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Link Roundup 09-30-2010

Don’t forget that we have ongoing themes in our Flickr pool and I’ll be selecting my favorites on the topic of “Camera Porn” sometime next week. We only have a few entries in the pool, so be sure to see here for details on participating.

Link Roundup 07-02-2010

Link Roundup 06-19-2010

Link Roundup 04-15-2010

Want to be a Famous Photography Podcaster?


Ok… maybe not famous, but it probably wouldn’t hurt your popularity. Over at PhotoNetCast, we’re looking to bring on a few extra co-hosts to join us on a regular basis. Two of the current hosts are in need of some extra time due to changes in their schedules, and we’d like to keep our group size at 3 or 4 hosts.

What we’re looking for are fellow photography enthusiasts willing and able to spend around 2 hours every other week talking photography with us. The basic requirements are that you have some knowledge and enthusiasm for photography, a decent Internet connection, and the ability to voice opinions on a variety of topics.

For more details on this opportunity, follow the link below to the announcement at PhotoNetCast.


The Bill of Rights for Photography Competitions

In the 24th episode of EXIF and Beyond, Jim Goldstein talks with Nick Dunmur of Pro-Imaging.org about the Bill of Rights for Photography Competitions.

This is a document that outlines the conditions for photographic competition organisers and sponsors to be guided by when constructing terms and conditions for their competitions. With so many online photography competitions out there, photographers sometimes forget to read the fine print. This has resulted in several contest organizers getting away with the “Rights Grab”, leaving photographers in a cloud of confusion when they realize they’ve given away the rights to their work.

If you’ve ever considered entering your photos in a photography competition, this interview is certainly worth a listen.


PhotoNetCast Speaks with Adobe on Lightroom


Episode #18 of the PhotoNetCast is now available for your listening pleasure. In this one, we talk with Tom Hogarty — an Adobe product manager for Lightroom. We talk to him about all kinds of things regarding the popular software, and he gives us some good insights to the “behind the scenes” work that goes into such software.

And as a special feature, Adobe gave us one copy of Lightroom to give away to our listeners! That’s a $300 piece of software! If you want a chance at the software, you’ve got until December 17th to enter the raffle.

You have two ways of entering: leave a comment (1 entry) or write a blog post (2 entries). In either case, we’d like to hear how Lightroom would change your digital photography workflow. Pretty easy if you ask me!


Two Announcements for PhotoNetCast

As many of you know, I participate in a group photography podcast with three other individuals. This week, we have a couple of important announcements that I’d like to bring up.


In our last episode, we talked with the folks from ATP Electronics about their “Photofinder Mini” GPS tagging unit. It looks like a great little product for anybody interested in geotagging, and we’re giving one away for free! We’re also giving away 8 SD memory cards! If you want in on the action, head over to Episode 17 and check it out before December 7, 2008.


In early December, we’ll be talking with a product manager for Lightroom, Tom Hogarty. But before we speak with him, we’d like to give all of you the opportunity to post some questions for Tom. So if you have anything you’d like to ask about Lightroom (and have it answered by Adobe), be sure to head over to the “Ask Your Questions” post at PhotoNetCast. Oh, and if you’d like to hear your own voice on the podcast, you can send us a pre-recorded Lightroom question as an MP3 and we’ll play it during the show.

Orphan Works Panel Discussion

Jim Goldstein has recently published a panel discussion on Orphan Works with professional photographers Chase Jarvis, Dan Heller and John Harrington. With view points that span the spectrum from support to opposition of the Orphan Works legislation, it is Jim’s hope that the information and viewpoints within this discussion help you form your opinions on the topic.

The audio podcast is nearly 2 hours in length, but well worth a listen. This panel of prominent photographers discuss important questions such as “What is the Significance of the Orphan Works Legislation (OWL)“, “What are the Risks With OWL“, “Is This Equitable Legislation?“, “Does The Lack of DB Technology Required Put Photographers at Greater Risk?“, and much more. If you’re still fuzzy on the Orphan Works thing, definitely give this a listen.

EXIF and Beyond: Orphan Works Panel Discussion

PhotoNetCast Episode 12 is Available


In this twelfth episode of PhotoNetCast, we discuss the topic of stock photography in the wake of Photoshelter’s decision to shut down their Collection.

At the beginning of the podcast, I also talk about my recent adventures with upgrading my computer storage space — including an interesting quirk with Windows Vista that allows you to lock yourself out of your photos.

Listen to PhotoNetCast Episode 12