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Link Roundup 02-09-2008

Before we get to the links, I just want to mention quickly that we had our photowalk in La Jolla today. The turnout was awesome! I lost count, but I think probably 15 to 20 people showed up from across Southern California and one from North Idaho. Just about everybody in the shot below was part of our group, plus we had a few others that weren’t in the frame. We had a great time, and I’ll try to post a recap on Monday the 18th — that way people have a chance to get through processing some photos and put them up on Flickr and whatnot.

La Jolla Photowalkers

FOR THOSE AT THE PHOTOWALK: TAG YOUR PHOTOS “photowalking020908″. This will help everybody find the photos, and I’ll also be searching through Flickr and Zooomr for those tags to find photos for Monday’s recap. Now on with the links…


  • The View From Below
    Neil Creek
    As a photographer, it’s important to think about the uncommon perspective, and get out of the habit of shooting from the same height all the time. This photography project asks you to take and submit a photo from less than 30cm (12in) above the ground. DEADLINE: 02-21-2008
  • Send me a postcard
    All Day I Dream About Photography
    Send Antoine a digital postcard of a place that describes the area you call home. It should be interesting to see all the different places we come from! DEADLINE: 02-29-2008


  • One Image – 17 Amazing Interpretations
    Results from a photo editing project similar to the one we ran on Epic Edits. 17 people give their very artistic interpretation of one image.
  • Replacing Skies or What Mood Today
    My Camera World
    It’s pretty amazing what a difference a new sky can make in your photos!
  • Street Tips
    The Meditation of Life
    Good solid street photography tips that talk about candids, fair game, knowing your equipment, expecting the unexpected, and the general nature of street photography.
  • 9 Pet Photography Tips
    digital Photography School
    Antoine gives us 9 great tips for improving our pet photos.
  • Reading Histograms
    A guide to reading a histogram and using that knowledge to take better photos.
  • Photowalking Tips
    Going on your first photowalk? Don’t forget to take these things with you!
  • 80+ Photoshop Tools and Resources
    A great big giant list of Photoshop resources including filters, brushes, actions, plugins, tutorials, magazines, associations, and other resources.

December Challenge: Day 26 – Daniel Devenport

Daniel Devenport

Daniel is a street performer (card magician) I encountered on Hollywood Blvd at the recent photowalk. I stopped to take a few shots of him, and he started giving me a hard time about it (as shown in this photo). I believe his words were "Sir, you’re not being sneaky. I can see you taking pictures.” So I walked over to him to show him the shots and I told him I’d make him a star.

After that, we ended up having quite a conversation for about 15 or 20 minutes on various topics. I got the impression that he’d been to many places across the country including New York and Hawaii.

The most interesting topic of our conversation was his observations on how the weather effects the people on the streets. He said you can actually see a change in the way people act and react to things when the temperature changes or the wind picks up. I suppose that with a job such as his, you’d have plenty of time to analyze society as it passes you by on the sidewalk.

All in all, Daniel was a really nice guy and a great conversationalist. He seemed to be happy with his job, and his character suits it quite well. I think he’s on MySpace, but I’m not certain that it’s him. Here are a few other photos of him in action.

Pick a Card, Any CardCome and Get ItWorking the CharmIs This Your Card?Fun For all AgesPleasing the Crowds

To see the rest of my December Challenge photos, check the “Challenge” category here on the blog or visit my Flickr Set.