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Find Yourself a Local Printer

When it comes to printing, there’s a HUGE difference between producing something on a cheapie inkjet printer and having a professional print your photo on a sophisticated piece of equipment. Don’t get me wrong, printing your own photos is fine and dandy for the family photo albums and whatnot. But when you want to hang something on the wall (especially if it’s somebody else’s wall), there’s nothing better than working with a professional to produce exactly what you want.

Print Room LIght
Creative Commons License photo credit: jhhymas

Some weeks ago, I needed to print a photo that was destined to be signed and shipped off. I found a local printer, went over to his place, and spent about an hour or two preparing and printing the image. I’ve purchased my own prints from places like ImageKind in the past, but that doesn’t even come close to the experience and quality you’ll get from sitting down next to the person printing your photo and working through the details.

We talked about the different papers he had to offer, looked at sample prints on each medium, popped open the image on his computer, sized it with Genuine Fractals, and put the finishing touches on the noise and sharpness. When we were ready to print, we ran a test strip just to make sure that everything looked perfect. Once I was happy with the outcome, we ran the entire image. The little white gloves went on, the photo was trimmed, dried, rolled, and packaged.

In the end, I walked away with a much higher quality image than I could have gotten from any online shop, and it didn’t cost me any more than I would have otherwise paid. The actual print was a little more expensive, but it balanced out with the fact that I didn’t have to pay for shipping (or wait for it). So if you’re considering having some of your work printed for display and showcase, I’d suggest you find yourself a local printer who you can visit in person and work with.

I’ve chosen to go with Oscar Medina from San Diego Photos and Prints. Oscar is a photographer and artist who purchased his own printers because he wanted that extra level of control. Since he doesn’t use the printers 100% of the time, he opens up his services to local artists in need of fine art prints and giclee reproductions. His prices are fair, and he definitely knows what he’s doing with the hardware and software. If you live in the San Diego area, I’d suggest you give him a try — you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t, you can still give him a try — he’ll ship orders too… you just won’t get the one-on-one interaction with him.

What’s your experience with professional printing? Can anybody else out there relate to what I’m saying?

Birthday Gift #3 – A Print of Your Choice

Photo prints are great. They’re SO much better than looking at a low-res image on a computer monitor. There’s something magical about holding a high quality photo in your hands and admiring it. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re missing out bigtime.

Today’s Birthday Gift will be one free print of mine — any size (10″, 16″, or 24″), any photo, professionally printed, and unframed (sorry, but that stuff is really spendy). The sizes are determined by the longest side of the photo dimensions, so a 10″ panorama and a 10″ square-crop will still be no more than 10″ wide or tall. You can browse through my ImageKind galleries to make your selection, or you can look through my Flickr photos if you want a wider array of choices. I’m offering up my Flickr photos because I’m still in the (very long) process of uploading images to ImageKind and preparing them for sale.

And if you’d like to purchase a print without waiting for the prize to be announced, now is a good time to do so. Come February, prices will be increasing due to the launch of the Fine Art Photoblog. But until that happens, I’ll keep my prices down where they’re at. You can also purchase a wide selection of framing and matting, custom fit for that image, right there on ImageKind.


If you want in on this one for the raffle, leave a comment on this post with the phrase “ART PRINT” in the comment somewhere (all caps certainly helps me pick out your entry in my email, but it’s not required). And don’t forget that every comment you make for the entire month of January (on any post) will count as a raffle entry for this and the other giveaways.

Also, check the main Birthday Party page to see all of the prizes being offered.