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A Must-Hear Interview with Zoriah


I’ve mentioned this amazing war photographer, Zoriah, in a previous article here on the blog. Well… over at the PhotoNetCast, we took things a step further and got him on a conference call for an interview!

This is something that you’ll definitely want to listen to. He talks about his past, present, and future in photojournalism and war photography. The guy is amazingly down-to-earth for the amount of nasty stuff that he’s experienced. He talks about what he does, why he does it, and how he got into it. We also have a bit of a discussion about his recent issues with military politics/censorship in Iraq.

Again, I encourage everyone to listen to this interview. Zoriah is a great photographer and human being — he deserves to have his stories heard.

Listen to PhotoNetCast Episode 11: Zoriah, War Photographer

PhotoNetCast to Interview Zoriah Miller

In the near future, a special guest will be joining the discussion on the PhotoNetCast. Zoriah is an independent war photographer and photojournalist who was recently embedded in Iraq. For more background on Zoriah, see my recent article about him.

We’re taking questions over at PhotoNetCast, and we’ll bring up those questions when we talk with him (since we won’t be broadcasting live). If you have anything you’d like to ask Zoriah about his work, travels, experiences, etc., be sure to leave a comment on the PhotoNetCast announcement post:

Ask Zoriah a Question

Link Roundup 02-23-2008

While I’ve been slacking over the last week, it seems like everybody else has been producing some amazing articles. Here are a few of the really good ones I found.

  • An Interview with Blogger and Photographer Brian Auer
    Beautiful Argentina
    One of my photoblogging buddies did an interview with me — check out what I had to say! I also gave some insight to the origin of the name “Epic Edits”, in case you were curious.
  • Homemade Bellows Lens for Nikon
    Neat little DIY project for a bellows lens. The title says it’s for Nikon, but you could do it with any SLR.
  • Build A Tilt-Shift Lens for Your SLR for Cheap
    found photography
    Neat DIY project for building a cheap Tilt-Shift lens. Of course the quality won’t be as good as a purchased lens, but it’ll still be fun to shoot with!
  • 16 Lies and half-truths in the Camera business
    Wirehead Arts
    An outline of sixteen lies that your camera gear salesperson or camera manufacturer will say to separate you from your money.
  • (Photo)Blogging Tips
    Some thoughts and tips on photoblogging from a photoblogging newbie — but a great discussion about the many aspects of photography blogging.
  • 6 Tips to Building your Photography Network
    digital Photography School
    Networking is key for many things in life. Here are some great tips and observations about networking as a photographer.
  • Advanced High pass sharpening
    daff’s blog
    Yet another way to sharpen photos. I like this approach because it’s slightly different from the other high-pass techniques I’ve seen. Check it out!
  • Trendy Neutral Photo Effect
    Photoshop Tutorials
    Good simple Photoshop tutorial for producing an interesting look to your photos. Vignette is optional.
  • Lenses for Photojournalism
    Beyond Phototips
    Everyone’s wanted to be a photojournalist at one time or the other… Now, take a peek into their mouth watering gear…
  • Guide to Neutral Density Filters
    Single-Serving Photo
    Your guide to Neutral Density filters: what they are, how they work, and how to use them.
  • 12 Things to Photograph Before You Die
    The perfect list of things that every photographer should strive to photograph in their lifetime!