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Link Roundup 06-27-2010

Link Roundup 05-02-2009

Once again, it’s been a few weeks since the last set of links. Here are some of the more interesting ones I’ve come across.

  • HDR Photography
    Travel Photography
    In episode 27 of PhotoNetCast, we talk with Dave Wilson about HDR photography. This includes all the ins and outs of capturing and processing the images. And if you’re going to be traveling in the near or distant future, be sure to listen to episode 28 where we discuss the many aspects of taking your camera gear to new locations.
  • Photojournalist: G.M.B. Akash — Child Labor
    Child Labor – Part Two
    Amazing set of photos from Bangladesh on the subject of child labor — sad, but definitely worth a look.
  • Kenya – Child Poverty
    Kenya – Child Poverty – Part Two
    Another great set of photos from Zoriah as he explores child poverty in Kenya.
  • Photography 101.7 – ISO
    digital Photography School
    If you’ve ever been confused or curious about the term “ISO”, this article lays out all the basics for you.
  • The Lazy Rule of Thirds
    Jake Garn
    Jake Garn gives a great discussion on the rule of thirds and where it really comes from — the golden mean. He also shows some amazing examples of how the golden mean fits into his own compositions.
  • the DIY 30 second light tent
    Ever need a light tent for a product shoot, but didn’t have one handy? Here’s a quick DIY alternative to the traditional piece of equipment.
  • 10 Tips When Using dSLRs in High Humidity
    Whether you live in a high humidity climate or you’re just visiting one, here are some essential tips for keeping your equipment working in these harsh conditions.
  • 22 Professional Photoshop Image Enhancing Tutorials
    Six Revisions
    For you Photoshop enthusiasts, here’s a good little list of tutorials and techniques for enhancing your photos.

Link Roundup 10-25-2008

Well… it’s a day late this week, but here are some interesting things happening around the web this week.

Link Roundup 10-04-2008

As always, lots of great things happening around the web.

Link Roundup 07-19-2008

Links from around the web…

Link Roundup 02-02-2008

Yes, I’m still alive. It’s been a busy week for me, and I thought it was kind of funny (though reassuring) that a few of you emailed me to see if everything was alright. I’m still around, I just had to take a mini-break from the blog to catch up on some other stuff. So while I finish catching up with my stuff, you guys can catch up on your reading. And before we get to the links…

PHOTOPHLOW GET TOGETHER THIS SUNDAY — Be there! I need a screenshot of our voting process for a guest-post I’m trying to finish and I can’t really do that without some help from you guys. So if you’re on photophlow and you’ll be near a computer, come join in for a bit… the whole thing will probably be around 2 hours.


  • February Challenge
    Join Trevor and I in the February Challenge by photographing a different color each week. As with the December Challenge, I’ll be posting my daily adventure here on the blog and on Flickr.
  • PROJECT: The View From Below
    Neil Creek
    As a photographer, it’s important to think about the uncommon perspective, and get out of the habit of shooting from the same height all the time. This photography project asks you to take and submit a photo from less than 30cm (12in) above the ground.


  • Howto: Create Higher Dynamic Range With Bracketed Exposures
    A lesson in dynamic range and how to work with bracketed exposures to achieve a higher dynamic range with your photos (without using HDR software). This method also works with dual-processed RAW images.
  • Introduction to Metering Modes
    digital Photography School
    An overview of how the basic metering methods work with your camera.
  • Snow – How Many Ways Can I Describe You
    My Camera World
    A great little exercise in create thinking from Niels. When we think of snow we tend to think in terms of white and then whiter. But snow when shot at lower light setting can display some brilliant and vibrant colors that you would not normally associate with snow.
  • 27 Photoshop Tutorial Sites
    Photo Projectz
    A great list of sites that offer Photoshop tutorials on a regular basis.
  • Sony Develops 24MP Full Frame CMOS Sensor
    Sony Global
    Check out what Sony’s been cooking up! A 24MP full frame sensor to compete in the high-end dSLR market.
  • DPReview Launches Lens Reviews
    Digital Photography Review
    DPReview’s new lens reviews are the result of months of intense research, development and testing, including the development of new test charts and proprietary analysis software designed to overcome the limitations of existing systems.
  • Video of the Week – I showed this once before, but I felt the need to share again. I think I’m going to pick up one of these a700′s from Sony in the very near future. It’s not my ideal camera, but it’s the closest thing to the KM 7D right now. Plus, I don’t feel like waiting another year for the flagship model to come out only to have to drop 5 grand on a new body and all new glass (since it’ll be full frame). So I’ll likely be shooting with the a700 for another year or two until I can justify more expensive gear.