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16 Frigid Sources of Inspiration

For those living in the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere, winter is approaching along with cold weather and snow! I spent a good portion of my life in North Idaho, and now that I live in San Diego I sometimes miss the winter weather. But then I remember that I wear t-shirts for 350 days/year, flip-flops are my main shoes, and my “winter coat” is a sweatshirt. So I’m pretty much okay with just a visit back home every so often.

But for you nut jobs who love the snow, I would encourage you to get out and photograph it this year. A snow covered landscape is really quite amazing, and the “white stuff” can completely change the mood of any location. Aside from the obvious landscapes, I’ve included a few “people shots” here to get your gears turning.

And if you have some good winter shots of your own, be sure to share them in the comments!

reflections (A)
Creative Commons License photo credit: camil tulcan

Winter Panorama - Kromme Rijn, Amelisweerd, Rhijnauwen, Utrecht
Creative Commons License photo credit: lambertwm

Iceberg - Ilulissat - Greenland
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ludovic Hirlimann

Creative Commons License photo credit: JC Labarca

frozen light in a snow weekend, MANZANEDA ☃
Creative Commons License photo credit: Paulo Brandão

Creative Commons License photo credit: enggul

I've reached the end of the world
Creative Commons License photo credit: Stuck in Customs

Aoraki Rappel
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dru!

Winter at the Lake
Creative Commons License photo credit: Brian Auer

Lone Wolf
Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney

Creative Commons License photo credit: Johan Rd

The Sound of Silence...
Creative Commons License photo credit: lapidim

Glacier Grey, Chile
Creative Commons License photo credit: * hiro008

Straumur Aurora
Creative Commons License photo credit: orvaratli

lonely tree in the snow...
Creative Commons License photo credit: santo rizzuto

Paris under the snow
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gregory Bastien

Shopping Carts on Film! (13 Photos)

I’m still a little burned out from our recent project, so here’s a fun little post. All shopping carts — all on film. Could there be a better combo? I think not.

And if you really want to see something cool, check out this short documentary titled “City of Lost Carts“. It’s about a guy who spent a lot of time photographing shopping carts on film.

And if you have some shopping cart photos of your own (film or digital), feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Means To An End, by Fanboy30
Means To An End, by Fanboy30

Car in a Cart, by Brian Auer
Car in a Cart, by Brian Auer

shopping cart, by caste_aka_adrem
shopping cart, by caste_aka_adrem

cart vs. ford f150, by Mick 0
cart vs. ford f150, by Mick 0

Trash scene taken by trash camera, by kevindooley
Trash scene taken by trash camera, by kevindooley

by moonpies for misfits
by moonpies for misfits

pas de deux, by suttonhoo
pas de deux, by suttonhoo

296 (waiting), by heather
296 (waiting), by heather

cartfrontation, by I, Timmy
cartfrontation, by I, Timmy

Recovered Shopping Cart, by kukkurovaca
Recovered Shopping Cart, by kukkurovaca

by nicoleramona
by nicoleramona

cvs cart, by nocklebeast
cvs cart, by nocklebeast

dino kart, by mugley
dino kart, by mugley

(Flickr) Galleries of Iran

Last week, I reviewed David Burnett’s 44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World. At the end of the review, I mentioned that I had two copies to give away (courtesy National Geographic) and the books would be handed out as prizes in a mini-contest. The requirement was to curate a gallery of “Iran” using Flickr’s new feature. So here are the entries received, and the winners of the two books.

And for those who may have overlooked the contest, there’s always next time! Just remember that I usually try to give out a few free copies when I do book reviews.


These two galleries really caught my attention and the curators will be receiving a copy of 44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World. All of the galleries were outstanding, and I had a very tough time choosing only two winners. Ultimately, the two winners were chosen not only for the images, but because they conveyed a sense of enlightenment with respect to the subject.


John put together a brilliant display of images that showcase the amazing colors to be found in the various landscapes of Iran, and it was apparent that he was surprised to see the results of his own gallery.

Colors of Iran, by John Milleker


This gallery showed a great amount of thought and consideration from the_wolf_brigade, and it was quite clear that he was moved by the exercise.

Encased in my own ignorance, by the_wolf_brigade

So congrats to John and “the_wolf” for curating these two galleries — the books are in the mail, I hope you enjoy seeing David’s perspective of Iran!


These three galleries are by no means any less impressive than the others, and I’m quite impressed with the thought put into them. I’m sorry that I can’t give out more books to these folks, and I appreciate their participation.


Iran - Place, by Charles Conner


Architecture of Iran, by Jeremy Brooks


Iran in Black and White, by Sigmund

And again, my own gallery for the purpose of this project:


Faces of Iran

Link Roundup 06-28-2008

  • the Nuts and Bolts of off-camera flash – part 2, manual flash
    A really great review of the methods for firing an off-camera flash unit: various connectors, wireless, etc.
  • Understanding Camera Exposure Modes
    Beyond Megapixels
    Although your camera may have a light meter built right into it, you still have some options for how that meter reacts to different situations. Here are some of the basic modes for exposure.
  • Jowling – Photography Fun For a Rainy Day
    digital Photography School
    It’s both funny and frightening what we can do with a human face and a camera.
  • Thomas Hawk’s Photography Workflow
    Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection
    Thomas offers up some insight to his photography workflow using Bridge, ACR, and Photoshop. Definitely some good tips and insights — especially coming from a guy who posts around 30 new photos each day.
  • My new geotagging workflow
    All Narfed Up
    Bryan guides us through his new geotagging workflow using the Amod AGL3080 and Lightroom on Windows. If you’re thinking about adding geotagging capabilities to your workflow, definitely check this out.
  • 10 Steps to Maintain Your Camera
    Cleaning our gear is something we should all consider making a part of our recurring activities. Here are 10 tips for keeping your equipment clean and clear of problems.
  • Matt Kloskowski Shares His Wishlist for Photoshop Features
    Photoshop Insider
    Matt does an awesome job at laying out some useful features that Photoshop could possibly have in the future. He even goes so far as to mock up the dialogs and layouts of the tools he’s dreamed up.
  • Do High-End Cameras Make You A Better Photographer?
    A philosphical discussion about the age-old question “is it the photographer or the camera?” Definitely some good insights shared in this post and comments.
  • 10 Tips on Getting Your Photos Into a Gallery Show
    Getting started with gallery shows can seem impossible for a beginner, but here are some tips and methods for getting your work on the public wall.
  • 10 things I hate about Flickr (and its users)
    Neil Creek
    Neil posted a very interesting article about Flickr, Flickr comments, and Flickr users in general. Though he mentions the things that he “hates”, the article is intended to point out some of the flaws in the system and the way people use that system.
  • And here’s a fun theme slideshow that I found to be extremely creative. Found via Photojojo.

looking down. from hrrrthrrr on Vimeo.

Link Roundup 03-01-2008

Lots of good stuff out there this week folks. I can only display so many links each week, but if you want to see the full list of site’s I’ve bookmarked over the weeks, check out my photography tag on del.icio.us — I have over 700 articles and resources bookmarked just in that category!

Calling All SoCal Photographers: Upcoming Photowalk in La Jolla

My buddy Bryan Villarin got in touch with me about putting together a San Diego Photowalk. After talking over a few ideas, we decided on a date, time, and general plan of attack. Here’s what we came up with:

WHERE: La Jolla, California

View Larger Map

WHEN: February 9th, 1PM

Show up a little early if you want some extra time to browse through the famous Joseph Bellows Gallery and get your fill of photographic inspiration.


Why not? Photowalks are a great way to meet other local photographers, get inspired, and take home some great photos. So if you live in the Southern California area (especially you San Diegans), come hang out with us in scenic La Jolla. Here’s my write-up for the Upcoming.org event:

Meet us at the Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla to start off a great afternoon of photowalking. We’ll use the gallery as a gathering place so we can browse the photographic art as we wait for everyone to arrive.

From there, we’ll walk down Girard Avenue for some street photography. At the end of Girard, there’s another gallery that we can optionally visit called Images of Nature by Thomas D. Mangelsen. We’ll then turn our attention to the busy sidewalks of Prospect Street as we make our way down toward the beach. Once near the water, we’ll explore La Jolla’s scenic shoreline and maybe even visit the tide pools if the tides are in our favor.

Seriously, if you live in Southern California and you don’t show up I’m going to be very disappointed. Besides, here’s what you’ll be missing if you don’t show up:

The images shown above are licensed under the Creative Commons.

Link Roundup 12-29-2007

Before we get to the list, be sure to check out my super-cool guest-post on “Going with the Grain” over at ADIDAP (we swapped posts for Christmas). I’ve always liked grainy photos, so I put together a little information on the subject and picked out some CC photos to help make my point.