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PhotoDump 06-21-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 05/31/2010 and 06/21/2010.

And don’t forget — We’re doing themes/challenges and the current one is “vanishing points“. Be sure to tag your new and existing photos in the group with “EE-VANISH” if they fit the theme. I’ll be picking out some favorites in just a few days.

tiny dancer by ana.grthe giraffe and the pig take flight by thefatcat44 (Doug Chinnery)Roadside, Route 11 by OtherThinkViejo San Juan en la Noche by ((Kristin))One Shall Sink by Darth KrakenLas Fallas, Valencia - 2010 by demosthiensalinas grandes by yellobagmanbench seating by xgray248/365 - fueling up by joshfassbind.comTesting, testing. by __multifacetedi swear i have waited my whole life just to hear your voice agian by Lanab3arRovaniemi X by Teemu LahtinenWhitby Abbey #1 by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comCorsetry by cabbitMosby, Foggy Morning, Antietam, 06_02 by BgraxPortraits :: Char by Tasha {Redwall Photo}Busker 202 by Silver ImageMisty tree by Sascha Schröderhms belfast at dawn by yellobagmanPhotobooth FTW by DRG Photography | Calgary AB95/365 (Explored) by Hpy2bsalHOLIDAY IN GOA by robinn.Table football by silviaganoraUntitled by thefatcat44 (Doug Chinnery)Montana De Oro by Jeff Kreulen by Chris Mc Roberts{ cass was fluid moving fire } by Peter James Zielinski by EphemeralCaptureTree by CCBImagesCavalry by Blush Response_MG_3304  by lcp_673Genevieve II by cabbitDaddy's Prayer | Virginia Beach Newborn Photography by lifeography®

PhotoDump 05-31-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 05/11/2010 and 05/31/2010.

And don’t forget — We’re doing themes/challenges and the current one is “analog”. I know we have a ton of film shots in the pool, so be sure to tag your new and existing photos in the group with “EE-ANALOG” if they were taken on film. I’ll be picking out some favorites in just a few days.

Steampunk Kandy by spudcheyneEverything you need by Roaming Vegashide and what ? by Marcin KrukDay 287 - Better Run by __multifacetedIMG_0015 by jrodgersartPasos cansados de caminar by portafolio fotográfico - William LópezLayne | Virginia Baby Photography by lifeography®Ivy by jk+tooFerris by Chris NixonOff to the Ball by jrodgersart5 by londonist227/365 - the girl with the leather bracelet by joshfassbind.comOne light beautydish portrait of artist by Stefan TellKassidy by Jonathan EnnsOne Song by EphemeralCaptureHorses, my love! by W A R P D R I V ESundial by ? th1rt3en ?The Frantic @ JBTV by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}Nude latina_4992 bw by Silver ImageFear and Loathing on the People Mover by Cherie S.Precious Little Moments by Lomo-CamThe Bicycle by this is ronaldoHangin' at the Mall by shandopicsDay 164 - Good Luck, Chucks by somedesignerguyJacqueline by Conny LundgrenArancina by Merdichesky219/365 - rain drop melody by joshfassbind.comSimplicity by Håkan Dahlströmscale by photonicmnemonicHAPPY @ 80 by robinn.Half Dome in a Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park by chuqui365.130 by i_shoot_minoltaCouch In Tree by ahmer_inam

PhotoDump 05-12-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 04/18/2010 and 05/11/2010.

Tiny Disco Balls by shandopicsShinedown @ House of Blues (Twisted) by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}Suspended For Belief by Devansh <On a Hiatus>1*2*9=18/365 by JiuckSinister House by jumpinjimmyjava - iKIVA .... you can KIVA too by BadrSPortraits :: Char by Tasha {Redwall Photo} by magf by Mathias.Pastwafields by rince_77Amazing Portrait of Merunisha Peel by Brian AuerDay 154 - Bokeh Shoes by somedesignerguyFinding My Way by shandopicsBailey Auer 1 by Brian AuerDay 303: The Birthday Girl by poopooramaBike World by Jeff KreulenWith an Imperialist RGBSight, Comrade by Darth KrakenOne Small Human in BIG WORLD by robinn.whisper... by sam_samantha_MG_7808.jpg by BrianLarterTwo sides of a story by kristinssonInfinite Tranquillity by thefatcat44 (Doug Chinnery) by BadrSDay 283: Birthday Bitch by __multifacetedLamb. Arkansas. by Rex Lisman PhotographyCanyonland Motel by dannyoneSun on the Rocks and Trees by jezza323Black and White by photo_gratistrue by -=regina=-A Roll In A Field by jezza323Envy 1 by Stina Stockholm196/365 - you don't have put on the red light by joshfassbind.comMaría by FacilySencillosullen by Yury TrofimovLa Habana by CdL CreativeGreen Cobra by breischl

PhotoDump 04-18-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 04/05/2010 and 04/18/2010.

The Sun is Coming by jezza323With all senses by Lady_RhinoaLes 15 marches by pawoli_DSC4055-20100306 by Ian Mearsday 51 | americana by vandyll.netAuckland City by Mike NZcheap thrills-n-frills by sam_samanthaSailboat Races on Arrowhead by Brian AuerDesolation by Garwin Liulevels of plant by Victor BezrukovHill Top Motel by dannyoneSeaside #1 | WPW 14 by Conny Lundgrensunny tenderness by Yury Trofimovstreet catwalk by KBTimages.co.uk(uk_photo_art)Under the Pier, Plate 1 by Scott Coulter by BlanketbackBrother by nathanielperalesDragonfly by analox & admiré by Tomas WebbPrarie from Springwater School | Pradaria na Escola Springwater by Jonathan EnnsSpray Paint by lmurillo.codebeta

Digital is Better than Film: 5 Situations

[tweetmeme]I hate love film… I really do. But there are occasions when I opt for my digital camera over my film cameras (shh… don’t tell them I said that).

I know, most of you might be thinking “digital is always better than film”. And certainly, the word “better” is open to interpretation. But my point here is that digital photography has certain advantages over film photography for specific situations. I plan to post a follow-up article that explores the situations when film is better than digital (and I might post it on my film photography blog, naturally).

[UPDATE 4-12-2010] I posted a Film is Better than Digital article on my film blog.

So here are 5 situations when digital is usually better than film.


And when I say “need”, I don’t mean shooting a thousand photos on your stroll down the road. I’m talking about situations that require you to photograph hundreds or thousands of photos for some type of event or job.

2010 Parker 425 Car #1532

I can think of several such events that I recently shot with my digital: The Parker 425 race, the Green Man T-Shirt event, the Long Beach Grand Prix, and I’m sure there are others I’ve done. The point is: these types of events (whether you’re shooting as a professional or as a hobbyist) will require that you take many hundreds of photos. Others that come to mind are weddings, concerts, sporting events, product shoots, fashion shows, races, and many more.

It’s not to say that these situations can’t be shot with film, but it becomes very tedious and expensive with ultimately fewer results (unless you’re downright awesome).


One of the major inconveniences of film is the fact that you can’t change your film sensitivity on the fly — you either have to finish the roll or wind it back up and write down where you left off. Digital cameras overcome this inconvenience by allowing you to change the ISO setting at any given time.

We Have Liftoff Moray Eels

One such situation that comes to mind is at a theme park or zoo. One minute you’re outside in the sun, then you’re inside a dark aquarium, then you’re back outside, then you’re back inside, etc. Pain in the butt if you’re shooting film. And again, things like weddings and concerts might have rapidly changing lighting conditions that will require a quick ISO change.


At just a “few” shots per roll of film, you could really accumulate a collection of spent film on a long trip. This poses two problems: the cost of the film and developing, and the space needed to lug it around. Digital photos, on the other hand, don’t take up much space — especially if you’re packing a laptop or other mass storage device.

My baby stash. 1,629 shots.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Hillary Stein

Again, not saying that you can’t (or shouldn’t) shoot film on a lengthy vacation, but I wouldn’t leave the digital behind. When traveling, I bring both film and digital cameras, but I always pack way too much film. That’s the other downside to film — you bring more than you need, “just in case”.


Not all paid shoots will require a ton of photos, but some will require a quick delivery of images. In this case, dealing with the film might be more work than it’s worth.

Even for personal stuff, sometimes you just need a quick shot of something that you can toss on the web. This is true for things such as blogs, eBay or Craigslist postings, quick family/friend emails, and other such situations. Obviously, digital rules in this area.

If you want to send a film photo through the interwebs, you have to shoot the entire roll, develop it, let it dry, chop it up, scan it, process it, and finally output it for the web. Digital… shoot, download, process, downsize, done. Hell, you could even shoot it on your cell phone and upload it straight to Flickr or Facebook. At any rate, film just takes a bit longer (and more money) to process and digitize.


There is certainly an ongoing cost associated with shooting film, and that’s not always a bad thing when you can pick up a camera for less than $50. But not every situation you encounter will justify that film & developing cost.

I shoot a lot of film, even for personal stuff and family get-togethers. But sometimes I just don’t see the benefit of going analog. If you know you’re going to be taking a lot of personal shots that you’ll never have time or money to develop and/or print, just take the digital camera. Or maybe you’ve been shooting a lot of film and falling behind on developing and scanning — shooting digital for a while can be a nice break and allow you to catch up.


Besides the default “digital is always better than film” answer — that doesn’t count (and I’ll prove it wrong with a follow-up post).

PhotoDump 04-05-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 03/22/2010 and 04/05/2010. The selection is a bit skimpy this week… but that’s my fault, not the fault of you guys posting photos. I’m just in a funk tonight; probably too much time spent in the darkroom earlier today.

365/86 Floating banana by aychseaDesert Evening by ahmer_inamHoffmaestro & Chraa by bildterapiharnassing the wind by dldailey32Birthday girl by jrodgersartCome Along, Follow Me by Devansh <Thank You Adobe, for Lightroom>winter desert II by tmizzerIn the Air by Android9Day 199 - D69 by joel8xLooks Like Spring, Feels Like Winter by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comReflect by ashlyncharlieCompany of Thieves @ Lincoln Hall by Tasha {Redwall Photo :: Music}

PhotoDump 03-22-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 03/08/2010 and 03/22/2010. BTW… we’ll be hitting 30,000 photos in the pool within the next two weeks — very cool! (extra cool points because we limit submissions to 1/day/member)

wings by delvalle.Inspire by Joel Tjintjelaar, I've made in Photoshop based on SXC.hu image by Ricardo Galvão | ACE, Photoshop CS4.7239. by Android9Peace on the Horizon by shandopicsBarcelona by Sebastian.YEPESBehind Bars by kellinasfThe Giants Causeway by thefatcat44 (Doug Chinnery)cone by xgrayRetratos - Nuestra Gente by portafolio fotográfico - William LópezWaterskiing? by GH PatriotThe Violinist by Viet Dinhsimplicity by danny aspinallBlowin'! by lanskymob*you can't live in fear forever by 36rokkoVerticals by thefatcat44 (Doug Chinnery)Slide by Rex AuerDay 277 - Flashback by __multifacetedjovial by Yury TrofimovBlack and White Contemplation by Twitching Eyewalking the handbag by yellobagmanHoozer by henrikjMary's B-Day by Lomo-CamYour Eyes Are Shining by Chris Nixon.BrushingWind. by .orionine.

PhotoDump 03-08-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 02/23/2010 and 03/08/2010.

Portrait of the Bathroom by nathanielperalesBuried. {In the sand of time} by Devansh <<Refreshed after the first Royal Bath >>solitude by ana.gr by | GW |Team Great Britain by cabbitcv@st by Lucas BernalWaiting by DRG Photography | Calgary AB40s Glamour Shoot by neilcreekchair by xgrayTalisker Bay by thefatcat44 (Doug Chinnery)fog-3 by inipixIntersected landscape by sramses177KEW2010_0226_016 by fotokewArchitectural Artifacts :: Slides by Tasha {Redwall Photo}Practice Makes Perfect by Damien FrancoSophia by eadamsphotoDual by keithpytTired / Fatigué by pawoli*???? by 36rokkoBrunswick by Chris NixonKitchen Session by mathewm

PhotoDump 02-23-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 02/08/2010 and 02/23/2010.

Ghost of an Oak Tree by jtkreu*magic by 36rokkoDay 81 - Magic Hat by somedesignerguyJumping On Ice by danikapierceWinter Morning II by Alexander S. KunzMiss Warhol by mathewmHockey, eh? by Yury TrofimovVisite Médicale by Guillaume Lemoine3 Oaks by bestgramps by Twitching EyeBirdies by whalenmdwNatasha by croxfordrIMG_0069 by jrodgersartLe voyageur flou by pawoli2010 Parker 425 Car #TT18 by Brian Auerthe time ahead by evolution of rayzrchange your perspective. by Will Foster PhotographyShall We Dance?.. by SonOfJordanLithe by cabbitshadows #3 by BadrSMundos distantes ... by portafolio fotográfico - William Lópezhappy family! by .f_}x{Wash by keithpytPelican Bar - Lando, our boat Cap'n by CharleneCollins.Jamaica

PhotoDump 02-08-2010

More great stuff from the Epic Edits Flickr Pool! This selection of photos is from those entered in the pool between 01/24/2010 and 02/08/2010.

photog tweetup by spudcheyneVectorial Elevation by Alison Faith by BadrS by digitizedchaosPuff by Yury TrofimovBlair by GH Patriot36/365 by envisionpublicidadThe Soloist by Twitching EyeCasey by MissyBrownDay 150 - Yellow Flowers by joel8xProfessor Starbucks by -theworldends-NoChe de PoSioN by eLPiCaVerschneites Hamburg by visuellegedankenTrees, pasture and snow by Rex Lisman PhotographySnow by AmbertureSwollen Tiber by {amsis}Wolf Moon by PatriciaPixLu Family by JeramieLu.comCoffee Break by robinn.Kenosha Lighthouse, WI #2 by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comStruggle within by analox & admiré"It took the death of hope to let you go" by vandyll.net by vanillaeyesKat by Digital Kloc PhotographyChasing the Darkness Away by rh89J.Harm by 3SonsProductions#twenty six - held captive by my art.... by Smudge ChrisDay 53 - Unstoppable, Unrepeatable, and Priceless by somedesignerguyDay 271: Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires by __multifacetedDawn at the Racetrack, Death Valley National Park by jimgoldstein by Tomas WebbInward by GH Patriotfoggy aura by evolution of rayzrIMG_3962 by stilettowinesAbandoned winter sea by Simply Doc (away)Cute Smile by robinn.Guiding Light - Racine by JonathanRobsonPhotography.comdanny and louise's wedding by ClickClickBang PhotographySunset Palms 2 by MissyBrownYour Wildest Dreams.. by SonOfJordanChris Thomas King at Central School 3 by fotokewOneWorld by Alexander Hogstrom