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Link Roundup 06-19-2010

Link Roundup 06-14-2010

I just realized that it’s been a few weeks since I posted some links! So here are a few that I have in my list… I’ve got more, but I don’t like posting more than 10-15 links at a time.

Link Roundup 05-17-2010

Link Roundup 05-15-2010

Link Roundup 04-21-2010

Link Roundup 04-15-2010

Link Roundup 04-10-2010

Link Roundup 04-03-2010

Link Roundup 03-31-2010

I’m trying something new with the link roundups, so bear with me while I get it all figured out. This post is testing the Postalicious plugin — it basically taps into my Delicious stream and generates a link roundup based on a set of parameters. I bookmark a lot of stuff anyway, but since separating out my Twitter accounts, I’ve been much more active (and collecting many more bookmarks).

Like I said, I’m still figuring out how I want to do all this. If it goes as I hope, I’ll be sharing fewer links more often with less work.

Link Roundup 12-20-2008

OK, we should be all caught up with the links from this past week. Enjoy…