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Challenge Yourself in 2010 with PhotoChallenge.org

One of the best ways to improve your photography is to challenge yourself and push the limits of your comfort zone. Photographing subjects or situations outside of your norm will force you to apply your existing knowledge to a new thing. And in the process, you’ll be learning things and picking up new tricks.

PhotoChallenge.org is a website/blog committed to challenging photographers. In 2007, Trevor Carpenter, started challenging photographers to shoot 1-photo-per-day monthly themes or challenges, and continued that into 2008 when PhotoChallenge.org was officially launched. Also in 2008, Trevor started a yearly challenge to photograph a single subject each week for the entire year. 2009 included challenges on a different topic each day — and I applaud anybody that could keep up with that schedule!

In 2010, PhotoChallenge.org will be changing it up yet again. We’ll have monthly themes (4 weeks each, actually), but you’ll only be asked to shoot one photo per week on the topic — so 4 total for each challenge. The new format will allow more people to keep up with the challenges, because shooting every day can be tedious for some of us.

The first challenge is “Resolution” and you can basically take that theme any way you see fit and shoot a photo that reflects your personal interpretation. After 4 weeks of “Resolution” they guys at PhotoChallenge.org will announce the next theme.

Really, it’s all in the name of learning new things and having a good time. You’re more than welcome to join in or opt out as you choose and nobody is keeping tabs on you if you miss a week or two. So if you’re looking for new ways to expand your skill set, jump over to PhotoChallenge.org and see what they have in store for the new year.

The “April Challenge” Has Arrived

It’s time again for another “Photo Challenge” — a whole month of photographing a single topic. The April Challenge is all about “entropy”… degradation, devolution, and things falling apart. Below are some examples of photos that would fall into this category, and Trevor (the guy in charge of the challenge series) has already posted his first photo for the month.

These challenges are great sources of inspiration and a clever way to unlock some hidden creativity – I would encourage you to participate if at all possible. I’ve completed the October Challenge (sort of), the December Challenge, and the February Challenge. I’m really glad I did, because I learned a lot by participating and I added several skills to my arsenal.

With that being said, I regret having to say that I won’t be participating in the April Challenge. I’ve got too many other things happening this month and I don’t want to feel stressed over taking photos and posting them. That’s not to say I won’t take some “entropy” photos this month with the challenge in mind, but I’m not signing up for the 1-a-day part of it.

But don’t let that stop YOU from participating! Just make sure you tag your photos with “aprilchallenge”, “aprilchallenge2008″, and “photochallenge” so Trevor can find your photos for the end-of-month recap.

Destined for Retirement
Creative Commons License photo credit: auer1816

Creative Commons License photo credit: groovnick

Please Open Door Slowly
Creative Commons License photo credit: splorp

. . to flickr riddlers
Creative Commons License photo credit: jef safi