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Link Roundup 11-07-2009

Doing things a little different this time around… trying to save a bit of time by skipping the descriptions I usually add to each link. What do you guys think? Would you rather have the 1-2 sentence commentary that I put on each one, or are the titles enough of a description? Does anybody even read these lists?

Link Roundup 05-03-2008


  • PROJECT: 3D For Everyone
    Neil Creek
    Neil is urging us to break out of the 2D realm and shoot some 3D photos. He’s also giving away some nifty prizes for this one!
  • Are you ready? May Challenge, let’s go!
    Trevor is mxing things up a bit and he’s doing two challenges in a row! May is a month for themes, and the first theme of the project is “beverage”.