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What Camera Mode Do You Use?

Creative Commons License photo credit: mag3737

I don’t think I’ve asked this one before, but I think I already know the answer… I think. At any rate, it should be interesting to get some actual poll results on the topic of camera modes. Most cameras (including some compact cameras) will give you the ability to shoot fully manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, program auto, fully auto, or some other defined auto preset (portrait, landscape, night, macro, action, etc.). So which is it for you? What’s your favorite setting?

What Camera Mode Do You Use?

Also check out the results from the last poll on the topic of Film Experience. It’s pretty crazy — over half of you USED TO shoot film, but no more. About 25% still shoot film occasionally, while only a handful prefer it to digital or shoot with film 100% of the time. Similarly, there are a small number of us who have either never shot film or have only tried it once or twice. Well… that’s about to change for me. My Dad is sending his old manual SLR down to me and I’m pretty stoked to give it a shot.

Which Site Name is More Appealing?

OK, so I actually had a little more interest from you guys on that photoblog idea I presented yesterday. It already looks like we’ll have enough support to move forward full throttle. I’ve had 3 confirmed portfolio submissions and 3 more that were promised. I said I would take up to five, but when the time comes to choose the photographers I’ll let the photographers decide how many get to stay.

So now I need to start making some decisions on how we lay the foundation of the site. For these types of decisions, I’ll look to you folks to provide guidance. The first thing we need to decide on is a name for the site. I’ve purchased two domain names (fineartphotoblog.com and fineartphotographyblog.com) and I have yet to decide which one would be best.

Looking at this from a website name standpoint, I’d like to get some feedback on which one is most appealing, catchy, sticky, memorable, etc. Which name projects a stronger image or brand? Which one would provide better search engine traffic based on the keywords? I had two people offer feedback on yesterday’s article, but they were opposing points of view so we’re back to being stuck in the middle.

Last week’s poll (What Type of Camera Do You Shoot With?) had quite a turn-out with 416 votes! 75% went with the trusty dSLR, but we have quite a few compact, ultra-zoom, and film users too.