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Baby & Me Boutique Winners!

First of all, a big thanks to Jill for offering up some great prizes from her shop! By the response we had with this contest, it was a big success.

Another big thanks goes out to all of you participants — I was so glad to see everybody posting photos and commenting about Jill’s products. If you haven’t seen the contest entries yet, go check out the comment section on the previous post.

I always have a hard time picking out winners for photo contests, but this one was considerably more difficult. All those cute babies and kids… so many deserving of a prize. But I could only choose one, and I chose this elegant little doll:

Flower Baby

Congrats to Sharon for this great photo! Downright adorable.

And for the second prize, the raffle goes to Jane for leaving comment #39:

The cocoon & hat combo would be my choice of photography props. I’m just getting started as a baby photographer & would USE it & LOVE it!

So there it is — the winners have been sent off to Jill and she’ll take care of them from here.

But wait… there’s more!

Jill was so thrilled about the response for the contest, she’s offering up a 10% discount just for the readers of Epic Edits. How cool is that? All you have to do is email Jill (via her Etsy shop or womenwhodoitall[at]gmail[dot]com) about the item(s) you want and mention Epic Edits sent you. Awesome — thanks Jill!


“The Contact Sheet” Book Winners

Book Review: The Contact Sheet

Last week, I did a book review of The Contact Sheet and we had a couple of extra copies to give out. A big thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway and helped promote the contest — we had a good number of entries in just a few days.

The winners were chosen randomly, one from the reTweets and one from the comments over at FeelingNegative.com. I contacted both of them last week right after the contest and they both accepted the prize, so that’s that! Here are our winners:

Bill Wolff for the Twitter entry
Marc Hodges for the comment entry

If you didn’t win and you still want a copy of the book, you can buy one directly from AMMO Books or through Amazon.com (affiliate link). For how good the book is, the price is very low and totally worth it.

And stay tuned for more free stuff coming down the pipeline. We have another small contest coming up tomorrow (not for books though… something totally different).

Lens Rental Winners

I recently announced that we were teaming up with the folks from BorrowLenses.com to give out a couple free one-week rentals. In just a few days, we had a great turnout with 152 raffle entries between comments, Tweets, and blog posts. The Twitter entries were a new thing here on Epic Edits, but I think we’ll use that avenue again in the future. We had 83 accounts link to the post, generating nearly 400 additional visitors — a big thanks to everyone who participated!

And now, here are the lucky winners:

Lens Rental Winners

We had Matthew Dillon and Bob with comments at the #9 and #123 spots. Enjoy the rentals guys!

Portrait Photography eBook Winners

The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography

Last week, when I posted the review of The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography, I also mentioned that we had two copies of the book to give away. In order to win a book, you had to post a photo or a Flickr Gallery having to do with the topic of the book. We had only photo entries (sorry guys, sets are not the same as galleries), so I picked two of my favorite photos to receive a copy of the book.

You’ll find the winners of the contest below with their own comments before the image. The book is free for these two, but the rest of you can still grab a copy of your own. The price is now just under $20, but still totally worth it for the amount of useful content it contains.


Photo by Faisal. This little girl instantly got my interest in photographing her. I was captivated by her innocence and perhaps a little saddened by a certain abandoned gaze in her eyes. The place is ‘Jaglot Gor’ on the way to Hunza from Gilgit, Northern Pakistan. We had delicious Chapshru (a local dish) here.

Photo by Faisal


Photo by Jonathan Robson. Taken last weekend, very hard to get them both in the same frame!

Photo by Jonathan Robson

Live, Laugh, Celebrate Book Winners

Last week, when I posted the review of Live, Laugh, Celebrate, I also mentioned that we had two copies of the book to give away. In order to win a book, you had to post a photo or a Flickr Gallery having to do with the topic of the book. We had only photo entries, so I picked two of my favorites to receive a copy of the book.

You’ll find the winners of the contest below with their own comments before the image. The books are in the mail for these two, but the rest of you can still grab a copy of your own. As I said before, it’s a great book for the whole family to enjoy and a nice addition to the coffee table collection.


Photo by DanielTaken at last years Halloween Charity Ball in Bucharest. The Ball’s theme was heroes the inspire children! I give you, Catwoman! :)

Photo by Daniel


Photo by JoanieTaken at a gathering of Mountain Men…in the mountains, natch. Here are just a couple of the 100+ who showed up to honor and celebrate the lives of those who helped carve out America’s West. Today’s mountain men are just as colorful as the men of yore. There are tall tales, hearty meals, tomahawk throws, black powder guns target shooting, and card games where I’m pretty sure everyone tries to outcheat each other. Add in some liquor — homemade and store bought — and late night campfires and the odds of laughing so hard you just about wet yourself are pretty good.

Photo by Joanie

Polar Obsession Book Winners

Polar Obsession

Last week, when I posted the review of Polar Obsession, I also mentioned that we had two copies of the book to give away. In order to win a book, you had to post a photo or a Flickr Gallery having to do with the polar regions. We had a few entries in each category, so I picked one from each to receive a copy of the book.

You’ll find the winners of the contest below with their own comments before the image and my comments after. The books are in the mail for these two, but the rest of you can still grab a copy of your own. It’s definitely one of my top recommendations this year, and the price is quite reasonable considering the size of the book and the content it holds.


Photo by João Almeida“This one’s at Jokulrsarlon, the mythical glacier lagoon in South Iceland, and was taken in a very stormy morning when the weather cleared up a bit.”

Photo by João Almeida

This is a great landscape/seascape/icescape photo from João. Lovely cold blues and whites broken up by the dark patches of Earth. The mixture of ice and soil brings a new dimension to the foreground — lots of direction changes for the eye to follow, and the bands of high contrast are intriguing. The composition is broken up nicely by the water near center and the line of hills in the background.


Gallery by Andrew Ferguson“I’ve specifically avoided using any photos involving people or animals to help enhance that feeling of being utterly, beautifully alone. The decision to use primarily blue photos, as well as the colour shift as you scroll down, were also conscious. I wanted to capture the feel of the way you sometimes notice the shifting weather on a long winter walk.”

Gallery by Andrew Ferguson

This is an extremely eye-catching and well thought-out gallery from Andrew. Each photo stays directly on topic with his intent, and he didn’t fill it to the max of 18 photos just for the sake of filling it. Andrew wanted to convey a feeling of seclusion (which is what he titled the gallery) and did so with beautiful photos. I’m also impressed with the amount of thought and effort Andrew put into this Gallery by making comments and observations about each of his selections.

FotoTV Subscription Winners


Last week, I did a review of FotoTV and promised a few free subscriptions. And thanks to some magical randomness from the Internet, the winners are Genaro Orengo and JDUBJ! Congrats! And if either of these two can’t accept the prize for some reason, I’ll choose another to fill the spot.

For the rest of you… if you checked out the free videos and enjoyed them, consider picking up a subscription from FotoTV.

And a big thanks to the folks at FotoTV for providing us with some freebies!

FotoTV Subscription Winners

(WT)Duck Photo Contest Winners

Recently, I posted my review of the new What the Duck book and I offered up a few free copies of the book. The only thing you had to do was submit photos or links to photos (of yours) of ducks. I wasn’t sure what to expect for a turnout, but we had a good showing of participants with 23 photos submitted!

It was great to see the photos and the enthusiasm for the new book. I’m certain that Aaron was happy to see such support for his work. And how am I certain? Well, I asked him to choose one of the winners for the book giveaway, so he definitely looked through your comments and photos.

The two winners (and an honorable mention) are shown below. Anne-Laure and Jerry will both receive a free copy of the book… and the rest of you will just have to go buy one! Thanks to everybody who participated and everybody planning on buying the book!


Photo by Jerry


Photo by Anne-Laure


Photo by Laanba

Mothers and Children Book Winners

Last week, I reviewed the National Geographic publication “Mothers and Children” and I announced a little photo contest to go with it. Participants left photos or links to photos in the comments on the theme of “Mothers and/or Children” and we had some great entries! If you haven’t seen them yet, I’d suggest checking out the comment section.

Here are the two winners I’ve chosen to receive a free copy of the book:

Sister Katie and Baby Claire, by Lance McCord

I like Lollipops! by pshorten

Great work from both of our winners — I really liked these two because they captured a real moment in a very natural fashion. It was tough to choose only two photos — everyone posted some great work. Thanks to all who participated!

Photography Business Project Winner

In early March, Tasha Schalk wrote an informative article about the business of photography and we launched a project to go along with it — all you had to do was tell us your business plan for the upcoming year. Tasha and Tracy Tesmer also offered up a few prizes to go along with the project.

After reviewing the project entries, we’ve all decided that “the_wolf_brigade” deserves the prize package with this business plan:

My goals for 2009 are mixed are possibly not related, which has made it hard to work on both at the same time.

The first is to hold a solo exhibition based around my work at the Lithgow Blast Furnace. My intention is to highlight the beauty of this place and to document the changes as it undergoes restoration as part of the Lithgow council’s plan to make Lithgow more attractive to tourists. I’m struggling with this due to time, but also on how to find new angles and ways to highlight the way in which the structure changes over the seasons. Additionally, a solo exhibition from (at this point in time) an unknown and unestablished artist in the area is an ambitious task.

The second goal for 2009 is based around my concept of Professions. My aim is to identify what makes a strong portrait in terms of how it represents a persons character, and how best to portray emotion through my work. I’m trying to work mainly in large format as that requires forethought and planning, although I have been using some medium format for when more spontaneous sessions present themselves. The moo cards would be brilliant in this respect as I often see charismatic people on the street that I’d love to photograph, but as yet I haven’t had the confidence to approach them. Having a small card with my details and a smaple of my work on it would boost my confidence and hopefully facilitate more work with people who I consider interesting.

I suppose both are ambitious tasks, but it’s helped to have to explain it here in this comment, as it has made it even clearer in my mind and has solidified my intentions to pursue both goals more strongly this year.

Personally, I voted for the_wolf_brigade because he identifies a couple of specific goals with his intent and plan of action. These are important aspects of any business plan, photography or not. There were several other good business plans in the project, and I wish everybody the best of luck with fulfilling those goals!