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PhotoNetCast to Interview Zoriah Miller

In the near future, a special guest will be joining the discussion on the PhotoNetCast. Zoriah is an independent war photographer and photojournalist who was recently embedded in Iraq. For more background on Zoriah, see my recent article about him.

We’re taking questions over at PhotoNetCast, and we’ll bring up those questions when we talk with him (since we won’t be broadcasting live). If you have anything you’d like to ask Zoriah about his work, travels, experiences, etc., be sure to leave a comment on the PhotoNetCast announcement post:

Ask Zoriah a Question

Link Roundup 07-26-2008

Your weekly dose of photography reading from around the web:

PhotoNetCast Episode 8 is Available


In this eighth episode of PhotoNetCast, we discuss the topic of photo competitions — benefits of participating in them, how to find them, what the judges are thinking, how to improve your chances at scoring high, and things to be cautious of.

We also have a very special guest join us for this episode: David Ziser. David had been in photography for some time now, and he’s quite experienced with these print competitions from a participant and a judge standpoint. It was great to have him offer up his wisdom on this topic, and we all thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him.

Listen to PhotoNetCast Episode 8

PhotoNetCast Episode 7 is Available


The seventh episode of the PhotoNetCast is ready to go! In this one, we discuss photo editing. Some people hate it (i.e. Photoshop), and some love it. But whatever your position on the topic, everybody seems to have an opinion about it — and the four of us are no exception.

Also, if you like to feed on the reads, be sure to grab the PhotoNetCast feed from Feedburner so you don’t miss the next shows — it’s a full feed, audio and all. And if you’re an “on the go” type of person, make sure you grab the PhotoNetCast subscription from iTunes and get that stuff loaded up on your favorite media player.

Listen to PhotoNetCast Episode 7

PhotoNetCast Episode 6 is Available


The sixth episode of the PhotoNetCast is ready to go! This one is a great discussion about the film vs digital topic. The four of us have very different backgrounds and experiences with each medium, and this resulted in a good array of thoughts on the subject. We tried to cover the ups and downs of each medium along with our personal experiences.

In addition to the main topic (just the one this time), we offer up a few links to some interesting things we found over the last few weeks. In total, this one is nearly 70 minutes long, but we didn’t want to cut off the film/digital discussion because it was such a lively discussion.

Listen to PhotoNetCast Episode 6

At My Home Photo Contest Complete

At My Home Photo Contest Winner

A few weeks back, Udi Tirosh of DIYPhotography.net hosted a project called “At My Home Photo Contest”. The project is based on the “America At Home” book, which contains hundreds of photos from photojournalists and amateur photographers on the topic of capturing the emotions and the essence of life in the home.

Udi asked me, Jim Talkington, Kerry Garrison, and Rick Smolan to be judges in the competition part of the project. We had 50 submissions to look through, narrow down, and select winners from. Four winners were chosen to receive a free copy of the “America at Home” book.

In addition to just choosing winners, we all got together on Skype and recorded a group podcast. We went through each of the runner-up photos and the winner photos (11 in total), offering up our thoughts on each image. I’d encourage you all to take a look at the final project page and give a listen to the podcast.

At My Home Photo Contest – Winners Page
At My Home Photo Contest Podcast via Camera Dojo
America at Home Book

PhotoNetCast Episode 5 is Available

The fifth episode of the joint-effort PhotoNetCast was published earlier today. In this episode, we talk about geotagging — pros, cons, gadgets, technologies, etc. In our second topic, we also hit on the topic of traditional versus online photography stores. And, as always, the four of us bring an additional link to something that inspired us over the past weeks.

Listen to PhotoNetCast Episode 5

PhotoNetCast Episode 4 is Available

We just released episode 4 of the PhotoNetCast. In this episode, we spend a good chunk of time talking about photo backups and the different systems and techniques the four of us use. And on a lighter note, we each share an embarrassing or funny mistake that we’ve made in the past — good lessons to learn from. And as with each show, we bring you four new links or websites for you to check out.

PhotoNetCast Episode 4

PhotoNetCast Episode 3 Now Available

I totally forgot to mention this item in the last Roundup, so now I’m taking the opportunity to start up a “News” section on the blog. The news items will be interesting, “hey look at this” kind of stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else on the site. So on with the news…

In case you missed it, Antonio posted the third episode of the PhotoNetCast. In this episode, the four of us talk about the relationship between blogging and photography. We also dive into the topic of photo organization. At the end of the show, each of us selected a link from around the web to an item that we found particularly interesting or inspiring. And as always, the show notes contain lots of great links to various articles and resources that we talk about in the podcast.

Episide 3 of the PhotoNetCast

Link Roundup 05-17-2008