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The Photojojo Guide to Slow Photography

[...] in general, the goal of Slow Photography is to capture photos that celebrate the passage of time. You can do that by taking photos that show time passing, like the long-exposed streak of a train across the plains; or you can spend a long time preparing to snap your shutter, such as the ornithologist who waits for four hours to glimpse a yellow-bellied sapsucker.

This one is a good little introductory article to long exposure photography, full of ideas and inspiration. The main points are portraits, landscapes, and macros. And the tips for each point are directed toward capturing long exposures in those given situations.

With the cheap fast lenses available today, it’s easy to ignore this area of your shutter speed setting. If you haven’t done so yet, maybe get out there and try your hand at it.

Do we have any long exposure fans in the crowd? Do you guys have additional tips? Or perhaps some cool photos to share in the comments?

February Challenge: Day 12 – 22 Lanes

22 Lanes


Long exposure of traffic on Interstate 5 where it splits into the 5 and 805. Can you believe that there are 22 lanes at this point and it’s backed up during rush hour every day?

I’ve never done one of these long-exposure traffic shots before. It turns out that the white lights are much brighter than the red ones. Plus there wasn’t much traffic, so it probably could’ve turned out better. Here are a few others from that night as I was messing around with different amounts of focus and shutter speed:

14 Point Star 8 Point Star Octogons Short Exposure Moderate Exposure Long Exposure

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