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What Would You Like to Learn About Film Photography?

Most of you know that I’m a big fan of film photography and I’ve posted a few articles here on the blog. I started with digital, but I’ve been doing the film thing for about the last 2 years now. At this point, I’m fairly comfortable with discussing most film photography topics from shooting to printing and everything in between.

The poll this time around will be another open-ended question because I’d like to get some open-ended feedback from you guys. I know that quite a few of you are film buffs and/or upcoming film enthusiasts, and I know that there are a lot of questions out there on the topic. So open it up and ask away! What film photography topics, tips, techniques, and methods would you like to learn more about?


Seriously… don’t be shy and don’t blow it off. I can’t answer if you don’t ask. And for those of you interested in film, stay tuned for a BIG announcement next week.

How Much Would You Pay for Photoshop?

Stand and Deliver
Creative Commons License photo credit: teotwawki

Back in March, I ran a poll on software piracy. As a result of the votes, I found that nearly 60% of Photoshop Users are pirates. This article was picked up by various social media networks, and it still receives quite a few visitors and comments. A lot of these comments are based around the results not being surprising because Photoshop is so grossly overpriced. Every time I see another comment pop up on this article, it gets me thinking about what people consider to be a fair price. So let’s find out.

As the basis for this poll, we’ll be considering a license upgrade for the most basic version of Photoshop. This assumes that you keep up on your upgrades as they roll out every one or two years, you’re not getting a student discount, and you’re not buying the full blown suite or extended versions of Photoshop. Just the basics.

So what would you pay? The upgrade license typically goes for around $300 USD at first, then dropping to $200 USD. So if you don’t currently pay for Photoshop, I’d expect your answers to be below this threshold. And if you do pay for Photoshop, I’d expect your answers to be at or above this marker.


And be sure you catch up on the previous poll asking “Is Film Dead?” We had a few extremes saying that it’s either already dead or it’s the next big thing. But most of the votes were somewhere in the middle, stating that film is here… it’s just not really moving in one direction or another. Check out the comments too — lots of good insights as to where film is dead and where it thrives.

Do You Take Photos or Make Photos?

Simple Idea Trick
Creative Commons License photo credit: vaXzine

In response to my previous post on “My Weakest Area of Photography“, one comment got me thinking about the topic of “taking photos” versus “making photos”. Travis Campbell said it well in his comment:

I’m getting to the point where I want to create scenes instead of just capturing ones already in play. And I’m realizing just how hard it is to come up with good ideas that look good on screen or in print. I’ve started writing some of these down and letting them percolate, adding new bits to each one when a brainstorm comes around. It’s a slow process, but I’m definitely getting a better feel for it.

So this made me curious as to how many of us “take photos” and how many “make photos”. Are you capturing the scene as you see it, possibly waiting for the right moment or best light? Or are you creating the scene, planning it, and executing the capture of a concept? Personally, I’m a “photo taker” — I work with what’s already there and try to find interesting scenes that exist without my intervention. But what about you?


And check out the poll results from last week asking “Print From Home or Print On Demand?” It looks like we have a whole mixture of answers, but the POD services (online and offline) seem to be favored 2 to 1 with online POD services having a 3 to 1 favor over offline POD.

Print From Home or Print On Demand?

papel continuo powa!
Creative Commons License photo credit: *manci*

I’ve mentioned a few times that I use ImageKind to sell unsigned reprints of my photos. But I also use their service to print things for myself. I can get larger prints (I typically only buy 16″ prints for my portfolio and wall hangings) at a much higher quality (and on an exceptional choice of papers) for a decent price. In the past, I’ve printed using my own inkjet printer at home. This is fine for the small stuff like photo albums, but the quality isn’t there at the larger sizes unless you spend a pretty penny on the equipment.

So my question this week is aimed at your printing habits. For the personal stuff that’s larger than 4×6 prints, do you print yourself or do you use an online print on demand service (POD)? Or maybe you have a local POD service? I guess I should also mention that I’m talking about digital printing. Cast your vote and leave a comment on the specifics — printer models for the DIY-ers, websites for the online POD-ers, or business names for the offline POD-ers.


And check out the last poll (or vote if you missed it) having to do with our next project here on the blog. It looks like it could be a toss-up because there were quite a few compelling comments too. Once we finish reviewing the Fine Art Photoblog portfolios and announce the winner, I’ll probably have the time to organize the project… plus I’m waiting to hear from a potential sponsor on one of them.

What’s Your Gender?

In a recent discussion between myself and the other photographers over at the Fine Art Photoblog, the topic of female artists came up. We’re talking about possibly holding another open call for portfolios and it was pointed out that the seven of us are male, as were most of the applicants in round one. It was then also pointed out that I’m male, as is Epic Edits — meaning the writing style, topics, and thus attracted audience.

So… now I’m curious about you, the community members and onlookers. I think it would be interesting to find out just how many guys and gals we have out there. As a writer, I’d like to know if my articles and posts are too male-oriented — who knows, I may be completely ignoring the ever growing group of female photographers!


And the poll (questionnaire) from last week is still running and taking suggestions for future topics here on the blog. Currently, most people don’t want to read about a photography topic — they want to know how I juggle my work, home, blog, and photography schedules! So, due to popular demand, you can expect to see a post on the topic within the next week or so… as soon as I find some time to write it.

Ballhead or Panhead?

Basketball Head
Creative Commons License photo credit: auer1816

Since we just talked about tabletop tripods, it got me thinking about tripod heads. Personally, I’m a fan of ballheads, but some people swear by 3-way panheads. So which is it for you? And why do you have that preference? I’m sure there are a few folks out there who are looking to get their first tripod, and having some insights on tripod heads would be helpful.


Also be sure to check the results from last week’s poll having to do with autofocus methods. Almost 50% of us use “Single Shot” autofocus, while 25% use “Auto”. And as always, take a read through the comments for some additional insights from fellow readers.

How Do You Autofocus?

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on Understanding Autofocus, I’d like to run a poll to find out which methods are most commonly used. So refer back to the previous post if you need some definitions, and if your camera has something I didn’t mention, let us know in the comments.

Day 79 - f o c u s
Creative Commons License photo credit: margolove

I also realize that many of us use more than one setting, so choose the one that you most commonly use… or the one you couldn’t live without.


Also, take a peek at the results from last week’s poll asking “What’s Your Choice Brand for Digital Cameras?” Looks like Canon still has a 50% stronghold, while Nikon moved up to 35%, and Sony dropped to a measly 4%. Really? …4%? …yikes.

What’s Your Choice Brand for Digital Cameras?

It’s interesting to revisit some of the old polls after 6 to 12 months — we ran one very similar to this back in August. This time, however, we’ll limit our choices to digital cameras.

As photographers, we’re typically very brand loyal because of the incompatibilities between different brands of equipment. I’m curious to see the poll results after some time has gone by and Sony is more of an upcoming competitor. I’d also like to get some numbers based on more than 100 votes, so join in!

Nikons vs. Canons
Creative Commons License photo credit: penmachine

If you use multiple brands of cameras, choose the one that you’re most invested in or the one that you’re most likely to continue using. If you shoot only film… um… I suppose you can vote for the brand that you could envision yourself using.


I’ll post last week’s poll results tomorrow as a feature article — it should be good; we had some great written answers to my question. And don’t forget to check the poll results from a few weeks back when I asked “What’s Your Favorite Film?” It’s looking like Velvia, XP2 and Tri-X are the winners.

What Would You Do… If You Could?

Dubya thought
Creative Commons License photo credit: Platform 3

Every so often I let my mind wander. I daydream of a life where money was out of the picture, career obligations no matter, and all other limitations non-existent. Whatever my heart desires; it’s mine.

I ask myself: “What would I do… If I could?”

And so, as photographers, I ask you the same. What would you do… if you could? Where would your camera take you? Who would you photograph? What would you capture? And most importantly, would you even take your camera?

The poll this week is an essay quesion — no “easy buttons”. Share your thoughts in the comments on what you would do as a photographer if you had your way. I’ll select a handful of the most insightful and inspiring comments over the next week and post them along with my own thoughts.

UPDATE: Check out the results of this poll where I’ve highlighted some reader comments and offered up my own answer to the question.

What’s Your Favorite Film?

Creative Commons License photo credit: piXotroPic

I finally started shooting film — and it’s great! Seeing as how I’ve only shot digital in the past and I’ve been completely ignorant of film photography, I’m now finding myself uneducated about many aspects of film technologies.

One of my biggest unknowns has to do with the actual film — I have no idea which ones I should use or try. I walk into the photography shop and I felt like a kid at a candy store, except I’ve never had candy before. What did I do? I picked up about 10 rolls of different stuff… Ilford Delta, Ilford Pan F Plus, Ilford XP2, Kodak Ektachrome, Fujifilm Velvia, Fujifilm Superia, and a few others.

So in the poll this week, I’d like all you film people to sound off and tell us about your favorite film. I’m sure there are plenty of films I’ve never heard of or seen, and I’d like to have some indication of what is worth trying out. I’ve seeded the poll with a few films, so if you don’t see yours in the list you can add it yourself. I expect the list could get pretty long, so check if yours is in there before you add another.