a more analog-like experience by at least cocking the shutter prior to every shot.

Yashica Dead…

Even though when the concept was a built around some pretty unnecessary stuff, the hipstery idea of reviving the Yashica Electro 35 gave this Kickstarter campaign some benefit of the doubt, so we waited (even though we weren’t even gonna pledge).

A couple of days ago we finally got some information about it and wow… the worst revival ever. The camera turns off whenever it wants, it is all plastic, lousy image quality, they even got the connections wrong for crying out loud.

Would you imagine paying up to $500 for this joke? People are pretty upset with this campaign


Magnum Photo Agency wants new talent

It is that time of the year in which Magnum seeks talent. Do you have what it takes to be a Magnum Photographer? Try out, the worst you can get is a non-reply.

Ara Güler dies at 90

“Photography is not an art. It is more important than art” - Ara Güler

Last week we said goodbye to Ara Güler, best known as the “Eye of Istanbul”. Ara was one of Turkey’s few internationally known photographers, and he left us with a magnificent photographic legacy. Here you can see some of the images he shot when working with Magnum.


Last week hundreds of people from Central America (especially from Honduras) gathered together in order to march to the United States of America. There has been a lot of noise lately on this topic, and the caravan quickly swelled to approximately 7,000 immigrants. Here are some photographs that show the collective despair of the people.

A Great Guide, Some New Hardware And Software, The Bookshelf And Some Films, What You’ve Missed This Week In Photography

Photo by Nathan Anderson

Photo by Nathan Anderson

Today we’ll talk about some cool stuff that got our attention last week.


Photography for Beginners

Photographer Touch has a great post on Photography for Beginners. If you are starting out, or need to refresh the basics of photography, then this is for you. It comprehensively covers everything from understanding your camera, composition guidelines and common mistakes beginners make. Photography for Beginners over at Photographer Touch is definitely worth your time.


The new storage solution for Photographers

Storage is getting more and more complex due to the huge amount of information generated each day. Last week we noticed that Drobo and Nexsan were nicely melting together as part of this less known company’s portfolio called StorCentric.

Photoshop on the iPad

Many digital retouchers and photographers will be able to unleash all their creativity on the iPad. (well, not now, but still). A fully-featured Photoshop is coming to the iPad, but you won’t be able to get your fingers on it until 2019. Nevertheless, you can sign-up to keep yourselves posted with the latest news about it. They promise to keep all the familiar desktop tools and workflows fully integrated. From blend modes, layers and resolution, everything about your PSD files will be kept just like if you were in a regular desktop environment.

Holga is alive and well

Restyling mobile photography, Holga Digital has made a pretty interesting comeback, now it brings us the Holga Printer. This retro-looking device will allow you print images directly from your phone, but without WiFi, without even batteries simply by using Fujifilm’s Instax instant films. Even though these aren’t state of the art prints, they are a great way of making your photography experience even broader.


The US Combat Cameraman

Since Robert Capa, the role of the war photographer has taken on an amazing mythology. NATO published an 89 seconds video depicting the work of Austin Boucher, the US Army Cameraman. He documents soldiers in peace and war, at rest and in combat. Earlier this year we knew that the US Navy was cutting down their photographer positions to save money. Even so, they are aware that the job of every Comcam is to be there to document history.

Philippe Halsman meeting Jean Cocteau

Last week Magnum Photos published an epic story of how the encounter between Philippe Halsman and Jean Cocteau went when they met for the first time. Halsman was a great portrait photographer and worked with the likes Dali and Clint Eastwood. This story is quite a delight to read if you are into Photography and Poetry.


Destination Europe

The European migrant crisis is a serious topic, and many photographers have been there to document the terrible drama of families escaping from violence in their hometowns. In this collection of photographs from Jason Florio, you can see the hectic reality of refugees on their way to reach a dreamed land in Europe.

This is a Small World

Click here to watch all the winners from the contest made for capturing the smallness we rarely see thanks to the Nikon Small World 2018 Award. Click here to watch the entire selection from the contest, they all look from outside of this world (there are even photographs of human neurons). It is extremely psychedelic.

The Final Appearance of the Giant Puppets

For 20 years, the Royal de Luxe theater company has presented their giant marionette show. But now they are moving on from the giants and planning something else for the next extravaganza. Click here to watch a collection of the final appearance of the iconic giant puppets.


Author: The Portraits of Beowulf Sheehan

Beowulf Sheehan is an American photographer known for photographing authors, artists, and other figures. He is considered to be his generation’s foremost literary portrait photographer. His latest book is a great asset for people into portraits that have a different vibe in them. Also when purchasing it a portion of the proceeds will go to BookUp, a program of the National Book Foundation.


Refugee (2016)

Narrated by Cate Blanchett, Refugee is a short documentary film available at Netflix depicting five photographers approaching refugees in different ways. In the film, you’ll see the work of Lynsey Addario, Omar Victor Diop, Graciela Iturbide, Martin Schoeller, and Tom Stoddart.


We love movies about photographers, even when they are fictional because we know that to some extent, they have developed their characters upon the idea of the photographer itself. This film is about a dying photographer who wishes to go to a small photo shop that is the last place that develops Kodachrome film and will stop developing Kodachrome in a few weeks. Well, it isn’t all about that of course, there is a whole drama involved, but Kodachrome is the main player.

This Week’s Update Sees Us Recovering From Photokina 2018 – Here’s What You May Have Missed

Photokina 2018 is long gone now, but it was a total blast. This event is known as the largest and most anticipated photographic event in the world. Before this year, it happened in a biannual format, but after 2018 it will become a yearly event according to this. Camera makers are making it pretty tough for us consumers with such an overwhelming amount of gear to choose, and this year was extremely exciting due to game-changing appearances. Today we want to talk about the main highlights from Photokina, but we will be focussing on gear…so here is your 2018 cameras and lenses from Photokina update.


Alright, since everyone (literally, everyone) released new cameras with innovative technologies, we’ll mention only one from each brand. It is important to mention that some of these brands got in before everyone else and released a couple of weeks before the main event, but for historical purposes, we will group them around Photokina 2018.

Canon EOS-R This isn’t Canon’s first mirrorless attempt but it is the first that really made some noise. The EOS-R is a full-frame mirrorless camera with a new lens mount. We are pretty sure that some true Canon devotees will take the mirrorless route they are trying to build with this camera, but the general review consensus seems to be that Canon’s offering still lags behind Sony’s mirrorless. You can get the official specs here.

Fujifilm GFX 50R Fujifilm reaffirmed that they’re are far from being interested in full-frame based cameras. On the other hand, they are putting traditional medium format camera manufacturers against the wall. The newest GFX 50R is a smaller and cheaper medium format in a range-finder system. This camera is still a serious investment but is the first real approach to an all-in-one purpose system that could work from the streets to the studio.

Leica S3 Leica is famous for releasing the most exclusive and desired range finders ever, but they released a DSLR this time… Like what? This isn’t a regular DSLR, so don’t freak out, this is a medium format DSLR camera. The S3 was quite a unique launch at Photokina. This camera is a massive tank that could be pretty interesting for certain fast action shooters. You can take a better look at the system here.

Nikon Z7 Nikon also released prior to Photokina their brand-new shiny mirrorless the Z7. This isn’t the first attempt from Nikon, and honestly, it does look nice because is a complete new system, unlike Canon that simply deflated the 5D into a Mirrorless system. General feedback from the photography community is that this is a very positive entry into the market. You can check out their specs here.

Panasonic LUMIX S1R This camera really got some attention at Photokina. Panasonic has been making some really serious breakthroughs in the camera world, especially on the video side for quite a few years now. This camera has a broader scope and goes beyond vlogging enthusiasts to the professional photographers demanding more powerful specs.

Phase One XF IQ4 150MP There isn’t anything truly innovative from Phase One at this point besides making things bigger and bigger in terms of Megapixels. Their last camera was 100Mp, and this one is 150Mp. These guys need to start doing something else before Fujifilm, Sony and now Leica all take their market share away from their exclusive hands.

Ricoh GR III Oh yes, the newest camera from Ricoh is an update of their mythical GR system. This camera could be an ideal option for those serious photographers that aren’t quite fully into street photography and want to have something to keep with them all the time.

Zeiss ZX1 Mad projects like this one really get the attention of serious photographers. Zeiss has been known for their state of the art optics, but this time they went nuts and introduced a full-frame compact camera with a fixed 35mm f/2 lens with 37.4 megapixels. But that isn’t the real breakthrough, the big deal is that it comes with built-in Lightroom, so you can develop RAW files in the camera. You can take a further look at it here.


Fujifilm adds three new GFX lenses to their roadmap After releasing the GFX 50R (and announcing the development of a 100Mp beast, the GFX 100S) Fujifilm still unveiled three new lenses from their line-up:

  • Fujifilm GF100-200mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR
  • Fujifilm GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR
  • Fujifilm GF45-100mmF4 R LM OIS WR

This fills their medium format lenses roadmap a little bit more.

Ultra wide-angles from Laowa Venus Optics has a very peculiar and specific niche with their Laowa system, the ultra-wide angle lenses. At Photokina 2018 they released a lot of new lenses that could be a great solution for certain filmmakers and cinematographers.

Sigma 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sigma has a thing for all in-one lenses, and this time they announced five lenses, but the one that really got some attention was the 60-600mm zoom lens. It will be available in october 2018 with a price tag of $2,000.

Sony 24mm F1.4 G Master™ Prime Sony has quite a full portfolio in terms of cameras (being a pioneer in the mirrorless system for serious photographers) so they relaxed a bit this time and they announced some lenses. One of the most interesting is their widest G Master Prime lens yet, the 24mm F/1.4, which got some attention indeed.

Tamron SP 15-30mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Tamron announced a powerful ultra-wide angle lens, a 15-30mm lens with a pretty decent aperture of f/2.8, which is quite fast for such wide focal lengths. This could be an interesting solution for a lot of photographers working with Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. You see guys, you shouldn’t have changed your mounts.


Kodak Ektachrome is finally and officially back, and shipping now! Last but not least, Kodak finally made their Ektachrome available again. After a long wait and a lot of expectations around it, it has finally become a real thing. And you can start buying them now!

So that is our gear round-up from Photokina. We hope you enjoyed this update. Leave us a comment, if you have anything to add.

Gear, Hurricane Florence, And A Book Recommendation Are All In This Week’s Epic Edits Round Up


Fujifilm’s 100MP Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

Fujifilm is wicked, and it seems that their roadmap has carefully been released to specific people who “leak” their information out. Just last week Fujirumors published a story about a 100 Megapixel medium format camera right after the leak of some information about their affordable medium format camera. We don’t expect that it will be cheap, but it will definitely be cheaper than the current 100 MP camera on the market from the exclusive Phase One.

Panasonic Lumix G9

This is a great example of what happens when a brand listens to its users. The Panasonic G9 is aimed at “still” photographers rather than video shooters. Based on the specs it seems that the G9 is possibly the best camera for still photography they have ever built. It keeps with Panasonic’s tradition of Micro 4/3rds sensors with 20.3 Megapixels and it uses the same batteries as other cameras from their lineup – like the GH3, GH4, GH5, and GH5S. This shows that they are very interested in their users’ needs.

Photo Studio by Konseen

One of the best things that technology has given to photography is portability. Just recently Konseen launched a pretty interesting tool, a pop-up tent that is a portable full-size photo studio. This takes the minimalist lighting approach to the extreme. This micro-studio could make professional portrait photography a more accessible discipline.

What About a Water-Resistant Lens Case?

Lenses need to be kept safe always, they are an essential part of your camera, and arguably the piece of kit you should invest in the most. Just recently, ThinkTank announced “Enhanced Camera Lens Protection”. These are called “Lens Case Duo“, and they promise to be great for storage or travel. Oh, and they say they are water resistant of course.



Artist Alters a Photographer’s Picture, Calls It Art, and He is Getting Away With It

Appropriation strikes back, this time Hank Willis Thomas is on the spot thanks to an altered photograph from Graeme Williams. Read the story here and make your own conclusions. Is it theft or art?

Raising Goosebumps

From Elina Brotherus project Annonciation to Sally Mann with her famous Intimate Family work, Motherhood has been an intriguing theme in contemporary photography. Here LensCulture interviews contemporary photographer Cate Wnek about her work titled Raising Goosebumps. Here she uses photography to cope with the fears and vulnerabilities of motherhood.


Lumapod, The Super Lightweight Tripod

What about an ultra-light tripod solution? Well, yeah, we are basically describing a lot of tripods by saying that, but what about a REALLY portable solution? Something the size of a flashlamp or even smaller? That is exactly what these guys have designed, and they got their crowdsource pledged in less than 90 minutes… And with lighter and more compact Mirrorless cameras, its maximum payload of 2kg in the larger size tripod is not a big problem.


Hurricane Florence

Hurricanes are never good news, and Hurricane Florence dumped high winds and rain on much of the American Carolinas. More than one million people where under evacuation orders, and here is a brief collection of images by The Atlantic. These photos are from the preparation, and these others are from the hurricane’s aftermath.

Behind the Image: A Moment of Quiet in the Madding Crowd

This is a really fascinating image by Nikos Economopoulos. He is a photographer from Magnum so you can expect some really interesting amazing images. Here he talks about his iconic image.


William Eggleston, From Black and White to Color

William Eggleston is the king of the mundane, he captures seemingly banal elements that surround him with such a careful eye, that even the most ordinary things gain meaning.

Here in this book, you can delight in not only with his color work (which is his most famous) but also some really pleasant black and white images as well. Eggleston’s well crafted and consistent sense of aesthetic, which can take some time to appreciate, is really a wonder to view.