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The “April Challenge” Has Arrived

It’s time again for another “Photo Challenge” — a whole month of photographing a single topic. The April Challenge is all about “entropy”… degradation, devolution, and things falling apart. Below are some examples of photos that would fall into this category, and Trevor (the guy in charge of the challenge series) has already posted his first photo for the month.

These challenges are great sources of inspiration and a clever way to unlock some hidden creativity — I would encourage you to participate if at all possible. I’ve completed the October Challenge (sort of), the December Challenge, and the February Challenge. I’m really glad I did, because I learned a lot by participating and I added several skills to my arsenal.

With that being said, I regret having to say that I won’t be participating in the April Challenge. I’ve got too many other things happening this month and I don’t want to feel stressed over taking photos and posting them. That’s not to say I won’t take some “entropy” photos this month with the challenge in mind, but I’m not signing up for the 1-a-day part of it.

But don’t let that stop YOU from participating! Just make sure you tag your photos with “aprilchallenge”, “aprilchallenge2008”, and “photochallenge” so Trevor can find your photos for the end-of-month recap.

Destined for Retirement
Creative Commons License photo credit: auer1816

Creative Commons License photo credit: groovnick

Please Open Door Slowly
Creative Commons License photo credit: splorp

. . to flickr riddlers
Creative Commons License photo credit: jef safi

Link Roundup 03-22-2008

While you guys are reading this on Saturday the 22nd, I’ll be snow skiing in North Idaho. I just thought you all should know that. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Giclee Printmaking FAQ’s
    Jonathan Penney
    A good question and answer post regarding giclee prints from a master printmaker.
  • February Challenge recap
    April Challenge announcement
    The official February Challenge recap by Trevor Carpenter. February was all about the colors. The next photo challenge will be held in April 2008. This month will focus on entropy, or devolution.
  • How To Stress A Camera Lens
    The Online Photographer
    This is a really great article that talks about common lens issues to avoid while shooting. Not only does it go into what to avoid to achieve good photos, but it also talks about what to do in order to achieve bad photos with technical errors.
  • Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights
    You’re sure you haven’t done anything wrong, but you don’t know whose side the law is on. Fret no more, here are the 10 commandments of legal rights for photographers.
  • Apple’s iPhoto – A Review for the Uninitiated
    Pretty much a full-blown review of Apple’s iPhoto image editing/organization software. It looks like a good choice for the folks who don’t want to fork out a ton of cash on Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture.
  • Two-Color Technicolor Photoshop Tutorial
    Photoshop Tutorials
    Kind of a neat little Photoshop tutorial for creating a Technicolor film effect with your full-color photos.
  • Photography 101 – Lenses and Focus
    digital Photography School
    Neil has certainly done his homework with this one… A nice lesson on the physics behind optical lenses and their ability to focus light.