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As always, more awesome photography stuff from around the web. Here’s a selection from the last couple weeks.

Seeking Environmental Photos for a Magazine Article

OK, so I’m working on submitting another article to Soura Magazine. Just like last time, I’m looking for a few photos to supplement the article. The topic of this one is “green” photography, and here’s the blog post that I’ll be using as a basis for the magazine article:

12 Ways to be an Environmentally Friendly Photographer

I’m planning on using a few of my own photos, possibly these ones (or others):

Trash Sewage Contaminated Water What's the Point?

If you’d like to have your photos published in the magazine article (with name credits), just leave me a link or post the photo in the comments below. Just read the article linked above and make sure that the photo fits in with one or more of the main points.

Last time, I was able to offer the photographers a free copy of the magazine (which should be arriving soon). But this time around I’m not able to do the same. I’d love to be able to, but I just can’t this time. I can direct you to the nearest venue that sells the magazine, but that’s about all I can do. If you’re okay with that, go ahead and leave the comment.

I’ll pick out the photos on 2/22/09 — so about 5 days from now. I’m looking for maybe 3 to 5 additional photos.

Photo Selection for Soura Magazine

Just over a day ago, I posted a quick blog entry calling for photos on two specific topics to be included in a magazine article. Since my deadline for the article was the end of the year, this didn’t leave me with much time to find the photos. But you guys came through and I was amazed at the response!

Within minutes of the post, people were leaving links to their photos. I sent out a Twitter message that pointed to the blog entry, and many people passed the message along to their own networks. In about 24 hours, we had 32 responses to the blog entry and a whole gob of great photos to choose from. This kind of community response is absolutely outstanding, and I’m so glad to see such effort in a short amount of time.

After that 24 hour period, it was time for me to play “magazine photo editor” and pick the two photos for the article. This is not an easy task, and I don’t envy people who do this for a living. If you’ve never done it before, you have no idea how hard it is to choose a small number of photos from a ridiculously large pool of good work. I can’t help but feel like the “bad guy” because all but two people are ultimately disappointed with my decision. So… I offer my apologies to those who didn’t make the cut, and my congratulations to those who did.

And which photos made the cut? Well, here they are, “Vintage” and “Texture”:

Dr. Pepper TTV, by cybertoad FBCLG, by Dubtastic

A big thanks to both of these photographers for offering up their photos. And an equally big thanks to all the other photographers who did the same!

So why did I choose these photos?

The “vintage” photo was chosen for several reasons: color, TTV, and old school quirkiness. The article touched on colors for “vintage” photos, and the original photo in the blog article was TTV in appearance. These two things made a candidate for a good replacement image. But the thing that really sold me on this photo was the inexplainable attraction I had to it — some sort of quirky trait that reminded me of an old photo… the scene, the subject, the colors, I don’t know. I just liked it.

The “texture” photo was also chosen for several reasons: subject, color, and that crazy texture! We seemed to have more texture photos submitted, so this one was particularly hard to choose. I chose this one because the subject contrasted well with the other photos in the article, and the texture was clearly visible. The images in the magazine will likely be printed around 4″ wide, so a good strong texture would be necessary to convey the message.

So again, congrats to these two photographers, and “thank you” to everyone who participated. I’ll post a shot of the article once I get it so everybody can see the photos “in print”.

I Need Two Photos for a Magazine Article

Over the last few months I’ve been writing articles for Soura Magazine. The articles are reposts of articles here on the blog, but updated and modified to fit better with the magazine. My next article is due very soon and I’m lacking two photos because I’m unable to contact the photographers. Here’s the article we’re republishing: Warning: These 9 Photoshop Techniques May Result in Great Photos.

I’m missing the following photos (refer to the article here on the blog to see the example photos). The other 7 photographers have already agreed to allowing use of their photo.

    A photo that looks older than it really is. Desaturated colors, imperfections, and even digital photos shot TTV.
    A photo with texture applied.

If you’d like to have your photo published in the next issue of the magazine, leave a comment with a link to one or more photos for me to review. I’m not asking to grab the rights for the photo, I just need permission to publish it in the magazine — by leaving a comment with a link to your photos, you grant me the right for this one-time use. I’ll contact you if I select your photo, and I’ll need the image at or above 1500px on the long edge.

I can’t offer any payment for the image use at this time, but I can have the publisher send you a copy of the magazine when it comes out. And yes, I will be, and have been, using my own photos for the magazine articles without payment — so I’m not asking anybody to do something I wouldn’t do myself. Its just a cool magazine and I’m happy to contribute.

Again, leave a comment with a link to your “vintage” or “texturized” photos if you’d like to be published (with attribution). I need to have the article and photos shipped off before the new year, so the selection process will be quick.

Birthday Gift #2 – An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a great place to pick up photography gear, photo software, and (of course) books about photography. I find that they typically have the best prices around unless the dedicated photography stores are running a special on certain items. Not only that, but they’re a very trusted source and I have no problem handing over my credit card number to them.

So today’s Birthday gift will be a $25 Amazon Gift Card that you can use toward your next purchase. Now I realize that you can’t get a whole lot for $25, but there are always those little items that you can pick up like a lens cloth, rocket blaster, beanbag, tabletop tripod, magazine, flash diffuser, or even a book. Or you could use it toward your next big purchase of a camera or lens.

And while you’re waiting for the winner of the gift card to be announced, you could browse through the Epic Edits Goodie Bag to pick out your next Amazon purchase (or you could just order it now and hope that you win the gift card later ;) ).


If you want in on this one for the raffle, leave a comment on this post with the phrase “GIFT CARD” in the comment somewhere. And don’t forget that every comment you make for the entire month of January (on any post) will count as a raffle entry for this and the other giveaways.

Also, check the main Birthday Party page to see all of the prizes being offered.