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Elliott Erwitt Photo Caption Contest

teNeues, a leading book publisher in the areas of photography/design/lifestyle/travel, has launched an Elliott Erwitt microsite featuring several never before seen photos. Of course, they’re featuring some books from Erwitt, including a special edition of “Elliott Erwitt, Personal Best” to mark teNeues’ 50th anniversary.

They’re also running a photo caption contest that will be judged by Erwitt himself! If he chooses your entry as a favorite, you’ll receive an Elliott Erwitt book published by teNeues. Here’s what you have to do to enter the contest:

  1. Choose a photo to write a caption for.
  2. Click the “tweet this” button, you will be taken to twitter.com, log-in to your account, type your caption and then submit your tweet.
  3. Elliott chooses his favorites.


Link Roundup 04-21-2010

Three Black & White eBook Winners

In my recent review of “The Magic of Black & White” eBook, I gave everybody a chance to enter a contest for a free copy. After just one day, we had around 43 entries posted! Awesome turnout… but it made for some hard decisions in choosing the winners.

It was a tough choice, but I finally narrowed down my selections to a street photo, a landscape, and an abstract. These three will receive a free copy of the book, and everybody else will just have to go buy it for $5.

Youth, by Gregory Tran

shot this candid on a subway platform in nyc late one evening… took me a little to gather the courage to kneel down right in front of these guys but i’m glad i eventually shot it… taken w canon xsi + 50mm/1.4

Church Inside the Sea, by Sino

Shot at Georgioupoli, Chania, Greece with an analog Canon EOS 30, a couple of years ago. I was experimenting with developing my own negatives & then scanning and editing them in Photoshop.

Treppenhaus Küppersmühle schwarz-weiss, by Olaf | YaYapas

Taken at the stairwell in the art museum Küppersmühle in Duisburg (Germany). The convolution of the light looks much better in black and white than in color. If you want to compare take a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/go_freyer/2948134180

[NOTE: Olaf already bought the book, so I'll let him pass along the prize to somebody else of his choice.]

And here are a couple of additional entries that caught my eye:

Again, a great set of entries for the contest — be sure to check out the rest of them in the comment section of the book review. And if you were waiting for the results of the contest, now is a good time to go buy the book!

eBook Review: The Magic of Black & White

[tweetmeme]I’m a real fan of black and white photography — doesn’t matter if it’s film or digital. There’s just something about it that can transform a photo so drastically by the “simple” removal of color.

So I was thrilled when my buddy Andrew Gibson contacted me about the release of his book on “The Magic of Black & White“. He’s a great photographer and his black & white photos are stunning — so I was certain that the book would be a good one.

I was right.

The book is a relatively quick read, but offers up a great number of tips, techniques, and guidance for black and white photography. It’s also beautifully illustrated with a ton of Andrew’s fine art work.

See the end of this post for a chance to win a free copy of the book.

“The Magic of Black & White, Part One – Vision” can be purchased through Craft & Vision. The links in this post are affiliate links.


The Magic of Black & White is a 58 page downloadable PDF eBook. The book is intended to be viewed in a two-page format (as you can see by the dashed lines in the samples below). Throughout the book, you’ll be presented with specific topics on black & white photography and large sample photos from Andrew’s collection of work.

After a few single-page “chapters” (Introduction, Why Black & White?, The Art of Black & White, and Learning to See in Monochrome), we dive into The Elements of Black & White Photography. This section covers many topics along the lines of tonal contrast, highlights, simplicity, minimalism, complexity, shape and form, texture, lines, foreground interest, negative space, shapes and patterns, and contrast. Each topic gives thoughtful insights and supporting imagery.

From there, we move on to Light in Black & White Photography, which covers the various lighting scenarios and how to use them to your advantage. The last main section goes into Subjects for Black & White Photography, and we look at several options where black & white may make more sense than color. This is all followed up by a conclusion and final thoughts from Andrew.


Andrew Gibson is a writer and photographer based in the south of England. He works for one of the UK’s leading photography magazines and also freelances. He loves to travel and one region he’s been drawn back to time and time again is South America, in particular Argentina and the Andean regions of Bolivia and Peru. He works in a ‘fine art documentary’ style and presents most of his work in black and white.

You can find Andrew’s work at his main website or at his blog. He’s also a regular contributor at Phototuts+, Smashing Magazine, and the Fine Art Photoblog. On top of all that, he’s an employee of EOS Magazine. Busy guy!


The eBook is longer than a blog article, but shorter than a printed book. I feel that the eBook medium is perfect for what is presented. Andrew gives a great introduction to black and white photography with content that strikes a perfect balance between educational and inspirational. It’s not so technical that the beginner will be lost, and not so “artsy-fartsy” that it isn’t informative — again, it’s just a great balance.

I would personally recommend this eBook to anybody looking to explore or improve their black & white photography. It will definitely get your gears turning and probably give you a few new ideas. At the time of publishing this review, the price of the book is $5 USD (subject to change at any time), which is a steal if you ask me.

Part Two of this book (to be announced) will examine the means of creating the black and white image in the digital darkroom. I’ll update you guys when it’s published.

“The Magic of Black & White, Part One – Vision” can be purchased through Craft & Vision.


[UPDATE 03-30-2010: The contest is over, and the winners have been selected]

[tweetmeme]Andrew has also given me a coupon code for 3 free eBooks to give out! I have a feeling that this particular contest will draw quite a few entries, so I’m limiting the entry period to ONE DAY (contest will end March 30, 2010 at 8am PDT). Here’s how you can enter for a chance at a free book:

1) Submit a photo and/or link to a black and white photo you’ve taken. The photo must be your own. Bonus points for supplemental descriptions.


2) Submit a Flickr Gallery (not a set — a gallery) of black and white photos. Curate a gallery and pop the link in the comments below. Bonus points for supplemental thoughts within the gallery and/or comment.

One entry per person; only the first entry for any given person will be considered. Again, ONE DAY for entries, and I’ll post a comment of my own stating the cut-off time — so if you don’t see the cut-off comment, feel free to post an entry.

Win Cash With Competico Photo Contests

There are many ways to make money from your photos, and contests/competitions are a unique approach. Rather than sell your work or time, you compete with your talent and experience. Contests and competitions can take many forms, but online avenues are probably the easiest to participate in.

Competico is an online photo competition website that offers cash prizes based on community votes and panel judges. Each contest has a specific theme and maximum cash prize available. It also appears that several new contests launch each month. Entry fees are generally between $2 and $15 per photo, and a percentage of those fees go toward the prizes.

Competico Winter Holidays Photo Contest

Right now, Competico is running a bigger contest with some huge cash prizes. The theme is “Winter Holidays”, the entry fee is $100 per photo, and prizes up to $50,000! The entry is steeper than their usual contest, but the rewards are too. This contest ends January 12, 2009 and the winners will be announced on the 15th.


If that one is a little too steep for you, consider checking out the ongoing contests for various themes. As I write this, there are 8 open contests in a full range between $2 and $15 entry fees. And if none of the themes spark your interest at the moment, check back from time to time.



As with any photo contests or competitions, be sure you read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them. If you’re not comfortable with the terms, don’t submit your photos.

Live, Laugh, Celebrate Book Winners

Last week, when I posted the review of Live, Laugh, Celebrate, I also mentioned that we had two copies of the book to give away. In order to win a book, you had to post a photo or a Flickr Gallery having to do with the topic of the book. We had only photo entries, so I picked two of my favorites to receive a copy of the book.

You’ll find the winners of the contest below with their own comments before the image. The books are in the mail for these two, but the rest of you can still grab a copy of your own. As I said before, it’s a great book for the whole family to enjoy and a nice addition to the coffee table collection.


Photo by DanielTaken at last years Halloween Charity Ball in Bucharest. The Ball’s theme was heroes the inspire children! I give you, Catwoman! :)

Photo by Daniel


Photo by JoanieTaken at a gathering of Mountain Men…in the mountains, natch. Here are just a couple of the 100+ who showed up to honor and celebrate the lives of those who helped carve out America’s West. Today’s mountain men are just as colorful as the men of yore. There are tall tales, hearty meals, tomahawk throws, black powder guns target shooting, and card games where I’m pretty sure everyone tries to outcheat each other. Add in some liquor — homemade and store bought — and late night campfires and the odds of laughing so hard you just about wet yourself are pretty good.

Photo by Joanie

Polar Obsession Book Winners

Polar Obsession

Last week, when I posted the review of Polar Obsession, I also mentioned that we had two copies of the book to give away. In order to win a book, you had to post a photo or a Flickr Gallery having to do with the polar regions. We had a few entries in each category, so I picked one from each to receive a copy of the book.

You’ll find the winners of the contest below with their own comments before the image and my comments after. The books are in the mail for these two, but the rest of you can still grab a copy of your own. It’s definitely one of my top recommendations this year, and the price is quite reasonable considering the size of the book and the content it holds.


Photo by João Almeida“This one’s at Jokulrsarlon, the mythical glacier lagoon in South Iceland, and was taken in a very stormy morning when the weather cleared up a bit.”

Photo by João Almeida

This is a great landscape/seascape/icescape photo from João. Lovely cold blues and whites broken up by the dark patches of Earth. The mixture of ice and soil brings a new dimension to the foreground — lots of direction changes for the eye to follow, and the bands of high contrast are intriguing. The composition is broken up nicely by the water near center and the line of hills in the background.


Gallery by Andrew Ferguson“I’ve specifically avoided using any photos involving people or animals to help enhance that feeling of being utterly, beautifully alone. The decision to use primarily blue photos, as well as the colour shift as you scroll down, were also conscious. I wanted to capture the feel of the way you sometimes notice the shifting weather on a long winter walk.”

Gallery by Andrew Ferguson

This is an extremely eye-catching and well thought-out gallery from Andrew. Each photo stays directly on topic with his intent, and he didn’t fill it to the max of 18 photos just for the sake of filling it. Andrew wanted to convey a feeling of seclusion (which is what he titled the gallery) and did so with beautiful photos. I’m also impressed with the amount of thought and effort Andrew put into this Gallery by making comments and observations about each of his selections.

Link Roundup 11-22-2009

(Flickr) Galleries of Iran

Last week, I reviewed David Burnett’s 44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World. At the end of the review, I mentioned that I had two copies to give away (courtesy National Geographic) and the books would be handed out as prizes in a mini-contest. The requirement was to curate a gallery of “Iran” using Flickr’s new feature. So here are the entries received, and the winners of the two books.

And for those who may have overlooked the contest, there’s always next time! Just remember that I usually try to give out a few free copies when I do book reviews.


These two galleries really caught my attention and the curators will be receiving a copy of 44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World. All of the galleries were outstanding, and I had a very tough time choosing only two winners. Ultimately, the two winners were chosen not only for the images, but because they conveyed a sense of enlightenment with respect to the subject.


John put together a brilliant display of images that showcase the amazing colors to be found in the various landscapes of Iran, and it was apparent that he was surprised to see the results of his own gallery.

Colors of Iran, by John Milleker


This gallery showed a great amount of thought and consideration from the_wolf_brigade, and it was quite clear that he was moved by the exercise.

Encased in my own ignorance, by the_wolf_brigade

So congrats to John and “the_wolf” for curating these two galleries — the books are in the mail, I hope you enjoy seeing David’s perspective of Iran!


These three galleries are by no means any less impressive than the others, and I’m quite impressed with the thought put into them. I’m sorry that I can’t give out more books to these folks, and I appreciate their participation.


Iran - Place, by Charles Conner


Architecture of Iran, by Jeremy Brooks


Iran in Black and White, by Sigmund

And again, my own gallery for the purpose of this project:


Faces of Iran

(WT)Duck Photo Contest Winners

Recently, I posted my review of the new What the Duck book and I offered up a few free copies of the book. The only thing you had to do was submit photos or links to photos (of yours) of ducks. I wasn’t sure what to expect for a turnout, but we had a good showing of participants with 23 photos submitted!

It was great to see the photos and the enthusiasm for the new book. I’m certain that Aaron was happy to see such support for his work. And how am I certain? Well, I asked him to choose one of the winners for the book giveaway, so he definitely looked through your comments and photos.

The two winners (and an honorable mention) are shown below. Anne-Laure and Jerry will both receive a free copy of the book… and the rest of you will just have to go buy one! Thanks to everybody who participated and everybody planning on buying the book!


Photo by Jerry


Photo by Anne-Laure


Photo by Laanba