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PhotoDump 01-24-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 01/10/2010 and 01/24/2010.

Fog Beyond the Horizon by UberJDay 21 by i_shoot_minoltaSway by Alexander S. KunzCircrisis - Series by Sebastian.YEPESrough love by .f_}x{WEARING RED for HAITI by Will Foster PhotographyWinter Pallette by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comThat Tree by dannottihaiti... by sam_samanthaRay of Light by ManniiGoing Nowhere by mathewmCalling all Candles by MissyBrownbike by xgrayWindmill by Steve G. BisigAll I Want To Do Is by Alison FaithOnce in a blue moon by Yury TrofimovSurfscape by keithpytPool Girl by Brian AuerJerran McGee by JeramieLu.comVishwa Taking off. by Susheel ChandradhasClimbing by keithpytStanding on the Precipice by Sean Phillipslight up my life by eizseit by Tomas WebbChimney corner by Yury TrofimovMarcus and Jennifer by Bryan VillarinIce & Snow | WPW.02 by Conny Lundgren

PhotoDump 01-10-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 12/28/2009 and 01/10/2010.

Hvítserkur by pragnyanBlind world... by Sebastian.YEPESPortland - Umbrella by Charlene.JamaicaZea Novia by Rex Lisman PhotographyFocus by keithpytDay 3 by i_shoot_minoltaKallie Greene by Will Foster PhotographyMisty Morning by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comI'll never let you down again by dannyonePuerto Pollença by CdL CreativeGoin' Up to the Spirit in the Sky by shandopicsWe Are All Constantly Moving by nathanielperalesGreen Day by jk+tooAppreciating the journey by sharaffUna hora de playa #10 by Lucas Bernal by sergioconde | photographerstrong and proud i stand by ana.grboombox by .f_}x{

My Favorite Photos From 2009

Ah yes… another year is coming to an end and it’s time to reflect on what we accomplished in the last 12 months. With photography, it’s pretty easy to look back on our work and pull together a collection of favorites. I did a similar thing at the end of 2007 and 2008. And each year, I’ve been reminded and encouraged to do so by two friends: Hitesh Sawlani and Jim Goldstein.

Hitesh always manages to remind me about the year end photo thing, and I adopted his monthly format that you see below. You can also see his 2009 post on his blog.

Jim also encourages this yearly reflection by hosting a group project on his blog. The idea is to look back on your year and create a blog post or Flickr set containing your best and/or favorite photos from the year. A lot of people participate in this thing, so it’s cool to get in on the action.

And with that, here are my photos that I feel are worthy of looking back on.


I kicked off the year with a photowalk up in Newport Beach with a few buddies and my Son. It was a decent photowalk… nothing huge, just a chance to get out and grab some shots.


Sunny Sailing Beach Photographers Cheese Popular Location Sunset at the Pier

In mid January, I took the Wife and Kids up to North Idaho to visit family (because ticket prices for Christmas time are outrageous). It was good to get back up there during snow season. Did a little landscape photography, skiing (with a camera of course), and relaxing (without cameras).

Dam... That's a Lot of Water

Rough Characters Winter Docks Winter at the Lake The Ride Up
Frozen Fields Take a Knee Casting Shadows Casting Shadows Reach


Went out on a spectacular photo excursion with fellow photographer Richard Wong. We made our way around the Salton Sea and I can honestly say that it is the most surreal place I’ve ever been. Just a strange mixture of beauty and decay all out in the middle of nowhere.

Salton Sea Sunset

Desperate for Attention Trailer Puke Poolaroid Environment Fail Salvation Mountain
Name Forgotten Old Green Trailer Once Upon a Time Underneath It All

Also did more photowalking with the pals up in West Hollywood. My good friend Bryan Villarin was also playing with his band at the Whisky A Go Go that night, so I got a little taste of concert photography.

Cab Plus Two Palm Trees

Broken Phone Bryan Mel's Drive In Smile The Scarlet Paradigm


Had a couple of small photowalks in San Clemente and La Jolla while testing out the new medium format Kodak Ektar 100 film.

La Jolla Pier

San Clemente Pier I Stand Alone The Umbrella La Jolla Coastline


Did a quick photowalk with a friend in Oceanside before heading up to the Grand Prix in Long Beach. Tried out some awesome orthochromatic film I got from my buddy the_wolf_brigade, but ultimately shot 100% digital for the race.

Beach Apartments

Long Beach Grand Prix 2009 Long Beach Grand Prix 2009 Pipeline 489 Shooting the Argus C3
Tires Surfboard Parking Oceanside Lifeguards Bailey at the Beach


My Brother came down to visit and we did the SoCal tourist thing for a few days — San Diego one day, Venice Beach and Hollywood the next. I also took the Wife and Kids on a short trip to the mountains for Mother’s Day for horseback riding and hot springs. Oh, and Memorial Day up at Lake Arrowhead with my Aunt and Uncle.

Do Not Climb on the Sculpture

The "Fly N Lion" Muscle Beach The Friendly Horse Photo of a Street Photographer Harry Perry Watch Your Head Los Calavera
My Bro Uncle Pat Wind-Blown Bailey


Didn’t do a whole lot in June other than the San Diego County Fair. I had a couple of photos in the art display, so it was fun to check them out with the other entries. We probably spent half our day just looking at artwork.

Rides at the Fair

Polish Sausage Win Big Prizes Totally Fried Chevelle Chair in the Grass


Did the 4th of July celebration thing with my Cousin up at Lake Arrowhead… I’m still amazed at how many boats get on the water at one time. I also did a few solo photowalks in Pacific Beach and Point Loma with the TLR.


Homeless, Names Unknown Car in a Cart Pacific Beach Perspective
Bobby The Modern DJ Shine Down


August was mostly family time. The kids were up in Idaho for most of the summer with the Grandparents, so we spent a lot of time with them when they got back before school started. I also met up with Jim Goldstein for a short time while he was down for a wedding — it was good to finally shake his hand and chat with him outside of Skype.


Bailey Biker Mom Venice Beach "Doctor's Office" I'm Broke


Labor Day was the only real photo-op we had in September — with school starting back up and everybody getting into their schedules, we didn’t do a whole lot else.


Two Beers. All Set. Beers at the Beach Mikasa Friendly Gesture


October was filled by a few family visits and whatnot… but nothing really major happened.

Don't Look Down

The Bartender Spin the Rex Backyard Bailey Chevelle


Either I didn’t take many photos in the last few months, or I just haven’t developed/scanned/processed anything. At any rate, I spent a lot of time hanging out with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Honestly, I’m not totally impressed with myself this year. I didn’t do as much photo-taking as I would have liked, and I definitely didn’t do as much photo-printing either. I also felt a fairly large shift in my photographic focus this year. I spent more time just capturing the events and gatherings that I happened to be a part of rather than going out and looking for opportunities… sort of a passive approach I guess. I did a few photowalks and outings, but not like I had in the past.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing… just a different thing. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, so I can afford to drift with my focus and intent. But in general, I’ve keep the same passion for photography that I’ve always had — I’ve just been more relaxed about it. And maybe that’s what I needed this year to motivate me for something new next year.


I’m not sure what the new year has in store for me. I would guess that I’ll be shooting more film and less digital though. I’m also hoping to get the color darkroom set up soon so I can fully utilize my collection of negatives (sucks not being able to print nearly half of my work just because it’s not b/w). I would like to focus more on printing before I fall too far behind on my archives and the whole situation turns into a lost cause.

The Darkroom

For equipment, I don’t plan on acquiring anything new… OK, maybe a large format camera of some sort, but no definite plans yet. And like I said, my darkroom is almost complete and ready for color and b/w developing and printing so I should be fine there (unless I do actually get a large format camera). At any rate, definitely no plans for new digital equipment.

Subject-wise, I’d like to focus more on street photography and street portraits. I did a good deal this year, but I want to get out and do more. Street photography with my newly refurbished rangefinder, and street portraits with my trusty TLR.

And as far as websites go, I do have a joint venture in the works that should launch sometime in January. But I’m sworn to secrecy, so that’s all I can say.

How about you guys??? How was 2009 for you? Is anybody else planning on participating in Jim’s project?

PhotoDump 12-28-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 12/14 and 12/28.

On a side note, I took some time off last week from the day job and blogging to relax and hang out with the family, so things have been a little quiet around here. But I’ve got a few posts lined up for this week, and some bigger stuff as we cross into the new year. So hang in there, and enjoy the remainder of your holiday time (unless you used it all up last week like I did).

Lucy Conquered Man 4 by cabbitFog and Ice by VickerMonkeeLicht am Ende des Tunnels by icatus by edomnitzWit-White by inipixMerry Christmas... from Death Valley!? by jimgoldstein337:365 - the lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue by bubble dumpsterThe Merchant: Up, Close & Personal.. by SonOfJordanbathroom by xgrayone day I will. by ana.gr¿Thinking? by Sebastian.YEPESLove is blind by Daniel.VStreet Music by Sebastian.YEPESSnowy trees, film style by Tasha {Redwall Photo}© Rex Lisman-0162 by Rex Lisman PhotographyBubble in Reality by Marcus LibäckKing Edward I at Paddington by CdL Creative by the_wolf_brigadeuntitled by .f_}x{Time and Men by gildericDay 269 - Monotone by __multifacetedJustine in the windows #2 by Ed_Z© Rex Lisman-0232 by Rex Lisman PhotographyJ.Esquire by 3SonsProductions

PhotoDump 12-14-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 11/29 and 12/14.

Oceano Dunes after storm by i_shoot_minoltaYou're As Good As New by nathanielperalesLast Train Home by JanneMpontus by bildterapispiritualized imagination by sharaffAimee Creating by nathanielperalesstuck in my mind; underwater; TENERIFE by javiyFrom the streets by robinn.Justine in the window by Ed_ZShut off your eyes, Let your mind wonder by Song KeatBored by DPicturer by the_wolf_brigadeTwo Beers. All Set.nursery blur by rayzr55Disable musician at Gaya Street by dusunmanMy  beautiful  eye ^^ by - ?? ?•°°•°•°?low by ana.grCheng Wee by jk+too by the_wolf_brigadeAu Museé du Louvre by analox & admiréKarekare Beach by Magical PlacesSwedish + Noir et Blanc by Sebastian.YEPESsitting at sunset by {tribal} photographySunrise over Green Lake by cftarnasA Cinderella Story by kellinasfThe reader by -theworldends-Library of Congress by sweetspot@f8 - FullManualControl.ComFew will care by Bryan VillarinThe Whites - Sara by cabbiti can fly by robinn.

PhotoDump 11-29-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 11/15 and 11/29.

Louise Ekroth by bildterapiSkippy O'Day in the box by poopooramatantric by .f_}x{in the middle of your way, the tree by ana.grSunset at Sutera Harbour by dusunmanVelocity by DPicturerStraddy Sunrise by ((Kristin))PB231065 by BlanketbackDucks Take Flight in the Early Morning by marctonysmithWinged Girl by StoryboxartErshova-Ershova #1 by floodkoffJoey Marcantonio by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}[] Farewell Tokyo Tower [3of5] by Twitching EyeSwedish + Noir et Blanc by sebastian.yepes.inIn limine primo by Franco Ferri MalaThe Perfect Morning by Yury Trofimov2 YEARS in flickr-Really Enjoying by robinn.Wind by cabbitGloomy day by -theworldends-Kajsa by Stina StockholmDay 76 - Change is Good by joel8xwood sylph | virginia beach child photographer by lifeography®Mindtrip by Yury Trofimov by i_shoot_minoltaStrangled by David Howland by kellinasfIMG_0142-Edit by jrodgersart“Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out.” by vandyll.netHaunted Alley by uncleryan1320091114_Whis_OpeningDay_1795 by andrew strainyou have mail by .f_}x{Its When You Engulf Yourself in the Unknown by nathanielperalesIncertidumbre by portafolio fotográficoElk under Grand Teton by jtkreu. by sam_samanthaLittle Buddha by pl?dys

PhotoDump 11-15-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 11/1 and 11/15.

sight seeing by .f_}x{daydream by Sabina R.The Pleasant Life by Marcus LibäckSunny Days by brdavidsHope Livonne by Digital Kloc Photography© Rex Lisman-8567 by Rex Lisman PhotographyHaunted by antermoiaCounter Revolution Solution by Chris NixonSalk Institute in La Jolla by gloomygooseAbandoned House in Toledo- 5 by hitkaiserLend me your ears.. by SelaphotoLiechtenstein II by bodzasfantaLa ville impersonnelle est révélatrice de ses habitants 1 by Émilie RoySatellite Mind  by Mannii194 copy by tmizzer by John©sofa and map by xgrayEngagement :: Cassie & Jimmy by Tasha {Redwall Photo}Dad to be (2009-10-24_EOS 5D II_100-6815) by akhaterRacetrack Light Lasso by jimgoldsteinStonehenge by gloomygooseMiss Dark meets Mr Nice by Ian MearsHalloween Party 052 by RJ BejilLittle doll by funkyfork by rh89Green fields by analox & admiréA Perfect Lie by Yury TrofimovSt: Catherine: Colbeck Castle by CharleneCollins.Jamaicabikes by {tribal} photographyHalloween Night by ((Kristin))Seaside Mosque by robinn.Rheingau I - Autumn Leaf by topfloorLooking down by rh89Faux Band Photo by cabbitMoving light by Alvaro's PixLocked Forest by antermoia

PhotoDump 11-01-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 10/18 and 11/1.

Rock & Roll themed shoot by Ian Mearssquare underwater by javiyfollow the stream by jk+tooMarissa-1.jpg by BrianLarterBox by BrycejohnsonLame D700 by Yury Trofimovresting stranger by Victor Bezrukovtooth fairy time by rince_77Zabriskie Point - Death Valley National Park, California by jimgoldsteinGetting to Carnegie Hall by JanneMkitty by sam_samantha by davebcohenFerris wheel | 298.365 by Conny LundgrenYou're So Far, It's Good to Hear Your Voice by nathanielperalesFerris Wheel by Tasha {Redwall Photo}Urban portraits by sebastian.yepes.inHomeless, Names UnknownThe Frantic @ The Metro by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}Parque de las Naciones by dannyonemalin  by bildterapiCamille by sebastian.yepes.inPort Authority by ncarlingJust Walk Away by Dave Patrick PhotographyThe Ghost Files by Alvaro's PixGOA BLUES by robinn.Day 266: Vacancy by __multifacetedI'm blowin' this popsicle stand by makaio14Stairs by marctonysmithThe Feeling Of Satisfaction Because We've Finally Made It by nathanielperalesIsaac by fromBrandonGangstaTim on Film by sevennineAtomium by libeco18Hope Gardens: Under the Banyan Tree by CharleneCollins.Jamaica by Larry Leone by the_wolf_brigade

PhotoDump 10-18-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 9/26 and 10/18.

fan of the underground by sneuweger [photowalkingmunich.de]Car in a CartTrillium Lake by dannottiwhite-gray-black by jk+too by the_wolf_brigadePaddle Faster, Gramps! by Rex Auerhot chocolate by the aliensTéléphone public / Public Phone by Gino Caronedu's double xpo by .f_}x{worked out by eclipse.chaserIn a city by rh89Engagement :: Cassie & Jimmy by Tasha {Redwall Photo}Rides at the FairDaniel by cabbitDay 322 by A RickmannDon't Look Down by the_wolf_brigadeSplashing Along On White by Mark Oehlerrevelados-202-5 by javiy2009-10-01_Canon EOS 5D Mark II_100-4717 by akhatertoo hip by {tribal} photography© Rex Lisman-ttw by Rex Lisman PhotographySarah by julia*wadeboy in souk by BadrSRiflessi di vita by fotomaniac.itKingston: Race for Hope by CharleneCollins.Jamaicasadness is filling me by ana.grTaj Burrow by envisionpublicidadSerie : "Mercados a cielo abierto" by portafolio fotográficotilting taxis by digitizedchaosDanbo Does His Homework by ((Kristin))Sunny by jk+toomoleman series: beaver street by digitizedchaosOcean Luminescence by peasapEndless Pain. by Simply Doc (away)Titletown Brewing Company by THEjdawgK by The Creative Controlbrutal lines by javiycounting fish by topfloorTea Time by robinn.

PhotoDump 09-26-2009

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 8/30 and 9/26.

Tiger on the street by robinn.Countryside by Yury TrofimovHeadshots :: John by Tasha {Redwall Photo}That rose does not look or smell fresh at all! by Yury TrofimovAndrea [explored] by dannottiCoastal Falls by dedge555Piercing by Robnas Monsterbride preparing  by Victor BezrukovIMG_0359 by jrodgersartCOOL  SUMMER underwater by javiyHigh noon by Jason PaluckDo i look sick?? by robinn. by Ed_Z(_) by the_wolf_brigadeSigns of Fall by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comUnderEveryCondition by Selaphotoslurrrrp by llemonthymehangin in a Manhole by dannottiSt Thomas: Hillside Dam by CharleneCollins.Jamaicawall with outlet and grass by xgray by the_wolf_brigadebehind the green door by vandyll.netoptimismo reloaded by .f_}x{Slayer @ Mayhem Fest by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}Boom. by Simply Doc? [filosofia analitica del linguaggio]Left-out by analoxThe umbrella crowd by robinn.chicken legs by lifeography®Double Window by belpo by the_wolf_brigadeControled Choas by iwaswiredMichigan's Adventure by Chris Mc RobertsJason & Kristyna by Jonathan EnnsCamera Shop by jk+tooAwkward Boy by iamronaldoBreaker #2 by sevennineGuards by belpoMiracle In The Eyes by robinn.square  and blue by ana.grIMGP9557 by I Take Faux ToesToledo b&w by hitkaiserdinner at lx 02 by .f_}x{earwig by Sabina R.Baby Bowl by RussHeathWanted for Stealing Covers by mathewmtie dye hands by sanctimoniusKayla-4 by benbender... by smiles4angelsSkegness by CdL CreativeStairs To Nowhere by Will FosterBlue fence and yellow lines by Lucy Williams Photography by rh89hi... please don't eat me by cjw333 by i_shoot_minolta